Two Gold Star Parents and the Media

Sunday, July 31, AD 2016


Patricia Smith spoke at the Republican Convention.  She was lied to face to face by Hillary Clinton as to why her son died during the Benghazi attack.  The media largely ignored her speech or mentioned it in passing during their coverage of the Convention.



Khizr Khan spoke at the Democrat Convention.  His son, an Army Captain, was killed in Iraq in 2004.  He has never met Donald Trump in his life.  He used his speech to attack Trump on the issue of Muslim immigration.  The media has been playing up his speech ever since he gave it.

The candidates and the issues may change, but the media will always have their ink stained thumbs on the scales for the Democrat in a Presidential election year.


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41 Responses to Two Gold Star Parents and the Media

  • Muslim Lives Matter!

  • Democrats and Muslims – is there a difference?

  • If Trump couldn’t foresee this Dem move, he’s losing edge with age. Trump should have foreseen this and should have had a liberal mosque Muslim couple at his convention affirm the concept of extreme vetting of Muslims to keep the sharia-over-all Muslims out of the country along with terrorists.
    I subscribe to the ny times for data detail and secondly recipes,art etc….I abhor their op eds which don’t seep into their data reporting ordinarily but they do with Trump. Their articles on this were totally anti Trump and misled on the exact way Trump asserted/asked about the wife’s silence. But Trump is entertaining all of us who are tired of political correctness. He’s like Dr. Lightman in ” Lie to Me” on netflix. He is willing to offend in this case voting groups in order to address a problem others are sugar coating.
    But why didn’t Trump foresee this chess move? Fortunately the Khan couple per the liberal media were the stars of the Dem convention….not Hillary, not Obama, not Bill who never should have said that in 1971 he met a girl….I honestly wondered which girl when I first heard that sentence….then I understood but after about 7 seconds.

  • Bill, The entire Dem convention was 100% BS and guerrilla theatre.
    President Trump got media omissions and yawns when he allowed to address the GOP Convention the mother of a Benghazi KIA.
    If I were running President Trump’s campaign, he’d feature the parents of two GI’s killed and 14 wounded by Sgt. Hasan Akbar two days after the 2003 Iraq War began. And, parents of the 13 murdered by Major Hasan. And of four murdered Marine recruiters of Chattanooga.

  • They were not the only speakers at the DNC that were played up by the press. I remember the first speaker I saw was an entertainment “A lister” who admitted her problems with mental illness but was endorsing Hillary. Was this irony lost on everyone but me?

    Then there are a lot of other “A listers” who are like a rogues gallery of deviant behavior but are also all for Hillary. I suppose a tolerance for any behavior is a real positive with most of the hollywood crowd. Heaven forbid we ever use them as bad examples of the kind of lives that should not be lived. I have little problem with what they choose to do, but when they try to sell their life choices to others it is very problematic.

  • At this point, Trump should publicly ask the Khan couple if they oppose extreme vetting of muslims coming from terror related areas ( his revised position). Why should they object? Their son was trying to kill Muslims of a certain mindset….Trump only wants them to stay where they are. So their son was trying to kill them…Trump is only trying to excluded them but Trump is worse ?… than their son who was trying to kill them.

  • Once again we have to deal with the dishonesty of the media.
    I would have liked to say “just the facts, ma’am” à la Dragnet’s Joe Friday, to Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifil as I watched parts of the conventions.
    PBS doesn’t just ignore the mom and loved ones who lost people at Benghazi, They act very superior and just can’t believe the “intense animus” – Mara Liaison


  • Why is no one pointing out that this mother is living in modern day slavery? She has her head covered demonstrating her lack of equality with her husband. She has not assimilated.

  • Agreed, Christian Teacher. Why is it so controversial to want to limit immigration from areas with dysfunctional cultures?

  • Ginny said:

    “Agreed, Christian Teacher. Why is it so controversial to want to limit immigration from areas with dysfunctional cultures?”

    I think it is because the elitist Left that is in control of all of our foundations of civilization s.a. the govt, the media, secular education (& a lot of religious education,) many main stream Protestant and Catholic Churches/institutions, civic organizations, NGOs, etc., hate our Judea/Christian heritage and will do anything to destroy it. This includes legal & illegal immigration of those who hate our Judea/Christian heritage.

  • Ginny,

    Sorry. I am typing on a cell phone & tend to make errors as a result. I meant to say

    “I think it is because the elitist Leftt who control society’s foundational institutions s.a. the govt, the media, secular education (& a lot of religious education,) many main stream Protestant and Catholic Churches/institutions, civic organizations, NGOs, and etc., hate our Judea/Christian heritage and will do anything to destroy it. This includes legal & illegal immigration of those who hate our Judea/Christian heritage if it will help to accomplish their purpose. I don’t believe the Left cares how many terrorist attacks we have or how many people die as long as they are not affected.

  • “She has her head covered demonstrating her lack of equality with her husband. She has not assimilated.”
    I had my head covered at Divine Liturgy today. It was a small chapel cap. Veils are gaining in popularity with the younger crowd who haven’tfled the Church for Protestantism-often these folks prefer the Tridentine Mass. (Granted, I think the stories of rapid, tremendous growth in the traditional community may be exagerated). Does that make us unequal to our husbands? And do we really want to assimilate?
    I don’t veil as often as I did. In fact today was the first time in weeks. I’ve gotten to be somewhat uncomfortable with veiling, because I do think it has become more of a political statement and less of a modesty issue.

  • Me too DJH- I don’t wear a chapel veil or a hat because I am not equal to my husband, I wear it out of reverence for Our Lord and – it helps me with reverence. Kneeling for communion is also out of respect for Him, and it also helps me keep my mind and heart more aware.

    I think that was a dumb insinuation for Mr. Trump to make.

  • Thanks for your response, Christian Teacher. I understand civil religion in place of Christianity, and authorizing the state to overrule dictates of consciences, a la Rousseau, but the anti-God forces are at work also in the Vatican. God must grant us strength from above, and He will, to those who remain steadfast, but I fear many souls will be lost. It is terrifying.

  • “I had my head covered at Divine Liturgy today. It was a small chapel cap. Veils are gaining in popularity with the younger crowd who haven’tfled the Church for Protestantism-often these folks prefer the Tridentine Mass. (Granted, I think the stories of rapid, tremendous growth in the traditional community may be exagerated). Does that make us unequal to our husbands? And do we really want to assimilate?
    I don’t veil as often as I did. In fact today was the first time in weeks. I’ve gotten to be somewhat uncomfortable with veiling, because I do think it has become more of a political statement and less of a modesty issue

    Stop this bovine feces. You know good & well that Muslim women do not cover their heads everywhere for the same reason a Christian covers theirs in church. If you think they have the same reason as you–please educate yourself on this topic.

  • “Me too DJH- I don’t wear a chapel veil or a hat because I am not equal to my husband, I wear it out of reverence for Our Lord and – it helps me with reverence. Kneeling for communion is also out of respect for Him, and it also helps me keep my mind and heart more aware.

    I think that was a dumb insinuation for Mr. Trump to make.”

    It was a completely reasonable and factual statement to make considering this woman’s Muslim Faith. Exactly what would you think her message was if not that?

  • DHJ & Analyze,

    Do you think the DNC is equal to aCatholic Mass? Maybe this was a religious experience for this Muslim woman and that is why she was covered. *sarcasm*

    Have either of you ladies looked at the link I posted with info published by her husband? He is a radical Muslim.

  • Interestingly enough, I have recently seen a huge bill board put up in a poor, inner city area of Little Rock, Arkansas, that had a representation of Mary, the mother of Jesus, with a long, white head covering similar to what is seen on Mary in most Western manger scenes (Christmas) that was put up by the largest Muslim organization in the state. The ad on this huge billboard compared Muslim women covering themselves to Mary. The ad flatly stated that Holy Mary covered herself for the same reason that Muslim women cover themselves. I was absolutely sickened upon seeing this false comparison for a number of reasons. One reason is that many Muslims despise Jews to the maximum degree. Another was that I felt this billboard was a blantant recruiting tool in a part of town where there is a lot of crime and lack of knowledge about such things.

    I have also heard someone make a comparison between my grandmother’s generation & my mother’s generation, who were adults in the 1920s and 1950s, respectively, wearing head scarves to Muslim women wearing them. This also is a sickening comparison in my eyes. My grandmother and mother wore scarves to protect themselves and their hair from the elements–with no religious, political, theological, or philosophical purposes whatsoever. They wore head scarves much as I use an umbrella and ear muffs, today.

    I, as a woman, am very concerned about the modern day enslavement of women in the modern world and in our country. Making Muslim women cover themselves is a big part of this and symbolizes this IMHO. There are a myriad of oppressive social, religious, political, and philosophical connections to these Muslim head coverings that down grade women in Muslim societies despite the emphasis in our Leftist culture that is trying to paint Islam as only a “religion of peace.”

    And Muslim women with their head coverings are not allowed to worship in the same location as Myslim men in their mosques-anywhere to my knowledge. They are separated and often required to worship in inferior circumstances to the men in the mosque. This is well known, public information. When a Catholic woman covers her head out of respect in a Catholic mass she is not required to worship apart from her husband, and other make family members, nor in a location that is dirty or without air conditioning, if the church has it, to my knowledge. There is a world of difference.

  • The assertion was made by Khan and later by Megyn Kelly that Trump’s immigration policies re. Muslims would have kept away a patriot soldier who died for America. The glaring fallacy of that assertion is that Khan’s son immigrated when he was a toddler: and in those days we did not have Muslim terrorists popping off innocent folks; and we did not have to visualize a terrorist in every Muslim face.

  • Maybe this was a religious experience for this Muslim woman and that is why she was covered. *sarcasm*
    Muslim head-covering is cultural, not religious.
    Like various Jewish groups where women cover their hair, and for the same reason. Same reason I don’t wear a bikini, and didn’t when it wouldn’t be more of a threat.
    It’s possible that she doesn’t want to be covered; given that she’s in the US and that leaving any group trying to make her do so is an option, it’s more likely y’all are playing the part of the Mean Girls in high school that rag on the girls that don’t show enough flesh.

  • Christian Teacher – That article implied that Khan’s son was an Islamic terrorist who got killed before he got the chance to kill Americans. That’s really obnoxious.

  • Whatever else is obnoxious about Khan and his venting, I believe too many words and theories and anger are being directed at his wiife’s having her head covered. She is a Muslim, appearing in public; she predictably covers her head. Those who are acquainted with living in other countries e.g. India and Pakistan and others in that region will know that covering the head s a common cultural occurrence, with Muslims and non-Muslms. It is NOT a statement of defiance. We need to concentrate on the nonsense spewing from the Democrats who are using these folks, albeit without much coercion.

  • I’m kind of worried about Mr. Khan’s possible promotion of a Muslim Brotherhood allied group, given that he’s doing this in support of Hillary and that Hillary’s aid Huma has well known ties to that group and its allies.

  • “Muslim head-covering is cultural, not religious.”

    More bovine feces. Muslim’s religion IS their culture. If you think I am wrong, please describe exactly what it is in their “culture” that requires them to be covered?

  • “Whatever else is obnoxious about Khan and his venting, I believe too many words and theories and anger are being directed at his wiife’s having her head covered.”

    What is obnoxious is that Muslims hold women in modern day slavery–of which head coverings are a sign.

  • “Christian Teacher – That article implied that Khan’s son was an Islamic terrorist who got killed before he got the chance to kill Americans. That’s really obnoxious.”

    Very interesting that you only pick this “implication” out of the article don’t mention other issues. It says a whole lot.

  • The Christian Teacher (ironic!) seems to like “bovine feces”. Ignorance can be tolerated, but not empty hubris. To educate or re-educate The Christian Teacher will perhaps be a formidable task. For beginners, the term “hijab” for a simple covering of the head can be a misnomer. Suggest some serious reading to get educated. PS: I am not a Muslim, but as traditional a Catholic as they come. It happens that I have lived for decades where a simple head veil is not a statement for Islam.

  • Interesting that the Khans were both wearing vibrant blue – hmmm blue states vs red states. The Khans’ stage appearance was expertly orchestrated by the Dem convention Hollywood producers. Mrs. Khan had to look the part of a Pakistani Muslim wife.

    Muslin head coverings can be cultural as part of native dress or religious or both or practical as a means of keeping the sun off of one’s head, dust off the hair or sanitary reasons as when preparing food. In some countries it may signal if a female is a woman (past puberty) or married. In the home or out in public is another factor.

    there is a tradition of navy wives wearing hats to outdoor ceremonies. My husband loves to see me in hats and has surprised me with several. I am comfortable wearing one having been a WAVE officer. I will wear a hat to Mass if I feel like it and always wear a hat to daytime weddings and funerals as a sign of respect. Wearing a brimmed hat in the sun to prevent skin damage and a head covering in cold weather is just plain smart.

  • It says what, exactly? The whole article felt thin, but the part I mentioned should have been a deal-breaker for anyone. If I have the time, I’d like to look over the claims of the article, but I can tell you that I’d never link to something so offensive, and yes, the fact that the authors (who I’ve never heard of) would say something like that without even bothering to support it does make me question the value of anything they wrote.

  • There was a tiny Indian woman in the pew in front of me yesterday, in traditional robe and head covering.

  • A resource that quotes the passage in the Koran requiring that women cover their heads.

