4 Responses to Resquiescat in Pace : Jerry Doyle

  • Babylon 5 was on just 20 years ago, and a number of the cast have left this world.

  • It’s a little too depressing seeing how much of JMS’s b5 universe has come to pass.

    Speaking of other cast members, the last I heard Jerry Doyle was on his radio show on a Good Friday, speaking of how good a man GWB was. Richard Biggs, who played Stephen Franklin on B5, died suddenly very young in 2004,and GWB (during his presidency) went out of his way to write the family and comfort them.

    A new Age is dawning for us, maybe, but which?

  • I avidly watched every B5 episode. One of the best space operas ever. Rest in peace, Jerry Boyle.

  • I’d never seen the show until one evening satellite had a marathon of B5 and I was hooked. Back in civiliztion I’d always looked forward to the Jerry Doyle radio show. He seemed a complex man who was often insightful on many subjects, and always entertaining. Having moved to a rural area our radio reception is almost nil. Wish I had known about his http://www.epictimes.com
    Rest in peace.