Terri Schiavo: March 31, 2005

Thursday, March 31, AD 2016

Terri Schiavo’s brother remembers his sister, judicially murdered 11 years ago today:

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  • I remember this time. Sister Lucia died in February, Terri Schiavo in March and Pope John Paul II in April. Sad days.

  • Terry Schiavo”s judicial murder still gives me chills. Been looking at Priests For Life to download a Will To Live. Many states now classify even the use of a straw to drink as extraordinary measures.
    If anyone has a good link for the appropriate legal documents, I’d sure appreciate it.

  • Terri Schiavo of course was judicially murdered by the State of Florida in 2005 at the behest of her “loving husband”, Michael Schiavo. A few comments about that judicial travesty:

    1. Terri Schiavo was clearly not in a persistant vegetative state. The testimony of her caregivers revealed this and the videos taken of her clearly showed that she was awake and aware of her surroundings.

    2. She made no written declaration, such as a living will or a power of attorney for health care, as to whether she would wish to have food and water withheld in this type of situation.

    3. The court’s reliance on self-serving statements by the husband, his brother and the wife of his brother as to her intentions while ignoring the contra statements of all of her blood relatives is absurd. These statements were brought up only after Michael Schiavo decided to have his wife slain by dehydration and the statements of his brother and his brother’s wife were miraculously recalled after it was brought to Mr. Schiavo’s attention that his statement alone might well be legally insufficient to determine the intent of Terri Schiavo.

    4. Judge Greer ignored the affidavits of three of the caretakers of Terri Schiavo. The affidavits are as follows:



    BEFORE ME the undersigned authority personally appeared CARLA
    SAUER IYER, R.N., who being first duly sworn, deposes and says:

    1. My name is Carla Sauer Iyer. I am over the age of eighteen and make
    this statement of my own personal knowledge.

    2. I am a registered nurse in the State of Florida, having been licensed
    continuously in Florida from 1997 to the present. Prior to that I was a
    Licensed Practical Nurse for about four years.

    3. I was employed at Palm Garden of Largo Convalescent Center in
    Largo, Florida from April 1995 to July 1996, while Terri Schiavo
    was a patient there.

    4. It was clear to me at Palm Gardens that all decisions regarding Terri
    Schiavo were made by Michael Schiavo, with no allowance made for
    any discussion, debate or normal professional judgment. My initial
    training there consisted solely of the instruction “Do what Michael
    Schiavo tells you or you will be terminated.” This struck me as
    extremely odd.

    5. I was very disturbed by the decision making protocol, as no allowance
    whatsoever was made for professional responsibility. The atmosphere
    throughout the facility was dominated by Mr. Schiavo’s intimidation.
    Everyone there, with the exception of several people who seemed to be
    close to Michael, was intimidated by him. Michael Schiavo always
    had an overbearing attitude, yelling numerous times such things as
    “This is my order and you’re going to follow it.” He is very large and
    uses menacing body language, such as standing too close to you,
    getting right in your face and practically shouting.

    6. To the best of my recollection, rehabilitation had been ordered for
    Terri, but I never saw any being done or had any reason at all to
    believe that there was ever any rehab of Terri done at Palm Gardens
    while I was there. I became concerned because Michael wanted
    nothing done for Terri at all, no antibiotics, no tests, no range of
    motion therapy, no stimulation, no nothing. Michael said again and
    again that Terri should NOT get any rehab, that there should be no
    range of motion whatsoever, or anything else. I and a CNA named
    Roxy would give Terri range of motion anyway. One time I put a
    wash cloth in Terri’s hand to keep her fingers from curling together,

    and Michael saw it and made me take it out, saying that was therapy.

    7. Terri’s medical condition was systematically distorted and
    misrepresented by Michael. When I worked with her, she was alert
    and oriented. Terri spoke on a regular basis while in my presence,
    saying such things as “mommy,” and “help me.” “Help me” was, in
    fact, one of her most frequent utterances. I heard her say it hundreds
    of times. Terri would try to say the word “pain” when she was in
    discomfort, but it came out more like “pay.” She didn’t say the “n”
    sound very well. During her menses she would indicate her discomfort
    by saying “pay” and moving her arms toward her lower abdominal
    area. Other ways that she would indicate that she was in pain included
    pursing her lips, grimacing, thrashing in bed, curling her toes or
    moving her legs around. She would let you know when she had a
    bowel movement by flipping up the covers and pulling on her diaper
    and scooted in bed on her bottom.

    8. When I came into her room and said “Hi, Terri”, she would always
    recognize my voice and her name, and would turn her head all the way
    toward me, saying “Haaaiiiii” sort of, as she did. I recognized this as a
    “hi”, which is very close to what it sounded like, the whole sound being only a second or two long.