  • The Christian Teacher-
    your assertion doesn’t have a thing to do with the head-covering being cultural.
    Those Muslim groups which are most toxic do come from those cultures where women cover themselves more than we do, in modern times, in the West. The only place that religion comes into it is those toxic groups enforcing “modesty” in ever-more irrational levels.
    You don’t even rise to the level of argument by appeal to mockery, because you can’t even manage to answer what people are saying.
    Sydney O Fernandes –
    Can’t force someone to learn.
    If they were interested in the topic, they’d know that in living memory women covered their hair in formal situations– that’s most commonly associated with church, and to this day in some churches you must have a church-hat, but you’ll notice he didn’t bother to respond to the tiny little detail about Jewish ladies. It wasn’t that long ago that no decent man went out bare-headed.
    But some nasty groups of Muslims do it, so it’s gotta be evil, and apply to all of the bad Muslims and only Muslims.
    Pay no attention to the Biblical and bible-era related cultural norms about having uncovered hair signaling you were looking for a man, and thus married women or those who were not looking for male companionship (honorable or otherwise) had their hair covered.

  • More info:

    “But until now, it looked like the Khans were just Gold Star parents who the big bad Donald Trump attacked. It turns out, however, in addition to being Gold Star parents, the Khans are financially and legally tied deeply to the industry of Muslim migration–and to the government of Saudi Arabia and to the Clintons themselves.”

  • My belief – the choice of the Muslim Khans for Gold Star Parents was a planned set up for Trump and he stepped right in it. Khan’s speech was mostly an attack on Trump and Trump has said that if someone attacks him, he is going to attack back. And he did. Now an emotional K. Khan is on the media circuit and the audience sees and hears a grieving parent of a war hero. There’s no mention of Khan’s immigration practice or what he said about Trump Thurs. night.
    The Trump campaign better smarten up. More important – The Donald needs to think before he opens his mouth or tweets. Or better yet keep silent when he is baited.

  • “My belief – the choice of the Muslim Khans for Gold Star Parents was a planned set up for Trump and he stepped right in it.”


  • I apologize in advance.
    If Trump was one of the smart kids, e.g., Hillary, he’d have quickly shot back, “What has Hillary sacrificed?” Then, provide an answer, “For one, she actively promoted and voted for that tragic war. The poor man’s son would be alive today if I was president in 2003,”
    Pray for the conversion of America.

  • …and also: Pray for Trump,especially his conversion to be truly pro-life. Pray for Pence. Pray for the selection of an astute, strong WH Chief of Staff. Pray for Republican victories throughout America. Holy Spirit, enlighten them. Amen.

  • CAM, Amen!
    In the end, all we have are faith, hope, love, prayer, and (purchased at high cost with Christ’s Life, Death and Resurrection) the rewards of eternal life. It is sufficient.

Abortions for Men!

Sunday, July 31, AD 2016

I don’t think leftists listen to themselves anymore:

The Atlantic and Refinery29 hosted a panel discussion entitled “Young Women Rising: America’s Next Top Voter?” during the Democratic National Convention, Tuesday evening.

Following a 30-minute conversation on “intersectionality” and millennial feminism, a reporter asked the panel for its thoughts on reproductive rights and women’s health issues for men who ascribe to a female gender identity.

Ayanna Pressley, a Boston city councilor at-large, said the issue of men who identify as women getting abortions is all about “elevated consciousness.”

I would say ultimately all advocacy begins with elevated consciousness and because of movements like Black Lives Matter where you have seen trans women at the fore of that, because of the public accommodations legislation, because of so many things that are happening at a policy level, our consciousness is being elevated,” Pressley said. “I do believe that as our consciousness is elevated we will be better informed, better educated, and we can mobilize around those issues.”

“And again, no single issue, any constituency group,” she added. “The concerns of the trans community go far beyond public accommodation. The concerns of the African-American community go far beyond police brutality.”

When asked if trans women are “being denied their reproductive rights” Pressley was stumped.

“You got me on that one.”

Tamblyn chimed in, arguing that the reproductive rights of trans women are at the forefront of the conversation at Planned Parenthood, where the Grudge 2 star sits on the board of directors.

“I wouldn’t know any statistics on that but I would say that goes again with the same notion of community, and fighting for everyone together,” Tamblyn said. “That for me as a heterosexual white woman to talk about reproductive rights and sit on the board of directors for Planned Parenthood, I have to not just talk about my people. I have to talk about everybody. And that’s a huge thing, and that’s a major part of the discussion.”

Tamblyn admitted she has a lot to learn about whether biological men are being denied abortions.

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13 Responses to Abortions for Men!

  • Elevated Consciousness for a the panel members is when they can discern the difference between s*** and Shinola.

  • “Tamblyn admitted she has a lot to learn about whether biological men are being denied abortions.”
    What a freaking idiot! I have NO respect for these imbeciles.

  • Government paid lobotomies for any man who convinced himself to become a woman and became impregnated then wishing to have an abortion. Let’s follow the lame duck…a new mandate. Mandatory lobotomies for the above example. Call it a part of woman’s reproductive health care. HHS mandate can be altered to accommodate this humanitarian action.

  • *shakes head* They’re not stupid. The words aren’t supposed to be related to facts– facts are to be denied, if they’re inconvenient. And anyone who recognized facts that are now being denied will be punished.
    It’s like fashion, but evil. It’s not enough to be decently covered, you’ve got to be covered in the right way– even if it’s actually far too cold or causes you to dangerously over-heat; the point isn’t practicality.
    There’s a meme that some folks read 1984 as an instruction manual– and this is an example of where 2+2 cannot be admitted to be four.
    These folks aren’t looking at it as a way to describe what’s there, it’s all… *waves hand in the air* just stuff. Posturing, sort of.
    Telling the truth is dangerous, especially if it’s a truth that’s close to your heart, or someone else’s soft spot.

  • Real men and women (not the hierarchy) need to tell the truth every time the left tells a lie (which happens every time they speak). Maybe journalists can begin like this:
    1. Satanic foundation of liberal universe of lies as evidenced by:
    the murder of an innocent unborn is now a universal reproductive “right”. The honest media will, on page one, show videos of both abortions, the PP devils cutting up and selling the parts, and, the horrible aftermath of guilt suffered by millions of women. Keep this on page one, as it is the foundation of liberal democratic thought in the US.
    Sexuality. Ridicule perversions exactly for what they are and what they produce (disease, death). Show exactly what these are and what results. Use cartoon characters so as to prevent millions from vomiting endlessly.
    Education: Satire the PC nonsense that public schools teach – demonstrate that multiculturalism leads to invasion by inferior cultures (Islam) and results in death.
    World Affairs: Show what happens to women in Muslim countries, to freedom seekers in Cuba, China, etc.
    There is a lot to be done, but talking about Trump and that POS Obummer or that rape-enabler Hillary is not enough……

  • About ten years or so ago, I wrote a letter to the editor of our local paper, and hinted that homosexual acceptance was around the corner. I am not sure if I am surprised at how quickly that happened. I must have thought we were a couple of generations out from that. But here we are with homosexual marriage.
    I await the following court case:
    .A trans woman has a lesbian/bi girl-friend. The girl friend gets pregnant by the trans woman. The trans woman is not ready to have a child/be a mom, so sues the lesbian/bi girl friend to get her into having an abortion. (The girl friend doesn’t want an abortion.) The court case would basically be about if trans women have a right to an abortion, even if by proxy.

  • excuse me is a transwoman a woman>man or a man>woman? Would a lesbian even be interested in a transwoman? or wouldn’t they rather have a transman. ( If there is such a thing)

  • Anzlyne.

    Questions… always questions.
    Just wait till the panel reaches the consciousness of beast and man sexual rights and protection from the bigots who just can’t attain the higher thought. Pedophilia will be the next acceptable form of human sexual expression…then the animals.

    Oh to ponder the possibilities of cesspool ideology….thanks liberal consciousness!
    You’ve making the world a hell on earth.

  • Anzlyne,
    I was confused by the terminology for a long time, but as I now understand it, a the *x* in trans*x* refers to the gender they think they really are. So a “transman” is a woman who thinks she’s a man, and so on.
    As an amusing side note, Matthew Walther is the Free Beacon journalist who asked the question in the video above. He is at least a somewhat traditional Catholic who was writing amusing daily journals from both conventions. His question was intended to highlight the absurdity of leftist gender ideology. Mission accomplished!

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  • Anzlyne: the girl friend in question was either a lesbian or a bi-sexual. I honestly do not know if a lesbian would be interested in the trans woman, but possibly. The bi-sexual shouldn’t really have any kind of objection, but then who knows? Considering the video above, I can’t help but think my proposed court case might actually come about.

  • Murray – you’re correct. That’s why they made up the “cis male” and “cis female” thing, because it was a little too obvious that “trans” meant they weren’t really.

  • “Elevated Consciousness”, metaphysical malaise for individuals who reject God, the human soul and heaven and hell, our Founding Principles and our Founding Fathers.

    Any debate on our Founding Fathers and the Founding Principles in Justice includes those who have excluded themselves by their free will choice, namely the individuals who are addicted to sodomy and the transgendered who have abandoned their free will and choose to blame society and “their Creator” for their free will actions, outlawing themselves from society and the culture. The addicts to sodomy and the transgendered individuals’ situation is their own free will choice and cannot be considered the fault of our Founding Principles. Using their God-given free will to deny “their Creator” and to redefine themselves as having no rational, immortal, human soul and to further impose this atheism on the whole people is nothing short of treason, a metaphysical treason against the United States of America, our Founding Principles The UNANIMOUS DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE and THE CONSTITUTION and our Founding Fathers, Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams, Madison and Lincoln who said that “One person cannot own another person” especially and certainly to abuse, incriminate and accuse the Person of God of failing to create the human soul, free will and intellect and of abandoning us in our hour of need. Our Founding Fathers relied on “divine Providence” to ensure the continued existence of our United States of America.
    Addiction to atheism, transgenderism and sodomy is a violation of man’s God endowed free will, dignity and original innocence, the standard of Justice for all men.
    To the addicts of sodomy, transgenderism and atheism, I wish them the Joy of Life in their pursuit of TRUTH and JUSTICE.

PopeWatch: Game of Popes

Saturday, July 30, AD 2016



From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:

There was some exciting news for Game of Thrones fans who also happen to love Jesus today after EWTN announced that they are set to premiere their brand new epic, Game of Papal Thrones.

“The launch of the new GoPT series will truly be a global Catholic television event,” said Jonathan Nunez, Associate Producer of the series based on the bestselling novel, A Gregorian Chant of Ice and Fire. “Game of Thrones is already a worldwide phenomenon and so is Jesus Christ. We’re hoping to baptize, so to speak, the series made famous by HBO.”

The series, which details the power struggle for the papal throne (Cathedra Romana,) tells the story of eight men and one woman fighting for control of the newly restored Papal States. Political and chaste intrigue is pervasive. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Prince of the Apostles, asks his old friend Cardinal Robert Sarah to serve as Hand of the Pope, the highest official. Secretly warned that the previous Hand was assassinated, Sarah accepts in order of business to investigate further. Meanwhile, “the mad sister” Marcia Allen and her religious family, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, may be hatching a plot to take power. Across the sea, the last members of the deposed family, the Burke’s, are scheming to take the throne. The friction between houses Sarah, LCWR, Bergoglio, and Burke and with the remaining great houses Chaput, Mahoney, Ratzinger, and the incompetent yet powerful and conniving Chaldean Patriarch Raphael “Littlefinger” Sako leads to full-scale war. All while a very ancient evil awakens in the farthest east. Amidst the war and pontifical confusion, a neglected order of monks, the Benedictines of Fontgombault, is all that stands between the realms of men and fiery horrors beyond.


The series is set to premier this September.

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3 Responses to PopeWatch: Game of Popes

  • My sources tell. e that the Vatican and NBC have agreed to,terms on a new game show called “What the Hell did the Pope Just Say?” The contestants will clueless sycophantic bloggers who compete to come up with the best spin to alleviate the fears of gullible Catholics. And since the Vatican, by decree of Fr. Thomas Rosica, has determined that Mark Shea enjoys absolute infallibility when it comes to spinning nonsensical remarks of Pope Francis, he will be both judge and show host.

  • The Bear just hopes there are no nude scenes.

633 Squadron

Saturday, July 30, AD 2016

Squadron Leader Adams: Well, at least the rockets won’t happen.
Air Vice Marshal Davis: Of course they’ll happen. But they won’t start tomorrow, or this month or on D-Day, and that’s important.
Squadron Leader Adams: Then what’s it all add up to? All their sacrifice?
Air Vice Marshal Davis: A successful operation.
Squadron Leader Adams: But they’re probably all dead. All 633 Squadron.
Air Vice Marshal Davis: You can’t kill a squadron.

Ending, 633 Squadron (1964)



Something for the weekend.  The theme song from 633 Squadron.  In my misspent youth I spent endless hours watching old war movies on TV.  One of my favorites was the British flick 633 Squadron (1964) which recounted the fictional tale of a British Mosquito bomber squadron and their self sacrificial attempt to take out a well-defended Nazi V2 rocket fuel plant in occupied Norway.  The film won praise for its aerial sequences, cutting edge in 1964, and George Lucas has cited the squadron’s attack on the plant as influencing the trench run sequence attack on the Death Star in Star Wars.

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Father John Hollowell Calls Out Head of Planned Parenthood

Saturday, July 30, AD 2016


Hattip to Matt Archbold at Creative Minority Report. 

Father John Hollowell of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis calls out Cecile Richards, head of Planned Parenthood Worse Than Murder, Inc.

