Off to Gen Con

Wednesday, August 3, AD 2016



My family is off today to Gen Con.  My wife and I began going to this gaming convention in 1986 (My, how the years fly by.)  That year about 5,000 people attended the Convention that was then held in Milwaukee.  The Convention switched to Indianapolis in 2003.  Last year attendance was 61, 423.  As usual I will be hanging out at the game auction along with the other grizzled grognards as we remember historical boardgames of long ago and talk about the latest games.  My bride will be crocheting in the craft section.  My daughter will be participating in True Dungeon, live action D&D.  My son, who is about to begin his final year in law school, will be prowling the exhibit hall looking for bargains.  Hopefully I will not be tossed into the Klingon gaol and if I do, I trust I will not end up in Rura Penthe.


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