    When I told her humorous stories about my life or something I read in the paper,

    Terri would chuckle, sometimes more a giggle or laugh. She would move her whole body,
    upper and lower. Her legs would sometimes be off the bed, and need
    to be repositioned. I made numerous entries into the nursing notes in
    her chart, stating verbatim what she said and her various behaviors, but
    by my next on-duty shift, the notes would be deleted from her chart.
    Every time I made a positive entry about any responsiveness of Terri’s,
    someone would remove it after my shift ended. Michael always
    demanded to see her chart as soon as he arrived, and would take it in
    her room with him. I documented Terri’s rehab potential well,
    writing whole pages about Terri’s responsiveness, but they would
    always be deleted by the next time I saw her chart. The reason I wrote
    so much was that everybody else seemed to be afraid to make positive
    entries for fear of their jobs, but I felt very strongly that a nurses job
    was to accurately record everything we see and hear that bears on a
    patients condition and their family. I upheld the Nurses Practice Act,
    and if it cost me my job, I was willing to accept that.

    9. Throughout my time at Palm Gardens, Michael Schiavo was focused on Terri’s death.

    Michael would say “When is she going to die?,”
    “Has she died yet?” and “When is that bitch gonna die?” These
    statements were common knowledge at Palm Gardens, as he would
    make them casually in passing, without regard even for who he was
    talking to, as long as it was a staff member. Other statements which I
    recall him making include “Can’t anything be done to accelerate her
    death – won’t she ever die?” When she wouldn’t die, Michael would
    be furious. Michael was also adamant that the family should not be
    given information. He made numerous statements such as “Make sure
    the parents aren’t contacted.” I recorded Michael’s statements word
    for word in Terri’s chart, but these entries were also deleted after the
    end of my shift. Standing orders were that the family wasn’t to be
    contacted, in fact, there was a large sign in the front of her chart that
    said under no circumstances was her family to be called, call Michael
    immediately, but I would call them, anyway, because I thought they
    should know about their daughter.

    10. Any time Terri would be sick, like with a UTI or fluid buildup in her
    lungs, colds, or pneumonia, Michael would be visibly excited, thrilled
    even, hoping that she would die. He would say something like,”Hallelujah! You’ve made my day!”

    He would call me, as I was the nurse supervisor on the floor, and ask

    for every little detail about her temperature, blood pressure, etc., and would call back frequently asking if she was dead yet. He would blurt out “I’m going to be rich!”
    and would talk about all the things he would buy when Terri died,
    which included a new car, a new boat, and going to Europe, among
    other things.

    11. When Michael visited Terri, he always came alone and always had the
    door closed and locked while he was with Terri. He would typically
    be there about twenty minutes or so. When he left Terri would be
    trembling, crying hysterically, and would be very pale and have cold
    sweats. It looked to me like Terri was having a hypoglycemic reaction,
    so I’d check her blood sugar. The glucometer reading would be so low
    it was below the range where it would register an actual number
    reading. I would put dextrose in Terri’s mouth to counteract it. This
    happened about five times on my shift, as I recall. Normally Terri’s
    blood sugar levels were very stable due to the uniformity of her diet
    through tube feeding. It is medically possible that Michael injected
    Terri with Regular insulin, which is very fast acting, but I don’t have any way of knowing for sure.

    12. The longer I was employed at Palm Gardens the more concerned I
    became about patient care, both relating to Terri Schiavo, for the
    reasons I’ve said, and other patients, too. There was an LPN named
    Carolyn Adams, known as “Andy” Adams who was a particular
    concern. An unusual number of patients seemed to die on her shift,
    but she was completely unconcerned, making statements such as
    “They are old – let them die.” I couldn’t believe her attitude or the fact
    that it didn’t seem to attract any attention. She made many comments
    about Terri being a waste of money, that she should die. She said it
    was costing Michael a lot of money to keep her alive, and that he
    complained about it constantly (I heard him complain about it all the
    time, too.) Both Michael and Adams said that she would be worth
    more to him if she were dead. I ultimately called the police relative to
    this situation, and was terminated the next day. Other reasons were
    cited, but I was convinced it was because of my “rocking the boat.”

    13. Ms. Adams was one of the people who did not seem to be intimidated
    by Michael. In fact, they seemed to be very close, and Adams would
    do whatever Michael told her. Michael sometimes called Adams at night

    and spoke at length. I was not able to hear the content of these phone calls, but I knew it was him talking to her because she would tell me afterward and relay orders from him.

    14. I have contacted the Schindler family because I just couldn’t stand by
    and let Terri die without the truth being known.