The money quote:
“We have no doubt that in 20 or 50 or 100 years, other societies and other civilizations will look back and will lump your organization in with the slave traders, the Nazis, the communists, all those groups that have always sought to oppress people.”

Optimism for the future and a fighting spirit:  ever the authentic voice of the Church Militant.  Bravo Father Hollowell!


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21 Responses to Father John Hollowell Calls Out Head of Planned Parenthood

  • May his spark ignite an unstoppable fire to consume this so-called “woman’s reproductive health” issue, more accurately know as killing children…in less than 20, 50 or 100 years from now.

  • Truly, there may be such a “lumping,” but Planned Parenthood will be distinguished in hsiroty, and the differences between Cecile Richards and Hitler, Stalin, and slavers will be starkly clear. Planned Parenthood has done things the Nazis did not dream of. Yes, the Nazis cut the hair from those who were entering the gas chambers and used it for socks for the Reich’s submariners and as delay devices in bomb fuses. Yes, the Nazis used Jewish non-persons’ skin as lampshades; used fat from Jewish cell masses for soap, and removed all gold fillings from the mouths of the dead Jewish subhumans. But Nazis never recovered and sold Jewish body parts, nor did they harvest human organs from still-living Jews in agony. I am unaware of history revealing Nazis selling any body parts or organs. At least the Nazis had the human decency to hide their evil, and not celebrate it with applause in the Reichstag. Stalin was considerate enough to keep secret the 20,000,000 murders he oversaw, rather than seeking praise for them. And the slavers assiduously tried to keep everyone from ever viewing the interior of a slave ship, and hoped no one smell the stench from them when they came into port. It is, in a way, a desecration of their legacy and an insult to the memory of the Nazis, the communists, and the slavers to accuse them of being like Cecile Richards, her coven, and Planned Parenthood. Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

  • Meanwhile, the USCCB is silent and the Pontiff was lecturing Poland to let in Muslims.

  • Guy McClung,

    Tough words. And they deserve every letter of it.

    There is no other conclusion than what you draw; assuming your premises are true. Your assumed premise is that the biological matter, shredded in the trash can, is (IS), a human being; an immortal soul.

    That is the core issue now, no less than then. For slavers and nazis both the violence depended on FIRST de-humanizing the object of their oppression. The objects of their violence were either less than human (2/3 human in the case of the negro) or not human at all in the case of the Jew and the unborn.

    Any debate I’ve ever had on the topic ends at the opening statement on first principles. If the thing in the womb is like a tumor or an appendix; if the thing being led to the gas chamber is like a dog or a biological disease; then how to dispose of it is indeed a minor personal choice, or perhaps even a social imperative.

    If, however,(s)he is a life made in the image of God, FROM God, going back TO God. Well, my goodness, what we are doing in this country is the greatest evil in the history of mankind.

    That is why the Priests and Faithful must lead. The solution to this evil is NOT political. It is Spiritual. We must convert those among whom we live; one, by one, by one. They must be made to know God again, FIRST. And then, all the necessary conclusions will fall into place.

  • I HAVE A SAY also. As an old woman (78), barely educated (high school only), I still can fight with my wallet, and so can anyone, if they really give a damn about this issue. Go online (if a tech retard like me can do it, anyone can), find out who the corporate sponsors of PLANNED PARENTHOOD, and of their non-profit supporters like Susan G Komen, American Cancer Society, ASPCA, etc. are. Then INFORM all their like-minded friends and actively BOYCOTT these abetting partners of baby killers. Write to the local president of Chase Bank, the manager of your local Walgreens, Kohl’s, etc. and to the national headquarters,
    informing them of what you are doing and why.

    General Mills should be especially targeted, because they have bought the consciences of all the bishops and school superintendents who participate in the Boxtops for Education program, for the big bucks each school can get.

  • Edie Eason.

    Your wisdom can overshadow many a college graduate so please don’t underestimate the ingenuity of a 78 year young soul like yourself.
    Great points.
    I will Google boxtops for education program after work today.
    Thanks for your suggestions.

  • Brian-Ditto re “spiritual.” But so often I find myself longing for a kick-butt Mesisah to come RIGHT NOW! That’s easy compared to trying to live a daily life of virtue. Edie Eason: love a gal who has the fortitude and conviction to sign her name – from one “tech retard” to another-still I am only a youngster in my seventieth year. Please make my “prayer deal” with me – I have a feeling God knows your voice-You pray for me and mine, I pray for you and yours. God bless all in this house. and Y’all: Keep on havin’ a fullofwonder weekend. Gug McClung, San Atnonio Texas

  • Thanks Edie.

    I just started looking at General Mills boxtop programs…over half a billion $ since 1996 conception went to school programs…
    The question of course is what programs?

    So sad how many large donors give to Worse than Murder Inc. Bank of America being one of them…. funny because their reputation is gutter sludge so it’s not surprising that they contribute.

    As for any employee’s of B of A….my condolences.

    No more Ben & Jerrys….. thanks ALOT Edie.
    Seriously…your right about the $.
    I can do without their line of ice cream.
    Well….for that matter, all ice cream until I drop more weight.

    Peace Edie.

  • Philip – I appreciate your kind words. They inspire me to keep up the fight against Planned Parenthood, and Susan G. Komen, one of their more deceptive partners. The research I’ve done shows that General Mills has been a supporter of abortion since the eighties. When some Catholic school districts learned of GM’s contributions to PP, and threatened to pull out of the Boxtops program, GM stopped giving DIRECTLY TO PP, and went through the back door, giving a MINIMUM of $1m annually to Susan G. Komen. General Mills covers over 100 brands, so boycotting it is not easy – but really worthwhile goals seldom are. Recently, the partnership list on Komen’s website dropped the name General Mills, and now shows Yoplait – a product of GM-as a major donor. My archbishop, Gregory Almond of the N.O. diocese and his Supt. of schools justify participating because some so-called ?Catholic ethicist said its OK because General Mills does not contribute DIRECTLY TO PP. To me, its akin to approving doing business with a shop in Berlin that sells lamps with human-skin shades, because you do not buy directly from the death camps. Relativism?

  • Relativism!

    Amen Edie..amen.

  • “Do not think that I came to send peace upon earth: I came not to send peace, but the sword.” Matthew 10:34 and Luke 12:52 “For henceforth in one house five will be divided, three against two, and two against three.” Sad to say, we are a nation divided, even amongst members of families. The call is nonetheless clear, as clear as a certain trumpet, to battle evil, to overcome evil with good.

  • Father Hollowell’s powerful words are inspirational. I only wish the video would get wide distribution.

    His comparison of Planned Parenthood to slave holders is something that was expressed by one of my favorite authors, Andrew Klavan, last year.

    Here is part of his essay:
    “There will come a time when the people who run Planned Parenthood will be viewed as we view slaveholders today.

    “Today, you hear young people say, ‘Why should we listen to the people of the past? Why should we admire their accomplishments? They held slaves. They were racists. They conquered other nations. Who cares what books they wrote? What discoveries they made? What governments they created? They owned people. They owned human beings as property. Why should we do anything but despise them?

    But the young have no pity. They have no compassion. They feel them, but they don’t have them. That only comes with time. The people of the 18th century saw themselves as the forgers of new ideas and new nations and new ideas for nations. The young take all those things for granted. They see the men and women of the past only as slaveholders and racists and conquerors. Which they also were.

    We see ourselves as inventing new machines, new medicines, new art forms, connecting human minds in new ways. The young of the future will take all those things for granted. They’ll see us as the slaughterers of the helpless, the butcherers of the silent, the small, the weak. The cannibals of our own children.

    Which we also are.”

    Here is the rest:

  • Slavery took many forms, or we should say takes, as slavery is not fully erased. See ISIS enslaving young women as we live and breathe. Do not the young have pity on them either? Not all forms of slavery were as demeaning as that in the New World of the period under discussion. Slavery in the ancient world could be worse but often very much better, even genteel. One half the population of the Roman Empire was enslaved in one form or another, yet some slaves had slaves, and were wealthy.

    More apt than seeing us as mere slaveholders, we have come to resemble the pagan people of Canaan who sacrificed children to their demonic idols. Our idols are not of wood or stone, mere graven images. Our idols are money, convenience and little luxuries. And for these things some will sacrifice their unborn sons and daughters, until the land is polluted with blood.

  • William……the land IS already polluted with blood. At an conservative estimate of 3oz of blood from the …ok well you see the math. 1,406,250 us gallons…not pints…if blood. Innocent blood on the hands of our sisters, aunts, cousins, girlfriends, wives, mothers and men who convinced them it was “the final solution.”

  • Philip, you are correct. Is it sixty million since Roe v Wade? I doubt the population of the world was that many in 1,400 B.C.. In fact, It seems by some estimates, there were only 40 million people in the world at the time of Moses. It makes one shudder to think of it. Time to pray, “Oh Lord, I am but dust and ashes but if there be……………..

  • WPW.

    I recall the Genesis reading from only a few weeks ago at most.

    It’s a fact that the Lord has chosen to allow the weeds to grow along with the wheat in relationship to the new Sodom and Gomorrah.
    Jesus Christ, owner and purchaser of our souls, has various countermeasures that haven’t been used yet in the miracle of converting weed to wheat.
    His patience is the model we must imitate.

    I get anxious about the continuation of innocent blood being poured out of babies designed to fulfill God’s purposes. If HE can be patient with this slaughter of his own children…then I must be patient. That of course doesn’t mean to be silent or complacent as the plague marches on, but it does fill my heart with an urgent sense of sounding the alarm for the young that I work with. Consistently and with conviction.
    Our responsibility to inform, instruct and be concerned is serious matter.
    Lives are in the balance.

  • This is a great video and powerful words from Father. They’re as true and inspirational as they were when he first published this video. It’s probably 4 or 5 years ago that I first saw this YouTube video. And in the intervening years, what’s happened? Sorry for being so pessimistic but ugh.

    I recommend Father do a 2016 version to bolster this older video.

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  • Abortion in the Western World is mass murder and also demographic suicide. When we sin against natural law we risk natural and supernatural punishment.

  • I’m not sure where “stand” the Pope and USCCB on abortion.
    The Dems (all lies all the time) and their press lackeys (all swear to Dem lies all the time) jumped President Trump for joking about removing a crying baby. The irony of such criticism by people who promote the sales of murdered baby parts can only be missed by idiot liberals (I repeat myself again) and their dishinest, equally dimwitted media enablers.
    These people are worse than Hitler – but not as smart. The annual PP “Maggie” Award is named after the fourth worst piece of human flotsam to ever draw breath – PP founder Margaret Sanger.

  • T. Shaw-and now the dems and their democatholic supporters have Judas Benedict Kaine-who will be a heartbeat away from being the most powerful man in the world-assuming he does not self-identify as asexual, ourang, or female after he is sworn in.

I Am Shocked, Shocked!: White Noise

Friday, July 29, AD 2016

Strong language advisory as to the above video.

Well, what do you know, the Hillary Clinton people at the just concluded Democrat Convention, were taking no chances regarding the Sanders delegates booing during Queen Hillary’s speech:

Where the Bernie people were crammed into was a pre-planned section by the DNC that happened to have a white noise generator behind them. That’s fancy talk for loudspeakers that are controlled by the convention sound board so that if there are any troublemakers booing or carrying on during Hillary’s speech, the speakers with canned crowd noise are instantly brought up to drown out the protesters.

Now when Hillary Clinton did mention having the need for having the strongest military in the world, you could hear the Bernie people starting to ramp up. But they instantly got drowned out. Now we know why.

Poor, delusional Bernie people. They never had a chance from start to finish. Never.

Continue reading...

7 Responses to I Am Shocked, Shocked!: White Noise

  • And frankly, being drowned out by their own political party couldn’t happen to a better group of imbeciles. Those young people are bone ignorant of history and the Constitution and related subjects. I may be condemned for this, but they don’t belong in a voting booth until they can pass a basic test on world history , US history, and the US Constitution.

  • I will add that if Bernie supporters do not belong in the voting both because of their ignorance, then Clinton supporters do belong in prison for aiding and abetting a criminal and a traitor. And we all know what traitors deserve. As for Bernie himself, he is a delusion commie pinko imbecile, but his one saving grace is that he is honest: he honestly believes in the excrement he peddles, and that being the case, he is principled.

  • Lucius,
    I’m with you. Both Clinton and Sanders drones suffer either from a special species of dishonesty/evil or of stultifying stupidity.

  • OK, thinking about this, I’m surprised they haven’t done this years ago. It’s part of the evolution of conventions from public debates to infomercials. Sitcoms use laugh tracks to augment the studio audience’s reaction, so why wouldn’t conventions do something similar?

  • I remember a Rockford Files episode where a young naif realizes her Guru is a sham when she finally figures out he’s taken the money and he literally slaps her across the face when she vents at him. Not missing a beat, Jim answers a question she posed earlier and says “that is the sound of one hand clapping”. Maybe the foolish Bernie supporters now see their guru for who he truly is and the party they sold their souls to as it truly is?

  • Democrats are organized crime, which includes their voters, contributors, propagandists and politicians. Oh, I forgot to add their judges, university faculty and union bosses like the disgusting Richard Trumka.

  • I would like to feel sympathy for the Communists, Fellow Travelers, Parasites and assorted members of the Red Free Stuff Army who supported septuagenarian Comrade Bernie who has absolutely NO excuse for being so stupid as he lived through the era of the Soviet Union, The Great Leap Forward, etc, but I cannot.

