Trump to Louisiana


Acting in lieu of our golfing President,  Trump and Pence visited flood ravaged Louisiana Friday and dispensed relief supplies filling an 18 wheeler donated by Trump.  Critics will of course say that he is motivated by politics in doing this and they are correct.  It is good politics and Trump seemed genuinely moved by the positive reaction from the people he met who were grateful that someone nationally known cared enough to come down to see them.  Hillary has taken the weekend off to rest up.  While she is snoozing Trump has put himself back into this race.



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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. Obama lost Louisiana both in ’08 and in ’12, and even before Trump’s visit
    polls showed him with a comfortable lead over Hillary there. I suspect
    one reason both Obama and Hillary are ignoring the people of Louisiana
    is that the state isn’t useful to them. Like any banana-republic politician,
    those two aren’t there to serve all the people, just those who
    scratch their back or grease their palm. If it had been a swing state like
    Ohio that’d been flooded, I imagine both of them would’ve been there
    post-haste. As it is, Cajuns have long memories– after 200 years they still
    haven’t forgotten Acadia– so I doubt they’ll soon forget who showed
    up to help and who felt it was more important to go on vacation.

  2. In 2005, they went nuts over Bush and Katrina. Now, the media blames ex-Gov. Jindal for the flooding tragedy.
    No, the system is not rigged. The so-called journalists gave 38 hours of coverage to the US swimmers’ frat prank and later misrepresentation; while devoting three-and-a-half cumulative minutes to Obama/Kerry paying a $400 million bribe to Iran to free four US hostages.

  3. T. Shaw.

    Dead on with the media bias.
    The destruction of our nation is perpetrated by an agenda based media.
    Sick puppies.

  4. Self serving or not, Trump did something. Obumbler and the Hildebeast could not care less.

    Trump has support precisely because of this – he has made the effort to show up and talk to people the Democrat Party has discarded. Politics or not, this is to his credit.

  5. I agree that Obama and Hillary wouldn’t dream of being so nakedly
    indifferent to what is happening in Louisiana if they didn’t know that
    the presstitutes of the MSM were running interference for them. It’s
    possible to be a banana-republic politician only when the press are
    your lapdogs. After all, Hillary has yet to condescend to grant a press
    conference this year– the nominee of a major party, in an election
    year!– and the press simply rolls over and shows its belly in submission.
    Obama and Hillary are making no effort to hide their Marie Antoinette-like
    levels of hubris and disconnect. While some of that might be because
    they know the press is in their corner, I worry that some of their complacency
    is also due to plans for more voter fraud…

  6. Obama needs President Hillary. She will be (unbelievable as this seems) a worse president than was he.
    Clinton, Not only that; Hilary and Obama also have the establishment GOP and professional conservatives driving Hillary’s limo to the White House.
    This time it’s the elites (the Dems; establishment GOP – the bushes, roves, romneys; conservative smart kids) united against Trump and the middle-class/fly-over Americans whom they collectively disrespect, fear and loathe; and for whom they could not care less.

  7. Clinton, I agree with your point, except that Marie Antoinette gets a bad rap as being uncaring to the poor. People who read my comments know I don’t care for the Hapsburgs, of which poor Marie Antoinette was one, but the “let them eat cake” has as much basis in truth as the Black Legend.

    Great Britain was far more uncaring of the Irish during the potato famine, and Stalin caused massive suffering and starvation. Both are better examples than poor Marie Antoinette.

  8. While I think the race is Hillary’s to lose, she can get caught napping and lose if she isn’t careful.

  9. Her campaign is planning their transition even now. They are pulling advertising from battleground states they believe they have already won. She feels comfortable taking long weekends off. If I were Trump I would be secretly smiling at all of that.

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