    The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this 29 day of August,
    2003, by CARLA SAUER IYER, R.N., who produced her Florida’s driver’s license
    as identification, and who did take an oath.
    Notary Public


    BEFORE ME the undersigned authority personally appeared HEIDI LAW who being first duly sworn deposes and says:

    1. My name is Heidi Law, I am over the age of 18 years, and make this statement on personal information.
    2. I worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant at the Palm Gardens nursing home from March, 1997 to mid-summer of 1997. While I was employed at Palm Gardens, occasionally I took care of Theresa Schiavo. Generally, I worked the 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. shift, but occasionally also would work a double shift, until 7 a.m. the following morning.
    3. At Palm Gardens, most of the patient care was provided by the CNAs, so I was in a good position to judge Terri’s condition and observe her reactions. Terri was noticeable, because she was the youngest patient at Palm Gardens.
    4. I know that Terri did not receive routine physical therapy or any other kind of therapy. I was personally aware of orders for rehabilitation that were not being carried out. Even though they were ordered, Michael would stop them. Michael ordered that Terri receive no rehabilitation or range of motion therapy. I and Olga would give Terri range of motion anyway, but we knew we were endangering our jobs by doing so. We usually did this behind closed doors, we were so fearful of being caught. Our hearts would race and we were always looking out for Michael, because we knew that, not only would Michael take his anger out on us, but he would take it out more on Terri. We spoke of this many times.
    5. Terri had very definite likes and dislikes. Olga and I used to call Terri “Fancy Pants,” because she was so particular about certain things. She just adored her baths, and was so happy afterward when she was all clean, smelling sweet from the lotion her mother provided, and wearing the soft nightgowns her mother laundered for her. Terri definitely did not like the taste of the teeth-cleaning swabs or the mouthwash we used. She liked to have her hair combed. She did not like being tucked in, and especially hated it if her legs were tightly tucked. You would always tell when Terri had a bowel movement, as she seem agitated and would sort of “scoot” to get away from it.
    6. Every day, Terri was gotten up after lunch and sat in a chair all afternoon. When Terri was in bed, she very much preferred to lie on her right side and look out the window. We always said that she was watching for her mother. It was very obvious that her mother was her favorite person in the whole world.
    7. I worked side-by-side with another CNA named Olga and could tell that she and Terri were especially close. Olga took a definite personal interest in Terri, and Terri responded to her. I could tell that Terri was very satisfied and happy with Olga’s attentions to her.
    8. When Olga was talking with Terri, Terri would follow Olga with her eyes. I have no doubt in my mind that Terri understood what Olga was saying to her. I could tell a definite difference between the way Terri responded to Olga and the way she reacted to me, until she got used to my taking care of her. Initially, she “clammed up” with me, the way she would with anyone she did not know or was not familiar or comfortable with. It took about the fourth or fifth time taking care of her alone, without Olga, that Terri became relaxed and cooperative and non-resistant with me.
    9. Terri reacted very well to seeing a picture of her mother, which was in her room. Many times when I came on duty it would be lying face down where she could not see it.
    10. At least three times during any shift where I took care of Terri, I made sure to give Terri a wet washcloth filled with ice chips, to keep her mouth moistened. I personally saw her swallow the ice water and never saw her gag. Olga and I frequently put orange juice or apple juice in her washcloth to give her something nice to taste, which made her happy. On three or four occasions I personally fed Terri small mouthfuls of Jello, which she was able to swallow and enjoyed immensely. I did not do it more often only because I was so afraid of being caught by Michael.
    11. On one occasion Michael Schiavo arrived with his girlfriend, and they entered Terri’s room together. I heard Michael tell his girlfriend that Terri was in a persistent vegetative state and was dying. After they left, Olga told me that Terri was extremely agitated and upset, and wouldn’t react to anyone. When she was upset, which was usually the case after Michael was there, she would withdraw for hours. We were convinced that he was abusing her, and probably saying cruel, terrible things to her because she would be so upset when he left.
    12. In the past, I have taken care of comatose patients, including those in a persistent vegetative state. While it is true that those patients will flinch or make sounds occasionally, they don’t do it as a reaction to someone on a constant basis who is taking care of them, the way I saw Terri do.
    13. I witnessed a priest visiting Terri a couple of times. Terri would become quiet when he prayed with her. She couldn’t bow her head because of her stiff neck, but she would still try. During the prayer, she would keep her eyes closed, opening them afterward. She laughed at jokes he told her. I definitely know that Terri “is in there.”
    14. The Palm Gardens staff, myself included, were just amazed that a “Do Not Resuscitate” order had been put on Terri’s chart, considering her age and her obvious cognitive awareness of her surroundings.
    15. During the time I cared for Terri, she formed words. I have heard her say “mommy” from time to time, and “momma,” and she also said “help me” a number of times. She would frequently make noises like she was trying to talk. Other staff members talked about her verbalizations.
    16. Several times when Michael visited Terri during my shift, he went into her room alone and closed the door. This worried me because I didn’t trust Michael. When he left, Terri was very agitated, was extremely tense with tightened fists and some times had a cold sweat. She was much less responsive than usual and would just stare out the window, her eyes kind of glassy. It would take much more time and effort than usual to work her hands open to clean her palms.
    17. I was told by supervisory staff that Michael was Terri’s legal guardian, and that it didn’t matter what the parents or the doctors or nurses wanted, just do what Michael told you to do or you will lose your job. Michael would override the orders of the doctors and nurses to make sure Terri got no treatment. Among the things that Terri was deprived of by Michael’s orders were any kind of testing, dental care or stimulation. I was ordered by my supervisors to limit my time with Terri. I recall telling my supervisor that Terri seemed abnormally warm to the touch. I was told to pull her covers down, rather than to take her temperature. As far as I know, Terri never left her room. The only stimulation she had was looking out the window and watching things, and the radio, which Michael insisted be left on one particular station. She had a television, and there was a sign below it saying not to change the channel. This was because of Michael’s orders.
    18. As a CNA, I wanted every piece of information I could get about my patients. I never had access to medical records as a CNA, but it was part of my job duties to write my observations down on sheets of paper, which I turned over to the nurse at the nurses station for inclusion in the patients charts. In the case of Terri Schiavo, I felt that my notes were thrown out without even being read. There were trash cans at the nurses stations that we were supposed to empty each shift, and I often saw the notes in them. I made extensive notes and listed all of Terri’s behaviors, but there was never any apparent follow up consistent with her responsiveness.
    19. I discussed this situation with other personnel at Palm Gardens, particularly with Olga, and another CNA, an older black man named Ewan Morris. We all discussed the fact that we could be fired for reporting that Terri was responsive, and especially for giving her treatment. The advice among the staff was “don’t do nothin’, don’t see nothin’ and don’t say nothin’.” It was particularly distressing that we always had to be afraid that if Michael got upset, he would take his anger out on Terri.
    20. I recall an incident when Olga became very upset because Terri started to get a sore spot, because it might lead to a bedsore. Michael was told about it but didn’t seem to care. He didn’t complain about it all, in fact, saying “she doesn’t know the difference.” When Terri would get a UTI or was sick, Michael’s mood would improve.