A Personal Favor

Friday, July 29, AD 2016




As faithful readers of this blog know, I have many times on this blog published posts written by Christopher Johnson of Midwest Conservative Journal.  A non-Catholic, he has taken up the cudgels so frequently in defense of the Church that I long ago dubbed him Defender of the Faith.  Sadly, Christopher has fallen on hard economic times.  He lost his job as a librarian back in 2012 when his position was cut.  He is of my vintage, and in your late fifties it is not easy to find employment.  (I thank God almost every day that I have been self-employed since 1985.)  I think you could count on the fingers of one hand the times over the past eight years that I have asked the readers of this blog to contribute to anything.  I am doing so now, however.  If you can afford it, please go to his blog and make a donation to him through Paypal.  I would regard it as a personal favor.  I, of course, have already made a donation.  Let us demonstrate that we Catholics remember our friends in their hour of need.  Go here to make a donation.

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20 Responses to A Personal Favor

PopeWatch: How Many Deaths?

Friday, July 29, AD 2016



Roberto de Mattei says it all at Rorate Caeli:




“How many deaths are needed, how many heads decapitated, for the European governments to understand the situation the West finds itself in?” asked Cardinal Robert Sarah. 

What is it going to take, we add, for Cardinal Sarah’s confreres in the College of Cardinals, starting with the Supreme Head, the Pope himself, to understand the terrifying situation in which not only the West finds itself in, but the entire Universal Church? What makes this situation so terrible are the politics of do-goodism and false mercy with regard to Islam and all of the Church’s enemies.  Certainly, Catholics must pray for their enemies, but they also have to be aware that they have them, and they mustn’t limit themselves to praying for them, but have the duty to fight them. It is the Catechism of the Catholic Church which teaches this in n.2266, when it says that legitimate defence may also be a grave duty for those responsible for the lives of others: “Preserving the common good of society requires rendering the aggressor unable to inflict harm.”

Pope Francis was said to be “especially upset by this act of violence which took place in a church during the liturgy of the Mass and implored the peace of God for the world”, once again refusing to call the assassins by name. Pope Bergoglio’s silence is parallel to that of Muslims from all over the globe who don’t denounce forcefully and in an unanimous, collective manner, the crimes committed in Allah’s name by their co-religionists. Yet, even the President of the French Republic, Francois Hollande, in his discourse to the nation on Tuesday evening, spoke of France’s open war against ISIS. 

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4 Responses to PopeWatch: How Many Deaths?

  • this wimpy pope will not rest until his satanic masters have inflicted sharia law on the remnants of the West. this wimpy trans-pope is surely on the wrong side of history….

  • “possible ecumenical agreement with Islam,”

    Words fail me.

  • Pope Francis is the Father of the Catholic family. He has an absolute moral obligation to protect us just as fathers of families have a moral obligation to protect their families. For starters I would like him to clearly identify the religious drivers of Islamic extremism from the Koran and call a worldwide meeting of the Imans to agree on causes and find solutions.

  • I know the Swiss Guard is more than colorful, historic uniforms, but If Pope Francis thinks the Vatican is an ivory tower, he’s delusional.

First Trailer for Mel Gibson’s Movie Hacksaw Ridge

Friday, July 29, AD 2016

The first trailer for the movie Hacksaw Ridge, Mel Gibson’s tribute to conscientious objector, and Medal of Honor awardee, Desmond Doss.  The film is out in November.  Go here to learn more about Doss.  In an election year it is easy to get cynical about humanity,  but when we contemplate a man like Doss we begin to understand why God bothered to make us in the first place.

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3 Responses to First Trailer for Mel Gibson’s Movie Hacksaw Ridge

  • Thank you, Mel Gibson, for perspective when it’s most needed.

    His other Great War movie, We Were Soldiers Once, is the best ever made in my opinion. Because it’s not really about war so much as the human virtues of courage; faithfulness; honour; fortitude. All refined and purified and crystallized by combat. He does it again here it appears.

    Both of these are true stories. As Catholics are prone to do, he focuses on virtuous lives lived, and holds them up as a beacon of light.

    Do this! Be like this! This is how you do it!


  • It’s been too long since he made a movie like this. I can only hope he continues. How about his next feature being on the battle of Lepanto? Don Juan of Austria would make a great lead.

  • A Mel Gibson tale of Lepanto would be the crown jewel of his oeuvre. The hinge point of Western Civilzation; the turning of the tide against the Saracens; a great example of Papal wisdom and leadership. And something Gibson seems to love, the mystical side of the Faith, in which Mary actively appears and intervenes on behalf of her Son.

    There may be no other director who could properly tell that tale. A perfect story for our times in so many ways. I agree.

    I’ve read he was considering a movie on Judah Maccabee and his brothers’ fight for liberation from Greek rule and persecution. That has potential, too.

    But this would be better.

Hillary Harangue Open Thread

Friday, July 29, AD 2016


Like her hubby, I decided that the time I would have devoted to watching her speech was best used by me for sleep.  I did joke with my son that if we ever had to inflict torture on  adversaries in some sort of Mad Max post apocalyptic society, we could probably do worse than tying them up, placing them in a room, put the video of this speech on a recurring loop, and come back after twenty-four hours.  In any event post your reactions in the comboxes.  I have heard that she attacked Trump which strikes me as necessary but probably the wrong strategy.  Attacking Trump will allow him to dominate the next news cycle with answers, and if there is one thing I have learned about Trump this year, he thrives on bad publicity that would devastate other politicians.

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6 Responses to Hillary Harangue Open Thread

  • To be coerced into using my money, tax dollars, to kill some woman’s baby in her womb is scandalous and unacceptable.

    We CAN NOT go along with this abuse of power and I don’t know what the alternatives will be if Mrs. Pathetic gets her wish. “Let’s go out there and make it happen,”-HC… promoting free abortions.

    If all Catholics were only united on this issue and we with Protestant Christians make a decision to counter any offensive Madame Benghazi spearheads, then the breakdown of the Beast will begin.

    The hope? Let’s make sure she doesn’t get her wish.

  • Luckily, a John Wayne movie, “Flying Tigers” was on TV. And after that, “The Sands of Iwo Jima,” was played.
    The one-minute I saw was where she shrieked that if Trump doesn’t need to repay his loans (total BS), she’s going to “take care” (total BS – and she’ll spend your $$$) of student loans. It’s all, 100% pandering. Hillary says she’ll will repay (with your money) student loans because the (bubble) higher education industry is a main source of funding, propaganda, and brain-washed imbeciles supporting her 100% BS.
    I had to stop watching after one minute. My super secret bu!! sh!+ decoder ring exploded and burned my right hand.

  • My husband went to bed; he won’t listen to any on them. I had her speech on for 5 min with sound, a bit longer without. She looked mean; the eyes demonic. Not sure what the white suit was supposed to signify…reminded me of Boss Hogg.

  • CAM.

    The white suit signifies the white horse in Rev.6….not the one in chpt.19.
    She…the transporter of the Antichrist.
    She is nothing more than an animal…a beast to usher in chaos.

  • “reminded me of Boss Hogg.”

    Comment of the week CAM! Take ‘er away Sam!

  • “Deeply held religious beliefs and cultural codes must be changed to accommodate women’s health care.” Hillary Clinton.
    Three fourths of the states must ratify any change in our Constitution. Any attempt to change The First Amendment’s freedom of religion and impose a one world godless government denies man’s rational, immortal human soul, man’s sovereign personhood and man’s conscience. Any change in The First Amendment redefines the human being as a beast of burden to the state. Redefining man as a beast of burden to the state is taxation without representation. Redefining man as a beast of burden to the state eliminates The United States as a Constitutional Republic and imposes a totalitarian form of atheistic rule antithetical to The First Amendment, the acknowledgement of God as “their Creator” and the human being as having sovereign personhood. Government does not choose for the sovereign person. The sovereign person, in exercising his free will and rational judgment, chooses truth for himself. With truth as his foundation, a free man institutes his government upon Founding Principles.
    Any violation of our Founding Principles is a miscarriage of Justice. Depending upon the gravity of the miscarriage of Justice, the violation may be tried as treason. More than 60,000,000 unborn human souls are being scraped from the womb. America’s constitutional Posterity is being annihilated. Genocide is treason against the American people.

3 Responses to The Clinton Foundation: And the Money Kept Rolling In

  • Ah! Public service.

    One recalls the limerick on his career, penned by the staunch British socialist n and post-war Labour Prime Minister, Clement Atlee

    There were few who thought him a starter,
    Many who thought themselves smarter.
    But he ended PM,
    CH and OM,
    an Earl and a Knight of the Garter.

    [PM = Prime Minister; CH = Companion of Honour; OM = Order of Merit]

    One is tempted to retort, in the words of the Ayrshire Poet,

    “Ye see yon birkie, ca’d a lord,
    Wha struts, an’ stares, an’ a’ that;
    Tho’ hundreds worship at his word,
    He’s but a coof for a’ that:
    For a’ that, an’ a’ that,
    His ribband, star, an’ a’ that:
    The man o’ independent mind
    He looks an’ laughs at a’ that.”

  • Her victim group voters love her larceny. Isn’t she just ripping off ‘whitey”? As long as she hands out goodies, her “victims” will stick with her. Explanation of exploitation: widespread moral corruption in America due in part to the Catholic Church’s failure to speak up. We are the real victims. Steel yourself and vote for Trump.

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4 Responses to Resquiescat in Pace : Jerry Doyle

  • Babylon 5 was on just 20 years ago, and a number of the cast have left this world.

  • It’s a little too depressing seeing how much of JMS’s b5 universe has come to pass.

    Speaking of other cast members, the last I heard Jerry Doyle was on his radio show on a Good Friday, speaking of how good a man GWB was. Richard Biggs, who played Stephen Franklin on B5, died suddenly very young in 2004,and GWB (during his presidency) went out of his way to write the family and comfort them.

    A new Age is dawning for us, maybe, but which?

  • I avidly watched every B5 episode. One of the best space operas ever. Rest in peace, Jerry Boyle.

  • I’d never seen the show until one evening satellite had a marathon of B5 and I was hooked. Back in civiliztion I’d always looked forward to the Jerry Doyle radio show. He seemed a complex man who was often insightful on many subjects, and always entertaining. Having moved to a rural area our radio reception is almost nil. Wish I had known about his
    Rest in peace.

PopeWatch: Facts Are Stubborn Things

Thursday, July 28, AD 2016



More: Some men think the Earth is round, others think it flat; it is a matter capable of question. But if it is flat, will the King’s command make it round? And if it is round, will the King’s command flatten it? No, I will not sign.

Robert Bolt, A Man for all Seasons

The Pope gave yet another interview in the air as he was traveling to Poland.  (When the history of this pontificate is written, these airline interviews will loom large.)  The choice bit:


Referring to recent acts of violence including the killing of a priest in France, Pope Francis said on Wednesday that the world is at war but stressed “it is not a war of religions but for power.

“There is one word I wish to say to clarify.” “When I speak about “war” I’m speaking about a war for real, not a “war of religions.” It is,” he continued, “a war about (economic) interests, money, natural resources and the domination of peoples.” All religions, he said, “desire peace. Other people want war.” Right!” The Pope was speaking to journalists accompanying him on the plane from Rome to Krakow in Poland.  

Continue reading...

29 Responses to PopeWatch: Facts Are Stubborn Things

  • “There is one word I wish to say to clarify.” “When I speak about “war” I’m speaking about a war for real, not a “war of religions.” It is,” he continued, “a war about (economic) interests, money, natural resources and the domination of peoples.”

    I take the Holy Father to be making a very elementary point, the distinction between the base and the superstructure of society.

    We all know that through production, people enter into definite relations that are independent of their will, relations of production which correspond to a definite stage of development of their material productive forces. (This also includes exclusion from the processes of production.)

    The sum total of these relations of production constitutes the economic structure of society, the real base on which rises a legal and political superstructure and to which definite forms of social consciousness correspond. This social consciousness includes world views, ideas, values, and beliefs, norms and expectations, identities that people inhabit, social institutions (education, religion, media, family, among others), the political structure, and the state (the political apparatus that governs society).

    The Islamist’s false consciousness must be rooted in the forces and relations of production (of which he may well be completely unaware) because there is nothing else that can produce it. That is what Engels meant by “the simple fact, hitherto concealed by an overgrowth of ideology, that mankind must first of all eat, drink, have shelter and clothing, before it can pursue politics, science, art, religion.”
    The Holy Father appears to be one of the few modern leaders to grasp this fundamental and really very simple point

  • Marxist drivel remains Marxist drivel MPS, even if mouthed by a Pope, although I doubt if that is what he was doing.

  • Michael PS,
    I think Don is referring to the Pope saying that all religions desire peace.

    It’s entirely possible that Pope Francis has not read any Muslim text ever but simply read a summary of its nature written by someone from a very liberal mosque and that reading by him was the whole enchilada….” I can’t prove it…but ….that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it”.

  • ” All religions desire peace”. Pope Francis

    Here is a link to 43 killing events ordered or supported by Muhammed. I say events because no.12 involves beheading 600-900 persons. Pink colored boxes denote women…one being a woman who wrote poems insulting Muhammed at Mecca.

  • Any man who has two living brain cells yet remaining functional and not fighting each other is able to see for himself that what Jorge Bergoglio says is simply false.
    This Pope must be deposed and anathematized.

