PopeWatch: Pope Emeritus


PopeWatch is a teetotaler, but his heart was gladdened by the above picture of Pope Benedict and friends hoisting some beers in celebration of his 88th birthday.  It brought to mind this statement by Hilaire Belloc from The Four Men: 

It was five miles since we had last acknowledged the goodness of God in the drinking of ale, which is a kind of prayer, as it says in the motto :

 “Laborare est orare sed potare clarior

which signifies that work is noble, and prayer its equal, but that drinking good ale is a more renowned and glorious act than any other to which man can lend himself. And on this account it is that you have a God of Wine, and of various liquors sundry other Gods, that is, imaginations of men or Demons, but in the matter of ale no need for symbol, only that it is King.

Catholicism always recalls that God looked upon His Creation and called it good.


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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. “Guinness for Health.”

    I always liked this catch phrase from our Dublin brew master Arthur Guinness. Can’t have my pint for a few more miles though.
    Happy 88th to Pope Emeritus.

  2. Fosters ale is excellent value in a can until Trump puts a tariff on it…unlikely… since his clothing line is made in China, Bangladesh and Mexico. I also recommend Drambuie in milk, a Rusty Nail….and Blackberry Brandy in milk and gin in water 1:1 with ice.

  3. Foster’s was OK until I visited Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, not far from Brisbane.
    Once there, the brew XXXX became a poor boys choice. I was twenty one at the time.
    Lots of BIRDS to look at. 🙂 Single days.

  4. Fosters is not popular in Australia but is second most popular lager in England according to one site.

  5. Pope Emeritus?
    Wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    Guys wake up!
    Francis and Ben XVI are birds of the same strategic feather. They just use different tactical means.
    Really! People!

  6. Pope Benedict XVI – Joseph Ratzinger – was born April 16, 1927, in a month and a half he will celebrate his 89th birthday, GOD willing … so that ale is pretty old now ….

  7. Each night, after a jigger of Dewars, I drink one each, half-liter can of imported (from Germany) Bitburger bier, claims to be the best tap bier in Germany. There was a US air base in Bitburg, (then West) Germany.

    Pope B may like it. It may not suit American tastes.

  8. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI… My kind of Pope! He stays his beliefs and is a great representation of Christ on esrth?!

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