    Heidi Law, Affiant


    Sworn to and subscribed before me this day of September, 2003, by HEIDI LAW, who produced a Florida Driver’s License as identification.

    Notary Public






    BEFORE ME the undersigned authority personally appeared CAROLYN JOHNSON who being first duly sworn deposes and says:

    1. My name is Carolyn Johnson, I am over the age of 18 years and make this statement on personal information.

    2. I used to work at Sabal Palms nursing home in Largo, for a period of about two years. I actually was employed by a nursing agency and was placed at Sabal Palms as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). I believe the events related here occurred in about 1993.

    3. During this assignment I took care of Terri Schiavo several times. The first time I saw her my duties were being explained to me by the nurse on duty. Terri Schiavo was lying in bed. Another patient, also a young woman about the same age and in the same condition, was sitting up in a chair, with a drink cup and straw in front of her.

    4. I asked why Terri was not up in a chair, too. I learned, as part of my training, that there was a family dispute and that the husband, as guardian, wanted no rehabilitation for Terri. This surprised me, as I did not think a guardian could go against a doctor’s orders like that, but I was assured that a guardian could and that this guardian had gone against Terri’s doctor’s orders.

    5. No one was allowed to just go in and see Terri. Michael had a visitors list. We all knew that we would lose our jobs if we did not do exactly what Michael said to do.

    6. I remember seeing Michael Schiavo only once the entire time I worked at Sabal Palms, but we were all aware that Terri was not to be given any kind of rehabilitative help, per his instructions. Once, I wanted to put a cloth in Terri’s hand to keep her hand from closing in on itself, but I was not permitted to do this, as Michael Schiavo considered that to be a form of rehabilitation.

    7. This entire experience made me look hard at nursing homes. After about two years, I quit this job, because I was so disillusioned with the way Terri was treated. Someone somewhere along the way should have reported this.


    Carolyn Johnson, Affiant”

    5. Judge Greer failed to remove Michael Schiavo from acting as Guardian ad Litem in spite of a clear financial conflict, he would inherit the settlement funds from the lawsuit he filed on her behalf, and a personal conflict in that Michael Schiavo could marry his mistress after Terri Schiavowas slain. The Court might have taken notice of the fact that throughout the lawsuit Michael Schiavo often stated that it was his intention to take care of his wife for the rest of his life, and that his attitude changed only after the lawsuit settled with 700,000 being award to Terri and 300,000 to him for loss of consortium.

    6. Judge Greer discharged the original Guardian ad Litem, an attorney appointed to represent a minor or someone mentally incompetent, for Terri Schiavo after that Guardian ad Litem suggested that Michael Schiavo be removed as guardian due to his financial conflict of interest.

    7. This list could go on for considerable length. Judge Greer simply ignored evidence that stood in the way of the death of Terri Schiavo.

    8. The trial transcript may be read here.

    9. The position of the Church regarding the killing of people by dehydration is crystal clear.

    10. I will give the final word on this case to my favorite Leftist atheist, Nat Hentoff:

    “Contrary to what you’ve read and seen in most of the media, due process has been lethally absent in Terri Schiavo’s long merciless journey through the American court system.”