  • And this is a golden example of how and why the popes are well known to not have any special blessing when it comes to general knowledge.
    Wow. *facepalm*
    Yep, them Aztecs sure wanted peace. Like, everyone being under their control…. very peaceful… other than the human sacrifice….

  • I fear our Pope is one of those people who think that a wish for world peace is a good thing.
    In any kind of fallen world– I can’t see it. It’s like communism. The practical application makes the very desire turn out horribly.

  • ” Migrants are not a danger…they are in danger.” Mar.28,2016 Pope has hundreds of children recite this.

    Today’s Deutsche Welle News:

    ” It follows a chaotic week in which an asylum seeker purportedly from Afghanistan went on a stabbing rampage in Würzburg and an asylum applicant from Syria blew himself up outside a music festival in Ansbach. In Reutlingen a Syrian killed a woman and injured two others. In Munich, a German-Iranian killed nine people before killing himself.”

    This raises the question…can we lovingly sue a Pope for malpractice?

  • More than anything, liberals despise facts. How to annoy a liberal: introduce (anyhow try) to her/him the truth. There is a first time for everything.

  • Pope Francis has the defensive ability to paint an entirely false scenario– which he may well believe himself–in order to defend himself from the truth about Islam. Like most liberals the Pope simply does not live in the real world. He is fearful of reality as he does not know how to respond. This is what happens to those who have lost their faith.

  • Facts are indeed stubborn things. Apparently so is idiocy!

  • Yes, facts are stubborn things….an this Pontiff’s refusal to accept facts is a stubborn thing about him. The more he runs his mouth the more foolish he makes himself out to be.

  • This is at least what defending the faith and morals looks like…. in case a certain pontiff has forgotten;

    Unrelated to the topic, however it is this gathering of faithful to oppose sinful relationships that I hope and pray PF will praise….but he won’t. He will probably shame the 100,000.

  • A marxist liberal twit has become pope, and a transexual liberal marxist Kenyan has become president of the US. The world has turned upside down, and it’s our job to straighten it out…..the church must be boycotted until the pope is forced to resign. As for the Kenyan, it’s too late to do anything but ridicule him. Let’s pray that Trump takes over and flushes the Obamaturd’s stink out of the US….

  • Faith is not to be reduced to wishes but is to deal with reality, with truth. the EVIDENCE of things unseen. The pope in humility asked “who am I to judge” (concerning gay priests) but he pronounces judgments on other topics seemingly based on what he hopes the reality is…

    In Exodus 28 part of the priest’s vestment has been translated the “rational” of judgment. (Haydock)

  • Re Philip’s link – 100,000 Panamanians rally against proposed gender identity and sex ed legislation borrowed from the UN Population Fund because it is immoral and it violates Panamanian law on the books. What a contrast to:
    “The Panamanian Conference of Bishops also asked the Parliament to reconsider its promotion of the law, saying ‘We cannot accept experiments that failed in other places’.”
    Sure the stats show that UN sex ed and gender identity programs do not lower illegitimate birth, abortion and disease rates; they increase, but the bishops’ main point against the proposed law should be because it is immoral and against natural law.

    Weak leadership from the Chair of St. Peter filters down to weak leadership from the bishops and the culture declines.
    Bravo to the Panamanians.

  • CAM, the bishops in the west were weak long before the Cardinals decided to plant Jorge Bergoglio’s backside in the Chair of Peter. As I have said before, Pope Francis is not the cause of episcopal weakness, he is the product of it.

  • CAM.
    I’ve wondered how 12-13 million protesters would look marching down Constitution Ave. demanding a change to the abortion law.
    CNN, MSNBC and the rest wouldn’t be able to sweep it under their rug.

    The turn outs in January for March for Life are inspiring, loyal and dedicated. If ten times as many protesters demanding change surrounded the Capital demanding LIFE Liberty and the pursuit of happiness…Life being the first and most important…for all people..born and unborn, just maybe we could turn the tide. Just maybe public opinion would sway away from the “woman’s right to kill,” to freedom and respect for All life.

    A guy can dream… can’t he?

  • “I’ve wondered how 12-13 million protesters would look marching down Constitution Ave. demanding a change to the abortion law.”
    How can you persuade millions of social justice/labor Catholics to quit voting for abortion? Never happen. The catholic Liberal USCCB doesn’t care.
    As a practical matter, 12 million people couldn’t fit: that crowd would cover many square miles.

  • Ok, then how about marches on state capitols simultaneously? I know it’s the federal government whose attention we want, but still it would be attention getting across the nation.
    Then what to get the Cardinals’ and bishops’ attention?

  • T Shaw.

    Dreams are free…. delusional is expensive.
    I am merely dreaming of a day when a united Catholic Church, Universal in TRUTH and united in FAITH will one day exist.
    You and I may be long gone by the time of this dream ever becoming a reality….but why not dream big.. It’s a good dream. No charge.

  • “…..that crowd would cover many square miles.”

    Yes it would T. Shaw.
    Yes it would.

  • At the time of the Obamacare debate, a priest said, “It’s time for the cardinals and bishops to be brave. They ought to chain themselves to the White House fence.” What a statement that would have made.

    Greg, why are there seemingly so many weak bishops and cardinals in the free world? Weak in faith and leadership. Where did it start? In the seminaries in the 60s?

  • Yes, Philip, very interesting link.

  • Well, it often correctly said that the 60s hippies remained hippies. They just cut their hair (most of them anyway), put suits on over their tie dyed shirts entered law school and became lawyers and politicians. What many don’t realize is that some of them donned cassocks and entered the seminary and make up most of our bishops. So, yes, that it started in the 60s is certainly more than plausible.

  • July 26, 2016
    If “I AM THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION” means anything to Catholics, it means that our Blessed Virgin was conceived in original innocence and willed to be in perfect conformity to the will of God from the very first moment of her existence to the very last moment of her earthly life and therefore, maintained her Virginity in time and in eternity as the Mother of God. “He who hears Gods Word and keeps the Word of God is my mother and my brothers and sisters”. Jesus Christ
    Mary willed to maintain her original innocence from the very first moment of her existence.
    Science knows through DNA that with the conception of another sovereign person, a new individual member of the human species, Homo Sapiens, the Wise Man is brought into existence. The Wise Man, through his innate free will, wills to survive and continue to exist in the womb unto birth and eternity or failing becomes a spontaneous abortion according to “the laws of Nature and Nature’s God”. The Wise Man’s will to survive is an act of his free will. The Wise Man’s innate human free will, acting, becomes the Wise Man’s civil Right to Life.
    This is important because Roe v. Wade was predicated on the premise that the conceptus is a clump of cells no better than a tumor or parasite with no sovereign personhood and no rational, immortal, human soul. The Wise Man was denied the benefit of a doubt by the Supreme Court because the fix was in with William Brennan and Harry Blackmun, who dared to call themselves “JUSTICE”,
    Henry Hyde of the Hyde Amendment and now Christopher Henry Smith have fought to maintain freedom for citizens who know through scientific DNA that a new legally and morally innocent human being, the standard of perfect Justice for the state is begotten and procreated in original innocence, through the intent and will of “their Creator”.
    Roe v. Wade is the denial of the Wise Man’s rational soul, intellect and free will and the imposition of atheism by the state and an indictment against First Amendment. Roe v. Wade is the denial of the Wise Man’s unalienable human, innate and civil rights to life inscribed in our Founding Principles as the truth that all men are created equal by “their Creator”, (not born equal by the state) and endowed with certain unalienable human rights and that among these rights are the freedom to not be forced into complicity in the destruction of our constitutional Posterity.
    In the Preamble, the unchanging and unchangeable purpose of our Constitution is the purpose “to secure the Blessing s of Liberty to ourselves and our (constitutional) Posterity. Our Founding Fathers got it right. Henry Hyde got it right. Christopher Henry Smith got it right. The Right to Life got it right. The demoniacs got it wrong.

  • Hi Mary DV! It’s that “rational” part that seems to be missing when the pope makes statements like this. Roe v Wade denies reason and so does saying that Islam is a great religion.

  • Facts Are Stubborn Things

    Surely Quotes Suitable for Framing: Donald R. McClarey
    A mentor of mine used to say:

    “You can’t argue with fact!”

Neo-Neo Con Encapsulates Why I Am Not Supporting Trump

Wednesday, July 27, AD 2016


Here’s a comment I found at RedState:

Ted Cruz would have never had to explain why he didn’t explicitly endorse Trump in that speech the next day had the RNC/Trump campaign not orchestrated the booing and outrage from the convention crowd.

Imagine if instead they rallied the crowd to cheer Cruz, and Trump then walked out and shook Cruz’s hand, padded him on the back, embraced him, and thanked him for his kind and inspiring words. Imagine if then Trump addressing the audience said “Ted nailed it. If we stand together on those principles, then Hillary doesn’t have a chance. We will win and win big.”

Humility and kindness is all Trump needed to show, and everyone would have walked away thinking that the party was united and possibly Cruz just endorsed Trump in the same way Reagan endorsed Ford (without actually saying it).

Imagine if pigs could fly. Imagine all the people, living life in peace

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50 Responses to Neo-Neo Con Encapsulates Why I Am Not Supporting Trump

  • I was thinking of maybe voting for Trump until I saw the Cruz/Trump episode at the convention and how staged Trumps response was, that the Trump people knew what Cruz was going to say and when he got to that part of his speech, Trump came out and milked it.

  • That’s an interesting angle, And I respect it. But I disagree. Why was it up to Trump to go the extra mile? Traditionally, if you lose, you suck it up and support the winner. If Cruz thought Trump was so beyond the pale to support, he could have outlined exactly why, instead of merely throwing a few hints and childishly (in my view) refusing to say just a few supportive words. Or alternatively he could have left the party. Remember, the Republican voters supported Trump by a greater majority than many other historical nominees, so if you have a serious beef with Trump, you have a serious beef with them. Why not just say that, instead of being coy and pretending it’s all about one man. I’m not saying this as a Trump supporter (I know, I know) but as a quasi-Republican Catholic conservative. There’s an ethics to losing. Okay, have at me. 🙂

  • “Why was it up to Trump to go the extra mile?”
    Because it was the smart thing to do and Trump was too dumb to realize it. He won the primaries. He is the leader of the party for this year. Magnanimity after victory is one of the prerogatives of leadership and smart, strong leaders realize it. That is why Reagan took Bush on as Veep in 1980. It was generosity to a defeated adversary and it was smart politics. Reagan was both a good man and a smart one. Trump instead was his predictable vengeful self, doing himself absolutely no good both short term and long term.

    As I have said, I can understand people voting for Trump because Clinton would be such a disaster as President. However, people should not be confused about what they are getting in Trump: a small minded, petty man, bone ignorant in most areas of public policy, given to making factually false statements and whose ideology, insofar as he has one, bears no resemblance to any type of conservatism. Other than that, Trump is the perfect candidate!

  • Is there any truth to the suggestion that Bernie may run as an independent?
    Anathema to the Clinton camp.

  • No, although he has reclaimed his independent status as Senator from the Peoples’ Republic of Vermont. I think if Hillary loses she will lash out at Sanders. It will be amusing to see her attempt to scurry to the center for the remainder of the campaign after she had to tack so far to port to defeat Sanders in the primaries.

  • I agree with Oakes. Trump is the good guy, demonstrating belief in freedom of speech, by letting Cruz speak in the first place knowing that what he said wouldn’t be helpful. Anything other than a vote for Trump is a death wish, assured destruction. If Hillary gets elected how many non-Trump voting Republicans will proudly tell their friends that at least they didn’t vote for Trump?

  • “I agree with Oakes. Trump is the good guy, demonstrating belief in freedom of speech, by letting Cruz speak in the first place knowing that what he said wouldn’t be helpful.”

    He allowed Cruz to speak and egged on his delegates to boo him. Shear stupidity.

  • He “allowed” the man who received the second most number of votes and delegates to address the convention of a party of which he is one of the most important thought leaders. Funny that.

    In a way I do hope Trump wins, because his dead-end supporters will likely blame his loss on everyone but Trump. If he wins and is a disaster – and he will be – then some folks, who are not as ardent in their support, might come around, especially if/when he goes back on things like the wall. In fact if Trump wins, and I’m with Don in thinking he likely will, I predict that at this time next year an amnesty bill of some kind will be making its way through Congress, an amnesty bill Trump will be behind.

  • It strikes an outsider as very odd that Americans can have absolutely no idea what Mr Trump would be like as President.

    Contrast that with our new Prime Minister, Mrs May. Her supporters and opponents can at least point to a track record, in which, as a minister, she has steered her department’s business through the House of Commons. For six years, she has introduced its measures and defended its conduct at the dispatch box, replying to sharp and cleaver critics, often enough to a mixed reception (“Cheers and cries of ‘Hear, hear!’ from the Government benches; Opposition groans and cries of ‘Shame!’ and ‘Resign!’”)

    It is something to go on

  • “It strikes an outsider as very odd that Americans can have absolutely no idea what Mr Trump would be like as President.”

    British and American politics couldn’t be less alike if they had been designed that way.

  • PZ: Political geniuses (gave us McCain and Romney) like Ted and you don’t support or worse 24/7 trash Trump but that will have had no impact on electing Crooked Hillary. Thanks for the intel.
    I have a good “idea” of what Mrs. President Bill Clinton will be like – corrupt, incompetent – as president. Also, I knew what Obama would be like in 2008.
    I was all-in for Cruz. Now, he can go to Hell.
    That speech demonstrated that he’s a “smart” dude and why nobody likes him. It showed why he couldn’t persuade more GOP primary voters to vote for him than for Trump.
    Mrs. President Bill Clinton thanks you and Cruz.