  • Thanks. Worth the time to read. The whole story is like a horror movie except that the victim was not rescued in the end. God bless the RN and CNAs who tried to comfort and nurse Terry. The nursing facility should have lost its license; Michael Schiavo tried, convicted and jailed; and the judge impeached and disbarred. The fix was in with Judge Greer the executioner.

  • “The fix was in with Judge Greer the executioner.”


  • I was astounded at the vehemence that acquaintances showed against Terri when I discussed the issue with them. They would not listen to any other opinion than she was a vegetable and needed to be put down.
    Yet, the same thing continues today. More’s the pity.

Heartwarming News From My Village

Thursday, March 31, AD 2016


Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.

Proverbs: 19:17


I am proud to say that the two young men were members of my daughter’s graduating class:


Luke Arnold and Ryan Kodat were enjoying a snow day off from school in 2013 when they saw Herter out in the cold. A few hours later, they saw Herter again and approached him, learning that he was trying to make his way to Springfield, Illinois, to see his ailing father.

The two friends went back to Kodat’s house to get extra clothes for Herter and brought along Kodat’s father, who bought Herter a train ticket to Springfield, about 90 miles away.

“They got him on the train and that was it,” Kaiser said. “They’d just done something nice for him, not knowing it was a true story or not.”

No one but Kodat and Arnold’s family and close circle of friends knew about the good deed until Herter’s letter and check arrived at the high school last month.

While Kodat and Arnold, now both 21, went on to college and technical school, Herter discovered a surprise in his own life. According to his letter, he came into an inheritance of more than $1 million from his father.

He is now living in California, working as a stand-up comedian and writer, according to his Facebook page.

“He said to do whatever we wanted with the money, but it had to be in memory of his father and in honor of the two boys who helped him,” Kaiser said.

Kaiser and the district’s superintendent, Dr. Richard Jancek, decided to create two $500 scholarships for Dwight seniors to be awarded each year for the next 10 years. The award recipients will be selected after submitting an essay on a random act of kindness they’ve done.

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PopeWatch: Mother Angelica

Thursday, March 31, AD 2016

17 Responses to PopeWatch: Mother Angelica

  • Thank God we Catholics believe in intercessory prayer and the communion of saints. While we have lost her physical presence here on earth, we’ve gained her intercession with the love of her life. I’ve already started to ask for her help. I can only imagine how she’s handling the many requests she now receives. You just know God’s smile is a little brighter.

  • She’s almost justification for cloning. What a gem of a lady–the perfect melding of dignity, humor, and unabashed piety.

  • The early eighties to many a young person was the era of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll.
    An extension of the sixties and seventies I suppose. Mother Angelica was the boost for heartbroken parents watching their children make horrible decisions. She gave these parents hope. She reaffirmed that the battle for their childrens souls wouldn’t go without a fierce fight. She rallied the troops.

    I know.

    I was one of the lost children.

    My folks had a great Prayer Warrior to lead them.

    To my parents and Mother Angelica I say, Thank God for the three of you.

    May I serve God to the fullest for having put them through so much.

  • I agree with the Pope that she’s in Heaven….(what was in my coffee this morning). There is an Apostolic Blessing during Extreme Unction by the priest that carries a plenary indulgence and when that is absent, there is a standing plenary indulgence at the point of death for all in sanctifying grace who also had a habit of prayer during life according to the enchiridion on indulgences. Thus a person in a plane crash in the Alps etc. is covered by the new point of death plenary. Habit of prayer…good thing.

  • I only wonder why Pope Francis would acclaim Mother Angelica, now dead, and not subscribe to her strict Catholic doctrinal code either in life or death.

    We have here a very conflicted man.

  • I hope that she’s in Heaven. The Church has to be very careful about making such claims though. We are not assured of our victory.

  • Pinky,
    You are correct and Trent supports you as to no one knowing he is in grace with absolute certitude and that is based on Ecclesiastes 9:1…”and yet man knoweth not whether he be worthy of love, or hatred”. So Trent repeats that idea in session 6 twice…in chapters 9 and 12.
    However Catholics are allowed to proceed in life with moral certitude ( not Trent’s absolute certitude ) otherwise no man or woman on earth could receive the Eucharist ever if we were bound to Trent and Ecclesiastes 9:1 as the level of certitude as to being in grace before receiving.
    Thus Paul in 2 Tim.4 talks at the moral certitude level when he says he has run the race and a crown awaits him from God in Heaven. If he went by Ecclesiates and the future Trent based on it, he could not talk as he did. But he and we must use moral certitude not absolute certitude…or no one could receive the Eucharist at the absolute certitude level as to being in grace…ever.
    Thus Pope Francis is speaking exactly like Paul is in 2 Tim.4….with moral certitude not absolute certitude.

  • Mother Angelica, pray for us who are still in the fight! I love you!

  • “I hope that she’s in Heaven. The Church has to be very careful about making such claims though. We are not assured of our victory.”

    True Pinky, and no one should not pray for the repose of her soul as a result of such statements. However, there have been saints throughout the history of the Church who have been popularly acclaimed as saints from their death: Saint Francis of Assisi, Padre Pio, Mother Teresa, etc. Onery, never say die Mother Angelica, the Pirate Nun, is in that select company I suspect. I took the Pope’s statement as a matter of his personal opinion.

  • I suspect that there’s a weakness in my thinking that makes me err on the side of not accepting a person’s eternal status. It’s a problem, but I hope a small one. May we all inherit the New Jerusalem where all of our questions will be answered and all Truth revealed.

  • Pinky,
    Matthew 19: 25 ( after Christ said the rich have a hard time entering heaven)…When the disciples heard this, they were greatly astonished and said, “Who then can be saved?” 26 Jesus looked at them and said, “For human beings this is impossible, but for God all things are possible.”

    The last 13 words are key and are not only about the rich because Peter’s epistle says the just man will scarcely be saved ( I Peter 4:18). The key is to not look at the human side but rather look at God’s side and His desire that all men be saved in I Tim.2:4. Now Aquinas noted that that is the antecedent will of God of which Aquinas said, ” the antecedent will of God does not always take place”. But it takes place more than some saints thought according to Rev.7:9.. ” After this I saw a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations….standing before the throne, and in sight of the Lamb, having been clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands.”

  • This is one of those times when most of us can agree with Pope Francis.

    Having Mother Angelica in heaven should be a great help to the orthodox cause in the Catholic Church, though, I imagine, this aspect was not on the Pope’s mind at the time.

  • The Holy Father was quoted as saying; “I’m not conservative nor am I liberal. I’m apostolic.”

    Very well.

    His actions speak differently than his words.

    Divine Mercy Sunday at three pm the Catholic Church as a whole body, Apostolic Church, should unite and pray for his Holiness. For his health and well being. For his conversion.

    Conversion is not a one time event.
    It is a deeper understanding and relationship with Christ. A abhorrence of sin. A love for holiness and purity.

    Our eternal home and the means of attaining it should be the forethought of all of our undertakings. Especially the Leader of the faithful. Going green doesn’t equate to salvation. Christ laid out the path. Do we need to tread another?

  • Every day that this pope chooses to vacate the See of Peter and his responsibility to teach as Mother Angelica taught, that he chooses to kiss the feet of Muslims as a dhimmi and a defeated leader of a failed religion, that he chooses to urge on Europe more massive ruinous immigration that will destroy it, every day also a behemoth slouches its slow, uneven gait ever closer toward Gomorrah. Some day it will fully arrive and fully take its Satanic seat as king.

  • Some of the Catholic intelligentsia “get it” on Pope Francis: William Kirkpatrick at Crisis magazine trenchantly exposes the misguided Bergoglioesque foot-washing and foot-kissing that happened on Holy Thursday:


    Bin Laden: “Will a man back a weak horse or prefer a strong horse?” (paraphrase from Kilpatrick’s comments).

    The Roman Catholic Church is a weak horse. Kiss more feet, PF.

  • Also, the body count of total killed on Mar 22nd, continues to rise: at least 35 killed, and at least 5 Americans. The media is suppressing that number, 5 killed, because of course Obama was doing the wave with Raul Castro while the bodies were still warm.

    Those killed known so far:

    * Alexander and Sascha Pinczowski of upstate NY (my daughter says they were also Belgian citizens, who obtained US citizenship).
    * Justin and Stephanie Shults, of Franklin, TN

    And now we know the following:

    On Mar. 31st, 2016, US Air Force officials identified the wife of Lt Col. Kato Martinez, Gail Minglana Martinez, as another victim of the Mar. 22nd bombing; she was accompanying her 4 children, who were wounded, further status unknown. After all, information is being suppressed to avoid the juxtaposed optic of Obama tangoing while Americans were dead, their bodies still warm, and their children were bloodied and wounded. Bad for Obama’s polling numbers, you know.

    We actually know Gail Martinez passed away on 3/22, informaiton relayed to me by my daughter in Belgium, due to a mutual relative who worked a phone center in Brussels on that and the following day; I mentioned in another post that Z, who worked at the phone center, fielded a call:
    “I’m calling from hospital burn center. We have a family of 5 here, and the mother just died. Whom do we inform?”

    Now we know it was the USAF wife and mother of 4, surrounded by her wounded, bloodied children.

    And Obama danced the tango, and Pope Francis kissed feet.