  • T Shaw,

    Let me address your substantive points, one at a time:

    . . . .

    Now then, I will thank you in advance for proving one of my points:

    In a way I do hope Trump wins, because his dead-end supporters will likely blame his loss on everyone but Trump.

  • By the way, some people’s reaction to a man saying “vote your conscience” really tells you a lot about the state of their conscience.

  • I hope Cruz stays in the Senate where he’s needed, but that’s up to the voters in Texas.
    Trump is an imperfect candidate to be sure, not my first choice. I was not impressed with his post nomination speech. (In fact his mannerisms and bombastic delivery reminded me of Il Duce from old newsreels.) But after yesterday’s press conference I have hope. He was in control not the media. No drama. Trump has surrounded himself with politically experienced, conservative, pro-life advisers. I am praying (literally) for Trump that he listens to them.
    After elected can Trump deliver? Much also depends on the House and Senate.

  • Oakes – “Remember, the Republican voters supported Trump by a greater majority than many other historical nominees”

    I’m pretty sure that’s incorrect. A lot depends on how you measure the support (percentage, states won, delegate count), but I don’t think any post-1972 nominee has had less support by any measure, and the primary system before 1972 was very different.

  • I’m pretty sure that’s incorrect. A lot depends on how you measure the support (percentage, states won, delegate count), but I don’t think any post-1972 nominee has had less support by any measure, and the primary system before 1972 was very different.

    Not to mention many of those primary voters were not even Republicans. I have seen estimates that more than half of his primary support came from non-Republicans, but that strikes me as a bit high. Clearly, though, the open primary system helped enable his nomination.

  • PZ: Political geniuses (gave us McCain and Romney) like Ted and you don’t support or worse 24/7 trash Trump but that will have had no impact on electing Crooked Hillary.
    Seriously, the guys that are actually the “establishment” are scared to death of Cruz– to the point of wanting TRUMP over him, and not even being shy about it.
    The only support I’ve seen for the idea that the “establishment” is so “against” Trump is the same as the one for “trash talking” him– telling the truth. Not just what he said most recently, not just a careful spin on his history, but the whole deal.
    At one point I was accused of getting all my news from MSNBC for… accusing Trump of something he’d bragged about, cheating contractors. Like all thieves, he believes himself justified, but that’s not an excuse for claiming the facts are false.
    Trump might be the least bad alternative. That’s not because he’s good, or even alright– it’s because Clinton is so bad.

  • Pinky and Paul:
    simple effort will show that from 2000 to 2008 there was a change in Primary votes of 10-12 million. Ten million more Republicans and 12 million less Democrats. But this is child’s play. Getting deeper, examining States with close polling prior to the registration requirements, States with a clear winner in polls prior to registration change requirements, and you can set patterns.

    Using 2000 and 2008 as baselines, the conclusion was staggering. Trump only got about 3.3 million Republican Votes. The rest are Democrats, approximately 12 million of them.

  • Without requiring any judgement, here’s the Washington Post pointing out that Trump set a record for the most primary votes against him.
    He also got the lowest percentage of the total primary votes in just short of half a century.

  • Pinky and Paul: Obviously the math is complicated and obviously “majority” can mean different things in this context. But without Googling, I would estimate that in the competitive races going back to 1968, Trump clinched it earlier than the other winning candidates in roughly half of them. I might be wrong.

  • I would estimate that in the competitive races going back to 1968, Trump clinched it earlier than the other winning candidates in roughly half of them. I might be wrong.

    If you’re talking about GOP presidentiial primaries, you would be way, way, way off. Pretty much every Republican nomination had been more or less sealed by Super Tuesday (which, admittedly, is not a fixed point) other than Ford-Reagan, and perhaps Romney-Santorum. Reagan fumbled in Iowa, lost a couple of other states, but otherwise routed Bush, Bush also lost Iowa in 1988, but swept Super Tuesday and that was that. Dole lost New Hampshire, but otherwise surprisingly (when I looked back) won the nomination fairly easily, losing only a handful of states. Other than getting his clock cleaned by McCain in New Hampshire, GWB had a realtively smooth ride, and McCain was done in early March. Then McCain won heftily on Super Tuesday in 2008, and the second half of the primary season was essentially a coronation. Santorum hung tough against Romney, but I seem to recall that it all over but the shouting after Ohio. I mean this year we were pretty close to California actually having to matter.

  • He did not get the greatest number of anything but delegates, and even then it took gaming– the infamous and already mentioned open primary issues, as well as record setting new party declarations.
    May 26th
    May 29th.
    March 4th
    Unopposed; immediate.
    Trump was only saved from a contested convention by the GOP leadership saving him; the last time we had a contested convention was 1976.

  • I think you guys are right. And I’ve been doing a bit of googling myself. After I finish working out I’m going to make myself a crow for lunch.

  • Remnant has a good presentation on why serious Catholics should vote for Trump based on the principle of double effect.

  • *big thumbs up* Cool beans.

  • When Hillary wins and finishes off America, neo-neo cons and you guys will be among those whom I credit. .
    It don’t mean nothing. It was all over anyhow.

  • “He allowed Cruz to speak and egged on his delegates to boo him. Shear stupidity.”

    Is their any proof of that on Trump’s part–besides hearsay and gossip.

  • I think T. Shaw is correct. As Pope Benedict said in “Jesus of Nazareth”, God has disappeared and man is the only actor left on the stage. I might add that Pope Benedict felt great urgency to get this book published as he didn’t know how much time or strength he would be given. As he said, the Kingdom has been reduced to politics — peace, justice, and the preservation of creation.

  • When Hillary wins and finishes off America, neo-neo cons and you guys will be among those whom I credit.
    Why not?
    Trump’s been blaming every failure on anyone but himself, anyways. It’s never an issue with the plan, it’s always a problem in everyone else not throwing in hard enough.
    It won’t possibly be that Trump’s democrats didn’t turn out in the general, or that Trump is even more of a Democrat than the Republicans usually manage– nope, it’ll be alllll the fault of those who point out facts that folks don’t want to hear.

  • Quote:
    PAUL MANAFORT just grinned and chuckled when asked by @MarkHalperin if Trump aides encouraged boos of Cruz from floor
    Not that anything short of Trump himself airing a live address where he says “I organized the reaction to Cruz’s speech” would be acceptable as evidence, and then it would suddenly become a good thing anyways.

  • Michael Paterson-Seymour on Thursday, July 28, A.D. 2016 at 4:48am
    It strikes an outsider as very odd that Americans can have absolutely no idea what Mr Trump would be like as President.

    I’m with MPS. Maybe this is a reason why parliamentary democracy is superior to a constitutional republic (Ducks for cover 😉 )
    Trump has been in the pyblic eye for years, and no doubt has garnered many enemies as well as friends. Otherwise he would certainly not have gained the nomination, and when guys like Newt Gingrich support him – maybe, as mentioned above – the best worst choice- I fail to see how people can be so against Trump.
    Sure he is certainly no angel and has indulged in some dirty business tricks in his career – show me an extremely wealthy business man who hasn’t – they are very few and far between, those who make their wealth over the corpses of defeated competitors.
    I agree that Trump is the better choice of two terrible options, but is surely better than La Clinton who will continue to destroy the USA as Obama has commenced to do. Can Trump back down on all his bombastic statements? Will he get good men and women around him ? Will he nominate conservative pro-life SCOTUS judges?
    These may be questions that begs an answer – but you all know very well that Hillary will do everything totally against conservatives and against the teachings of the Church and march at the van of the continuing decline of America. You know this. Do you really think that Trump will do the same?

  • bellicosity, bluster and the arts of a con man to fall back on.

    Should serve him well in DC.

  • T.Shaw states, “I was all in for Cruz. Now he can go to hell”. This is the perfect crystallized essence of Trumpism.

    Politics is about getting various points of view on the same page, compromising and finding common ground. That is precisely the point TAC excerpted above. That’s ALL Trump had to do. “Great speech, from a worthy opponent! I heartily endorse his views. I hope to earn his support and that of his followers. By all means vote your conscience as if your future depended on it!”

    But, no. Cruz gets tossed out on his ass and his wife leaves under police escort in fear for her safety.

    And all Cruz supporters, who make up quite a large number, are rudely dismissed by comments like T.Shaw’s. By implication, as a strong Cruz supporter, I suppose I am supposed to follow Cruz to the hot place?

    Republicans/Conservatives can never win on a platform of anger and division and hate. Even if Trump wins, his program is doomed. He cannot lead. He can only coerce.

    Solid ideas do not need anger and emotion to win the day.

  • I guess what confuses me most about all this is that it was imperative that one vote against Obama back in 2012 despite any misgivings one had about Romney (see, e.g., post of November 4, A.D. 2012), but now it seems it is not imperative to vote against Hildebeast despite any misgivings one may have about Trump.

  • Trump is not Mitt

  • The Weathervane a/k/a Romney was a flawed candidate, but I viewed him as a good man who would make overall a good President. I do not view Trump as a good man and I think he will be a disaster as a President. However, I completely understand those who wish to vote against Hillary by voting for Trump.

  • Good summary, Brian.
    We all agree Hillary is horrible, but we’re supposed to ignore the evidence that Trump is likewise as horrible because he said so, or his supporters did, and we’re horrible for asking.
    Contrast with when Mitt was in, if a claim was factual it was generally admitted, with the fact-based counter where Obama is worse.
    Hillary: going to use power to punish enemies, reward friends, gain power and get rich.
    Trump: from the evidence, ditto and add in that he’s vendictive.
    Hillary: hates the military. No, really, heard it from those who’ve met her as military personnel. Would damage it.
    Trump: uses the military as a nice prop, would likely keep doing so, to our damage; likely to abuse his powers in it.
    Hillary: hates gun rights and hates human right to life; would appoint crazy liberal judges.
    Trump: wild card. He says he’ll nominate as various decent places say; from past evidence, he’ll only do that if they’re kissing his trouser seat constantly, otherwise he’ll throw a tantrum and do a punishment nomination.
    Y’all Trump supporters REALLY need to take a card from Donald, and explain Why Trump Isn’t That Bad.
    You’re not going to get anywhere with “Vote Trump Or You’re Bad.” I’ve been called bad my whole life. I’ve been blamed for not throwing in hard enough when I did throw in; I’ve been blamed for exactly what I said would happen actually happening in the way I said it would.
    I am not going to vote for a guy when the only reason I can find that he’s not as bad as the alternative is HE SAYS SO, when his past (and sometimes after) actions and words say the opposite.

  • Just as well there has been a bumper crop in the fields this summer, ‘cos there is going to be literally tons of popcorn consumed between now and November, not just in the USA, but in most of the western societies.
    It’s coming into our summer too, si I guess the ‘frig’ will need to be well syocked with the amber fluid as well – we can’t risk dehydration now, can we. 🙂

  • Don the Kiwi,

    Love it down under! Australia’s not bad either. Favorite places to be. Too bad your immigration policy is so strict. I would have moved there years ago.

  • Foxfire,

    At this point I’m really only concerned about keeping my conscience clean. It’s that bad. I’ve voted in every election since 1980. Not once has it crossed my mind until now that more than just politics is involved.

    Hillary is evil and odious. Trump terrifies me.

    I’m starting to hear more about a fellow named Gary Johnson. Hmm!

  • P.S, Just saw a Gary Johnson interview. Never mind.

    Three liberals. Great.

  • My my my.

    What would all you special snowflakes have done back in the day when there were actually contested conventions.

  • My first convention was 1964 snowflake.

  • F.T.V: Are you saying this was not a contested convention? Not actually?

    Or is that just the method to get “special snowflakes” out there; those struggling with conscience issues, I presume.

    Well, one thing’s for sure. Trump voters have got that issue resolved. Doesn’t help me, but good for you!

  • The Constitution Party looks better and better every day.

  • Tito Edwards, I just found the Constitution Party yesterday and its nominee, Darrell Castle. I line up with them 100% on the issues.

  • Brian,

    I saw that as well.

    The Constitution Party must be taken serious by many of us that are disgusted with Trump and will not ever vote for Hillary Clinton.

  • Here it comes!
    If you don’t believe President Mrs. Bill Clinton is the worst that can happen – the end of America as we know it – you are part of the problem.

    Ninety-nine percent of America is at the mal – most don’t even know a soldier, sailor or marine. One percent (my son and wife included) is at war.
    I don’t hear any Democrat say anything negative about corrupt, incompetent Crooked Hillary.
    Rucking Fyan just jumped on the bogus “gold star mother” BS express train (a variation of their “chicken hawk” BS).
    President Reagan (“Never say anything bad . . . ) was the last real Republican.
    After making contrary campaign promises, cowards or traitors Fyan and Boehner gave Obama everything he ever wanted. Fyan. “Thou shalt not shut down the government.”
    The GOP establishment actually wants to elect Hillary.
    You’re damned right I will blame Hillary-loving GOP rats, and POG’s like Bryan and Tito who will ensure Hillary wins. It’s simple arithmetic: Hillary will get more (dead people and illegals) votes than Trump. Don’t waste your time with BS’ing about how that will have been my fault.

  • T. Shaw. Utterly unconvincing. Bully language, little different than Trump’s.

    That will be a real joy for the next four years.

    Why would any Catholic be persuaded that vaguely (not so vague actually) threatening appeal?

  • T.Shaw, one other thing I’ve noticed about Trump is how he takes Catholics who (presumably) agree on the One Great Thing, our Fath in Jesus Christ, and turn them into angry shouting enemies for the sake of a political outcome. Division is what he brings. I have witnessed this personally, where I state my opinions here and elsewhere, and am treated as an enemy of the Faith ….. for the sake of Donald Trump’s election!

    Is he really worth it? Does Christ call us to win elections, or convert souls? I would love to vote in the affirmative for a good candidate. But in the end, the American electorate will do what it will do. But I still have to answer to God before His Holy Throne “What did you do for My Kingdom in the time allotted to you?”

    I am unconvinced that God wants Trump as President. I am fully convinced that God wants me to be faithful in the little things, such as leading the souls in my family to heaven and spreading the Gospel in my small circle of friends and acquaintances. Quietly, faithfully living the Gospel as a Christian first.

    I am keeping an open mind. If he can convince me in the debates and through the election media process that he is a credible, serious candidate on the issues, I will vote for him. It doesn’t look God so far.

Just a Reminder: The Democrats are the Party of Abortion

Wednesday, July 27, AD 2016



Jesus wept:


When talking about abortion, Democratic politicians and activists usually prefer to speak euphemistically: The dismemberment or lethal poisoning of a baby who hasn’t been born yet is almost always referred to as “reproductive health care” or “a woman’s choice.” The group NARAL, once known as the National Abortion Rights Action League, went so far as to change its name to NARAL Pro-Choice America so its supporters and allies could avoid saying the a-word.

But there’s been a growing push on the left to not only defend abortion as a necessary evil that should be “safe, legal, and rare” but to celebrate it as a positive good. (See the #ShoutYourAbortion Twitter campaign of 2015.) And so on Wednesday evening, Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, took the stage at the Democratic National Convention and told the story of the time she aborted her first child because it was an inconvenient time to become a parent.

“To succeed in life, all we need are the tools, the trust, and the chance to chart our own path,” Hogue said during her DNC speech. “I was fortunate enough to have these things when I found out I was pregnant years ago. I wanted a family, but it was the wrong time. I made the decision that was best for me—to have an abortion and get compassionate care at a clinic in my own community.” At this point, applause and cheers could be heard in the crowd. “Now years later, my husband and I are parents to two incredible children,” Hogue continued.

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31 Responses to Just a Reminder: The Democrats are the Party of Abortion

  • He did comment on it. You can tell it must have pained him because that was 1 of 2 posts on that day he did about Ds compared with… 3 about Rs. Oh and he’s already ahead of you, Don about why it’s totes ok to support one party of death but not the other.
    John C Wright said it best: “[Mr. Shea] was once a Catholic apologist. I stopped reading him when he became instead an apologist for Progressivism.”
    Anyway, I see you’ve been having fun with those of similar dispositions on Dave’s site. It’s going to be interesting to see if the next civil war is over that, or immigration.

  • But, as some Catholics such as certain members of the clergy including some bishops and bloggers such as Mark Shea say, there are compelling social justice issues that allow one to vote for a radically pro-murder candidate. Just so long as one is pursuing equity.

    Now, if one supports the Second Amendment, that’s a different matter.

  • They served their idols, which became a snare to them. They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons; they poured out innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan, and the land was polluted with blood.” ~Psalm 106 (105)
    Democrats, Beware the sin of the Amorites. Today the idols have different appearances, but the demons are the same.”

  • “…fanatically dedicated to viewing abortion as a positive good”
    The depth of confusion is almost impossible for us to comprehend.
    These people are literally blinded by what the world reinforces to them over and over again. They have eyes but cannot see, ears but can’t hear.
    They have been formed that way by the culture of the 20th century, when it seems the devil apparently did have more license against us.
    A 3 yr old (just turned 3!) told me today that there is some evil that is good and some that is evil, that there are good witches. I came upon her- 3 years old, in lotus position hands held up to the side with palms up, saying “om” over and over. The older child told me she was meditating like on kung fu panda.
    Oh Lord help us!
    I have heard that the spiritual warfare against us is tactical and strategic- the devil lays plans and traps because he can’t take us against our will. He has to entice us to go on the dark path of our own will..he has to make us accept the lies — not an even handed choice, not a decision after a while of clearly choosing evil over good but to the point that we really believe evil can be good.

  • I we imagine we will be hearing a lot about the “seamless garment” moral approach to justify Catholics voting Democrat. Thus abortion and the death penalty are considered morally equivalent which they are not. To me the Modernistic (relativistic) thinking that drove Vatican II is largely responsible for much of the moral evil we have in the world today. The Catholic Church, and especially the Popes, have much to answer for the present condition of the world by being not only ‘in’ the world but ‘of’ the world. This is not the way of the Lord.

  • “To succeed in life, all we need are the tools, the trust, a the chance to chart our own path.”

    That statement coming from her, in her capacity is downright demonic.

    To succeed in life…( In order to be successful you may have to sacrifice the life of your child.). All we need are the tools..( forceps, vacuum and saline.). The trust…(non-trust. She means the fear. Fear rules in the choice to kill.) A chance to chart our own path..( free will is a gift from God. Charting your own path can be disastrous. The Bible is the chart. Any charting without the help of the Bible is complete destruction, and we have over 60 million examples to prove that!

    Liar’s abound in the camp of the left.

  • BTW…..from today’s Chart; Matthew 13:47-53 ” Jesus said to his disciples the Kingdom of Heaven is like a net thrown into the sea which collects fish of every kind. When it is full they haul it ashore and sit down and put what is good into buckets. What is bad they throw away. Thus it will be at the End of the Age. The angels will go out and separate the wicked from the righteous and throw them into the fiery furnace where they will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.”

  • Philip. He’s talking about Vatican II’s bad fish, e.g., abortion supporting liberals, etc.

  • Michael Dowd.

  • This link is broken; Go here to read the rest.

  • Thanks for catching that. Fixed.

  • That the CEO of NARAL was a featured speaker at the Democratic convention is appalling. I use the term the CEO vice the president because these abortion groups are Big Business. It’s not compassion or blah, blah, blah; it’s all about money. “compelling social justice issues that allow one to vote for a radically pro-murder candidate” I heard that one from Catholics 8 years ago as the rationale for an Obama vote. Social justice issues? The educated, middle class (maybe married) woman standing up there had her abortion for convenience sake.
    The Democratic Party is the Party of Baby Murders and funding abortions with government money is on their platform.

  • Please let us do a “Stalin” and never ever in any way mention that Mark guy’s name. Even negative and truthful publicity for him is better than none, and undoubtedly will increase his ad revenue. The Party Of Death has progressed from “safe, rare and legal,” to this court-created, court-legislated, not-in-the-Constitution “right” is “absolute”. Their platform says they will abide absolutely no restrictions or limitations on this “right.” Is this the end? Hell no. Now their platform says we are all going to pay for all abortions for every woman (and girl, i.e. a fourteen year old without her parents knowledge standing before a complicit judge with a Planned-Parenthood lawyer paid for with our tax money). Is this use of our tax dollars the end? Hell,. hell no! Next up, and make no mistake about it, is the demonic extension of this “absolute” right to “post-birth abortion.” Yes, the mother and the mother alone will have the right, guaranteed and legislated by the likes of Sotomayor, Ginsburg and Kagan, to kill any baby who happens to survive a grisly gruesome abortion. Only the mother will be allowed to let the baby suffer like Christ on the Cross, screaming bloody murder (pun intended) on a cold stainless steel tray til it dies, alone. The party Of Death’s president has already voted againt saving the lives of such children. Thing this is not possible? Think like the first US troops in WWII walking into Dachau or Auschwitz – and then add in the liberals efforts to lower the age of consent to 10 or even 7, and you dont have America, you have Hell on earth. Guy MCClung, San Antonio, Texas

  • Good comment, Guy. They are going for a lower age of consent. The LBGT activists are in league with the abortion crowd.

  • Wait….it gets better!
    Let’s start up with stricter gun control laws… maybe even getting to the point of restrictions that tyrants dream about. This is the perfect storm for liberal elite’s. Murder, Perverse behavior as normal, open the field of prey to include pre-adolescents and then the gun grab. Not my guns!

    Guy, this hell is alive and well because folks are deciding their respective eternal home.
    This is the decisive action of souls picking their camp. The lukewarm are shrinking in numbers now…and that’s good. Your with Our Lord or his adversary. People are making the choice. Some knowingly, some blindly.
    Conversion isn’t a closed door, so we pray for their hearts to turn to God.

  • The Democrats are the party of abortion. The GOP is not far behind now. They won’t enthusiastically embrace it, but I can see acquiescence. The new GOP has forfeited many social values this cycle as they applaud speakers, including Trump, who chastise them for righteous positions or perceived unfair slights in “fake” culture wars.

  • “The GOP is not far behind now.”

    That is a ludicrous contention considering all the pro-life legislation passed by Republicans at the state level since their victories in 2010 and 2014. Even at the recently concluded Trump Convention the platform is more pro-life than ever. Year after year most Republicans labor to advance the pro-life cause and get only abuse as thanks from far too many pro-lifers.

  • That is a ludicrous contention considering all the pro-life legislation passed by Republicans at the state level since their victories in 2010 and 2014
    Under the old GOP, that’s true. But if Trump’s creation is the beginning of a new GOP, I stand by my statement.
    Year after year most Republicans labor to advance the pro-life cause and get only abuse as thanks from far too many pro-lifers.
    I didn’t say the party is not pro-life. (“Not far behind” doesn’t mean they are there.) But if the culture war surrender trickles down from the top, I think some GOP politicians will see it as license to loosen their position. The well is being poisoned. Its impact remains to be seen. A Trump victory sure won’t help.
    Get only abuse? A bit dramatic. I have defended many Republicans for their pro-life stands. I have marched with some in pro-life marches and thanked them. Ever hear of Ken Paxton? I reserve the right to disagree with Trump’s GOP surrendering the culture war and supporting a man who gives praise to Planned Parenthood.

  • Trump, even if he wins the Presidency, which I think he will, will have minimal long term impact on the Republican Party and will quickly be at war with the Congressional Republican Party. Trump is a product of the economic failure of the Obama years, combined with the failure of the Republican establishment to take seriously voter rage at illegal immigration. Trump is sui generis and is not the founder of a long lasting movement.

  • Once years ago (1970) I purported to do a small study of what difference a party platform made as seen in action once a party or party’s candidate was in power. I didn’t do a good job and would still like to know.

  • You know, about all that applause for questionable things Trumpeted at the convention: I know people can get caught up in the moment – and will be chagrined when they get home and put down their placards hats.

  • “Trump is sui generis and is not the founder of a long lasting movement.” I fully agree with your assessment, Don. It took the Soviet communists seventy years to squander the vast resources of Russia but they eventually went broke. The American quasi-Soviets have in about sixty years caused the middle and working classes to go broke. Trump would not otherwise be the nominee of the Republican Party.

  • Kyle Miller: “The Democrats are the party of abortion. The GOP is not far behind now.”

    The GOP presents itself to the conservative base as the party of life. It is one of its primary attractions. There is no doubt that in many cases that is true; they are for life.

    There is zero life element in the Democrat Party. They love abortion. That is also true.

    Yet that deep distrust for being burned, year after year lingers.

    Where I agree with Kyle, above, is that somehow true success is just never..quite..grasped. It’s always juuuuust out of reach. The best example of this is Supreme Court Nominees. Liberal Democrats install 100% pro abortion, judicial legislators. No shame. Just radicals. Take that! Republicans nominate moderates who go along with the tide. None, save Scalia (RIP), can articulate the centrality of the Right To Life. The entire judicial system is oriented to strike down life laws. And abortion just somehow keeps swimming along just fine.

    Legislation may be passed here or there; but then struck down under review; quietly, it dies because no one is willing to defend it. We have had generally strong Republican majorities for a long time and yet abortion remains the preeminent law of the land.

    I see no one who can coherently, passionately lead on life and stake everything on success.

  • “None, save Scalia (RIP), can articulate the centrality of the Right To Life.”

    You can add to that list Alito and Thomas. Roberts has voted against abortion every time it has come before the court. If Ted Kennedy had not succeeded in defeating Reagan’s nomination of Judge Bork, legalized abortion would just be a bad memory.

  • But who is articulating the conservative case as to why a law is moral or immoral; good or bad for individuals and society?

    Yes, we have 3 votes on the Supreme Court. Good. Scalia was a voice who made the case for WHY. Who else does, or can?

    Liberals always seem to have more votes. Liberals always seem to control narrative. Liberals are always on offense. Conservatives are always on defense, apologizing for their backward ideas. Liberals win. Conservatives lose. Frustrating.

  • Trump, even if he wins the Presidency, which I think he will, will have minimal long term impact on the Republican Party and will quickly be at war with the Congressional Republican Party.
    If Trump wins, it will give a green light to other GOP members to take similar paths and positions. (My point, not Sowell’s thought it might be.) I’m going to agree with Thomas Sowell on this one. It will do harm to the GOP and its brand.
    Trump is a product of the economic failure of the Obama years, combined with the failure of the Republican establishment to take seriously voter rage at illegal immigration
    The conservative wheels on the GOP bus have been coming off for a while. I wrote about it in January 2012. ( I predicted in May of this year what Trump would do, and he’s doing it to a tee. ( As we travel further away from the Reagan revolution, the more GOP politicians soften and the coarser the party becomes. The coarser it becomes, the more unrecognizable it becomes.
    If Trump wins, it won’t be by a wide margin. I’ll be wrong if he continues to go left and pull in more Democrats. He’s doing nothing to win conservative base support. “I’m not Hillary” is an insufficient argument. Of course, Trump has been unconventional, so maybe he will. He has plenty of material to pin Hillary to the mat.