Practical Joker of the Founding Fathers

Thursday, March 31, AD 2016




Throughout his life Benjamin Franklin enjoyed practical jokes and literary hoaxes.  Here from 1730 is a report, almost certainly written by him, about a completely illusory witch trial.  Franklin was 26 when he wrote this, only 38 years after the all too real Salem Witch Trials:

Burlington, Oct. 12. Saturday last at Mount-Holly, about 8 Miles from this Place, near 300 People were gathered together to see an Experiment or two tried on some Persons accused of Witchcraft. It seems the Accused had been charged with making their Neighbours Sheep dance in an uncommon Manner, and with causing Hogs to speak, and sing Psalms, &c. to the great Terror and Amazement of the King’s good and peaceable Subjects in this Province; and the Accusers being very positive that if the Accused were weighed in Scales against a Bible, the Bible would prove too heavy for them; or that, if they were bound and put into the River, they would swim; the said Accused desirous to make their Innocence appear, voluntarily offered to undergo the said Trials, if 2 of the most violent of their Accusers would be tried with them.

Accordingly the Time and Place was agreed on, and advertised about the Country; The Accusers were 1 Man and 1 Woman; and the Accused the same. The Parties being met, and the People got together, a grand Consultation was held, before they proceeded to Trial; in which it was agreed to use the Scales first; and a Committee of Men were appointed to search the Men, and a Committee of Women to search the Women, to see if they had any Thing of Weight about them, particularly Pins. After the Scrutiny was over, a huge great Bible belonging to the Justice of the Place was provided, and a Lane through the Populace was made from the Justices House to the Scales, which were fixed on a Gallows erected for that Purpose opposite to the House, that the Justice’s Wife and the rest of the Ladies might see the Trial, without coming amongst the Mob; and after the Manner of Moorfields, a large Ring was also made. Then came out of the House a grave tall Man carrying the Holy Writ before the supposed Wizard, &c. (as solemnly as the Sword-bearer of London before the Lord Mayor) the Wizard was first put in the Scale, and over him was read a Chapter out of the Books of Moses, and then the Bible was put in the other Scale, (which being kept down before) was immediately let go; but to the great Surprize of the Spectators, Flesh and Bones came down plump, and outweighed that great good Book by abundance. After the same Manner, the others were served, and their Lumps of Mortality severally were too heavy for Moses and all the Prophets and Apostles.

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One Response to Practical Joker of the Founding Fathers

  • “…which were fixed on a Gallows erected for that Purpose…”

    The jest is complete when we find the gallows created before the trial. This is not your ordinary Darryl Issa investigation folks.

18 Responses to PopeWatch: Open Thread

  • I should pray for him more. I should ignore him more.
    That about covers it.

  • Last night I saw a ETWN presentation covering the cause for sainthood for Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. Part of the message seemed appropriate. Bishop Sheen always maintained that you cannot separate Christ from the Cross. The priest continued, stating that totalitarian states have the cross (physical suffering) but no Christ. In the West, there is Christ but no Cross. I think that summarizes the leftists occupying the Vatican.

  • 1st Thessalonians 21;” But examine everything carefully; Hold fast to that which is good; abstain from every form of evil.”

    That’s my approach to our Holy Father.
    Thanks for Pope Watch to help me understand the good and bad of his words and actions.

  • What to add to the first three comments? They nailed it.

  • Beginning with the 1950’s and each house having a tv, Popes became performers for the world media…book authors, speakers, audience hosts of celebrities, travelers, objects of parades. They stopped working 8 hours a day at administration of institutions. St. JPII was writing and speaking the Theology of the Body series of lectures mid ’80’s while altar boys were being molested on his watch. Priority has been given to Words over Administration.
    Francis is in that mode. The media demands that priority. The media wants great wordsmiths…authors…not good administrators of administrators of Catholic colleges and hospitals.
    The result for years has been the institutional defects and scandals chronicled by the Newman Society….recently they found over 90% of 191 Catholic colleges permit coed part night dorm visits. Only a Pope could stop that with a phone call to each college. The phone calls never happen. Popes are busy callng presidents or governors to stop murderers from being executed in line with Romans 13:4 and they are busy reversing the death penalty position of that NT verse and of Pius XII. Phone calling Presidents to stop an execution is media news and could help a Pope get the Nobel peace prize….phone calling a Catholic college to stop their coed room visits at night is not as fascinating to the media.
    Pope Francis though is not a word smith or a logician….but he thinks he is while no one else is actually saying that he is….even if they like him. He has a big heart but an unorganized mind. One can easily see him being in charge of the Church’s care of the poor…somehow he became Pope instead. God is using this to de-idolize the office. I smiled when Rorate Caeli began running essays on the limits of papal wisdom….something they neglected when Benedict was helping their goals.

  • I miss B16’s pontificate more and more each time Pope Frank makes the headlines.

  • “God is using this to de-idolize the office.”
    bill bannon-

    That is nailing it!
    Your insights are well received from my arm chair. The financial shake up at the Vatican Bank seems like a rare administration action that his Holiness did take on, however it’s one of how many injustices that the administrator should address? Francisan Sisters of the Immaculate? Hummm. Assisting in the TLM is distorted mentality?, according to Fr. Volpi, investigator into the practice’s of the Sisters.
    “Crypto-lefebvrian”…a traditionalist drift!