  • Brian-I wish multiple sites would do many articles on your “frustration” point – it just seems to get worse, sometimes daily, for both Church and country. “worse” does not really convey what is happening to our world-nor does “dismal.” I just keep thinking of Ephesians and the phrase “world rulers of this present darkness.” Yes Christ is the light, but I sure would like to see a glimmer shining occasionally amidst all the evil. Guy McClung, San Antonio Texas

  • “If Trump wins, it will give a green light to other GOP members to take similar paths and positions.”

    And they will fall flat on their face if they do. Trump’s rise was very much a product of this year, the failed Obama presidency and his personality. Trump wanna be’s will be few and unsuccessful. Trump routinely does things that would be fatal to any politician not named Donald Trump.

    “It will do harm to the GOP and its brand.”

    Perhaps, although I think a President Trump will quickly establish beyond doubt that declaring himself a Republican was merely a means to gain office. Trump considers himself above petty party politics.

    “The conservative wheels on the GOP bus have been coming off for a while. I wrote about it in January 2012.”

    You were wrong then, you are wrong now. The Republican party, as a party, is more deeply conservative now then at any time in its history.

    “If Trump wins, it won’t be by a wide margin.”

    My guess is he will win by five points or more. Hillary is an appallingly bad candidate and the establishment incarnate. She is the perfect candidate for a populist insurgent like Trump, in this year, to be running against. Unless Trump implodes, and with Trump almost anything you can imagine is possible, it will not be close. As for Trump moving to the left, Trump says whatever he thinks advantageous at the moment. He would say that he isn’t moving anywhere except in for the kill against Hillary.

  • Hillary by 3. With some helpful voter fraud to push her over the top,

    It’s all about the machine.

  • Yep, that Democrat machine and fraud was shown to function well in 2004, 2010 and 2014. When it’s not close they can’t steal it.

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Saints (a C&C reprint)

Wednesday, July 27, AD 2016

There was a little discussion about when someone is called a saint, so I thought I’d dust off the article I did about this a while back– in honor of Father Jaques Hamel; please pray for us. -Foxfier

What is a saint?

Someone who is united with God; a holy one. English is actually a bit odd– we’ve got a lot of ways of saying things, and “saint” is a good example. Most languages, there’s no difference between how you say “holy one” and how you say “saint.” This can result in things that sound very strange to modern ears, like talking about “Saint Jesus.” Jimmy Akin has a great FAQ if you want to know more, but I’m going to steal from it shamelessly for a lot of this article so you might want to wait on that to avoid boredom. (Not that his writing is boring, but because reading more detail about something you’ve already read is more interesting than reading a little information about something you just absorbed a huge amount on.)

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9 Responses to Saints (a C&C reprint)

  • I’ve done some travelling in Europe, and one of the things that really strikes me is that if you visit a church called St. Rocco’s, there’s a chance that someone named St. Rocco is buried there. There’s a vitality in the connection with saints that I don’t see in the US.

    Lately I’ve found myself praying for the canonization of more American saints. We have 11. This church has been around for centuries, and has millions of members, and we only have 11 saints?

    So we name our churches after biblical saints, and certain ethnic classics. (But even that bothers me: why shouldn’t there be a St. Paul Miki in an Irish neighborhood? It might confuse a few people, but they’d catch on. We’re Catholic.) I want to see a St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in every diocese. I just think that this is a part of the Catholic life that we’re missing out on.

  • Pinky, so true. If you go to a Protestant church, (from which I come), it is bare as bones, naked as a skeleton. Nothing inside their structure save an empty Cross, perhaps some basketball hoops, flowers and a drum set on stage.

    Walk into a Catholic Church (in the fullest sense of the word) and you will see something quite different. It is filled with mages of our Departed Bretheren; the Saints who fought the good fight and ran the race as we should. Perhaps holy incense fills the place; a sweet savor to God, like the good deeds it represents. (I personally picture the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception n D.C, where I could be lost for hours).

    The True Church is not just the visible Church. The invisible Church; the Church Eternal to which we all go one day, is with us no less than that which we see.

    It is a medicine for the soul to think less on fallen men who would lead us astray in politics and world events, and think more on the Cloud of Saints we all wish to join one happy day.

  • And I forgot to use the “page break” setting. Sorry. -.-
    The churches here usually do have a relic somewhere, but our current parish is the first one where I’ve seen it public in any way. They put a very nice little…well, mirror-backed china cabinet off to the right of the altar with the relic, the blessed oil, that sort of stuff on display.

  • Brian – I live about a half hour away from the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. I know what you mean.

    I would love to see Catholics in the US have local or regional identities. In my area, of course there’s the Shrine, and Elizabeth Ann Seton is in Maryland. They provide something intangible to our area. I hope that California sees an increase of awareness of Serra. Wouldn’t it be great to see Francis Xavier Seelos from Louisiana canonized, or Cuban-American Felix Varela? I think it’d be great for immediate areas, and for the beleaguered Catholics in the South in general. As much as I’d like to see Fulton Sheen canonized, the nature of his ministry was such that he isn’t really a local identity (if that makes sense).

    I could go on a whole other digression about whether our ethnic Catholic identities are a bad thing, but that sounds too much like a lot of political discussions I’ve been having lately.

  • Foxfier.

    Great re-post.
    Here is a short story of Japanese Dr. who benefited from Our Bernadette and Maximilian. Saints respectfully, that is..

  • Philip –
    dang it, now I’m choked up. Again.

  • Saint is the English language derivative of the Latin “sanctus”….which means….holy! Bible beliving Protestants….the Bible they belive is the one mangled by Luther, but I digress, claim there are no “saints” in the Bible. Well, St. Matthew’s Gospel mentions the resurrection of the “saints” at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion, but I digress again…. I once watched that little sawed off runt John Hagee go off on “Saint Snake”. Obviously he had no idea of the root of the word. I had to laugh.. it was during a commercial on a Penguins game that I channel surfed. This is the same excuse some Bible beliving Protestants use for not celebrating Christmans…because the word Christmas isn’t in the Bible. This exscuse doesn’t work in spanish language versions of the Bible because a variant of “Navidad” is mentioned …”Jesus nacio en Betlehem”.

    See what happens, ladies and gents, boys and girls, when Latin isn’t taught or learned anymore? the Norman invasion of England in 1066 had the greatest impact on the English language in history, where a language that was germanic in origin was cross pollenated with Latin words, usage and rules……until the advent of American teenage slang, or Pittsburghese….take your pick.


  • Penguins Fan-
    I love stuff like that, but there are a lot of false friends when it comes to looking at the root of a word vs how it’s defined in modern times, so I try to control my nifty fits. 😀

  • Oh, yes there are false friends in language, Foxfier.
    Nevertheless, I read with amusement in online fora comments from people who prefer the Novus Ordo Mass because “the old Mass was in a language nobody could understand”, notwithstanding that the Missals had the translation next to the Latin and that there are countless Latin words in English. The average English speaker has NO idea how much Latin he or she uses in everyday speech. I pointed out Mr. Hagee and his deficient understanding of the word saint as part of that amusement.

    One day soon, I am going to remember to show up at a South Fayette school board meeting and request that they institute a class in Latin.

Bear Growls: Shibboleths

Wednesday, July 27, AD 2016



Our bruin friend at Saint Corbinian’s Bear has a great post on how terrorist attacks have become part of our contemporary scenery:


On The Latest Terrorist Attack (Print Out and Save)

Print Out and Save, You Will Need It Again Soon

You know the one.

That awful one that just happened.

It all went down like this.

One or more young Muslim males killed some people while shouting Allahu’ Akbar.

The authorities pretended to be puzzled at this, as if such a thing had never before happened. Police went “searching for motives.”  Oscar-worthy performances of utter cluelessness were delivered in a great production the Bear calls, “The West Rolls Over and Shows Its Belly.”

Every Social Justice Warrior from Archbishops on down to first year fine arts majors buffed their tolerance cred by making up excuses for the poor Jihad Joe, like he was “biopolar,” or abused by a Catholic priest as a lad, or something equally implausible.

And everyone lectured us on how great Islam is, and what a beautiful people Muslims are, and how, by, golly, they’re practically Catholics cuz OMG3greatabrahamicreligionssamegod, and how Islam is peaceful.

The word “backlash” was shrieked like an ululating Mahdist woman cutting choice parts from one of Kipling’s Tommies in the Sudan.

The young Muslim male did it for any reason except Islam (delicious to those of us with a sensitive palate for irony).

Other people saw it in their Facebook feed, or on the news, and were upset until shortly before bedtime. The next day there was some other damned thing and they forgot. They’re all named Mohammed, anyway,  so there’s no way to even keep score.  Neil Postman’s wonderful Amusing Ourselves to Death’s low information-action ratio is the iron law of our media age.

Or, to put it another way, everybody talks about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it. Terrorism has become a part of the cultural weather, and is treated just the same.

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9 Responses to Bear Growls: Shibboleths

  • I think there is a more sinister reason why some of our political elites are so
    insistant on the necessity of importing a hostile jihadist underclass in defiance
    of all common sense and despite the objections of the governed. Those new
    hostile jihadists are very useful in the campaign to Fundamentally Transform
    The Orlando shooting, for example, instantly became a bloody shirt to wave
    in the fight to gut the Second Amendment. Additionally, it was used by the left
    as a stick to beat the right– for it’s now somehow the fault of the right that their
    political opinions and ‘hate speech’ triggered the shooter’s evil deed. Hence
    AG Lynch’s deep concern over supposed ‘anti-muslim rhetoric’ — a convenient
    excuse to widen the definition of ‘hate speech’ to encompass the political
    opinions of those who might oppose the wholesale importation of people who
    want to kill us. Social media already censor news feeds, delete comment threads
    and ban the accounts of people who, in their opinion, threaten ‘safety’ with
    their speech. Just ask Pamela Gellar, Milo Yiannoupolos, Stacy McCain, Mark
    Steyn or Ezra Levant– they’ve all been banned or censored by Facebook or
    or YouTube, or Twitter, or some combination of the above– or been dragged
    to court because of their ‘hate speech’.
    By importing people who want to kill us, our elites create a crisis they can exploit.
    Acts of terror frighten and divide people, and frightened people would be
    more willing to accept an erosion of their liberties in the name of ‘safety’, and
    a divided people will be less likely to be able to defend their freedoms. And
    if our elites have to let a few Orlandos get shot up to achieve their aims, they
    appear to be willing to do it.

  • Suppose you were a liar, and suppose you were a liberal, but I repeat myself. Hat tip to Mark Twain.
    Almost everything a liberal says is 100% false. It is nothing more than sound and chatter signifying nothing.
    The bigger (than Islamist massacres) problem is millions of imbeciles have the vote.
    Got ammo?

  • Thanks for the link to “Saint Corbinian’s Bear” Maister McC.

    I wholeheartedly agree with him that the Islamist Jihadis pose no existential threat. They are not predators. They are not even carrion. They are flies that would feast on decay, But as I wrote over by, beware the Monsters from the Western, particularly Continental European Id which will likely emerge before we get to the Blade Runner melange predicted by the bruin. You can see them btl all over the blogsphere. They think that their time is coming and they may be correct. It is these monsters that the elites very rightly fear but which in their blind, ostrich like stupidity they have actively invoked. God save us…

  • Clinton writes:

    “I think there is a more sinister reason why…”

    Nope. Always bet on cock up and self-delusion rather than conspiracy. At least as far as the current ruling elites are concerned. They believe that civilization is perpetual, a natural phenomenon. They cannot grasp the basic conservative insight, I think described by Orwell, that for every action that makes civilized life worth living there must be countless actions that make such civilization possible at all. And these latter actions are not, alas, always pretty…

    There are sinister forces out there who would exploit crisis and decay but they are not the current ruling elites, They are those “Monsters from the Id” I referred to above.

  • My guess is that they’re so malignantly narcissist that they can’t imagine anyone hates X (Christians, America, Republicans, etc. take your pick) for any reason different from their own, and that if they can just show the world that they, the “good” Americans, hate the same things and want them to go away, the violence will stop. Or at least be directed towards the right people.
    Naturally, a large amount of cognitive dissonance (i.e. doublethink) is involved. Thus the gun (not to mention christian homophobia) made the orlando ‘splodey dope go postal, and not Islam.

    (Which we all know is a religion of peace).

  • Look at national politics: if you want the same result that they do, you MUST agree with going about it the same way they want to; if you don’t support the same course of action, then you don’t really want the Good Thing to happen, and you don’t want any other good stuff, either.

    Insane, but consistent.

  • I love the way they belittle you and pc you into thinking your own natural instincts are bad, or mean, or wrong. Any one would be terrified of muslims after the news almost daily of an attack on someone, someplace. And they should be.
    Well, Loretta Lynch, your greatest fear may be the rise of anti-muslim rhetoric, but my greatest fear is….muslims.

  • Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.”
    The prophet on attacking Mecca from Medina because the Meccans would not let him enter that city.

  • It may very well be that Islam is the scourge that God is using to chastise the West for worshiping false gods of Modernism which has been supported and abetted by evil elements in the Catholic Church. Our Lady of Fatima warned us. But who listens?