    Administrators need to be competent.
    How was his past office in Argentina and the spiritual growth there viewed? According to commentator Steve Phoenix a few days ago on a different thread, not good! Vocations to the Religious life we’re worse than stagnant.
    Failure is the grade he would of received since the numbers we’re pitiful. Decrease after decrease in new ordinations year after year.

    Contrast that with a Cardinal from Poland a few years back. Invincible Faith in the threat of the communist state. His leadership skills were worthy of the pontificate. Failure in the wake of the paedophile cover-up? Agreed depending upon the communication links early in JPII’s pontificate, but in the later years no excuse.

    A perfect Pope we will never have.
    Any consideration of a future Pope who has deplorable leadership skills or is found to have unhealthy history in the region he has shepherd, and is voted in as Pope by the Curia leads one to suspect that the smoke that entered the Holy Church is not the smoke of incense.

  • I would like to humbly propose that we retire the adjective “confusing” as applied to the statements of the Bishop of Rome.

    He’s only confusing if you insist on trying to square his various rash utterings and writings with those of his predecessors.

    The better term is “discordant.”

  • All good comments. My two cents: That last Our Father of the Rosary, I don’t pray for Pope Francis’ intentions, I pray for his return to orthodoxy and his mental health.
    As far as being amusing, I leave the satire of the Hippie Pope to the Lutheran animators.

  • Three years? It feels so much longer.

  • Off topic:
    Suz, like your picture. Is that from a British puppet series about astronauts? Every once in a while an episode will be shown on The Classic Movie channel.

  • I suspect one thing’s a pretty good bet. Jorge Mario Bergoglio will not be canonized. Not on this Earth. Perhaps harsh, but I suspect true. Equates to this countries’ problem, no inspiring leadership.

  • I suggest everyone read the review of Antonio Socci’s new book on the indictment of Pope Francis.


  • Michael Dowd, thanks for the heads up. I just read the “review” and it fairly well encapsulates the entire range of issues surrounding this pope. It’s not pretty!

  • @Michael Dowd.

    What a teaser. Socci’s book.
    Looking forward to the read.
    BTW…I didn’t know PF was a non-kneel type.
    The author makes it clear that he in fact kneels, just not in front of the Blessed Sacrament, nor at Consecration prayer.
    That in itself explains volumes about the lil’ francis.

    As always…prayers for his conversion.

  • I truly miss Pope Benedict, and when I pray for the intentions of the Pope, I throw at least a thought his way. At a library sale of discarded books, I came upon one concerning the so-called bad Popes of the Church. Alexander the Sixth, and his like. The title escapes memory. I considered buying it but decided it was probably an unpleasant anti-Catholic diatribe, and put it down. Pope Francis has not the personality of Saint John Paul II, nor the learning of Benedict XVI, but Bergoglio is no Borgia. They are infallible in the rare Ex Cathedra circumstance but not indefectible in any circumstance. Peter said to Our Lord, “Depart from me Lord, for I am a sinful man”. And I think that may be why Christ chose him.

  • CAM: you’re good. That is mute Aquamarina from Stingray, the show featuring aquanauts, one of several Supermarionation puppet shows created by Gerry & the late Sylvia Anderson (RIP).

  • Suz: Looked up the Andersons to find that Thunderbirds and Fireball XL5 were the shows I had seen. Stingray was newer, more innovative in plot and production. Thank you.

Day by Day?

Wednesday, March 30, AD 2016

Recently at a library book sale I purchased two volumes Lincoln 1840-1846 (1939) and Lincoln 1809-1839 (1941).  Both volumes were written by Harry E. Pratt and published by the Abraham Lincoln Association of Springfield, Illinois.  These two volumes attempted to relate the events of Lincoln’s life day by day.  They joined two earlier volumes that accomplished the same task for the years 1847-1861.

The Abraham Lincoln Association still exists.  Go here to view their website.  The Association did pioneer work in the last century in studies about the Sixteenth President, particularly in assembling documents written by Lincoln and publishing them.  The publication of the eight volume work of the writings of Lincoln bankrupted the Association for a time.

The volumes about the day to day activities of Lincoln often focused upon legal documents filed with courts by Lincoln, and proved an effective weapon against the cottage industry of the forging of Lincoln legal documents.  I find the volumes make fascinating reading, perhaps because I am not only a Lincoln student, but also a lawyer. I have nothing but admiration for the hard work that went into compiling them and everyone who studies Lincoln is in the debt of Mr. Pratt and the two other authors of the series.

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One Response to Day by Day?

  • I have the one volume edition of Day By Day, and it is a great work.

    Nevertheless, I agree with you completely. What it does–and superbly well–is show Lincoln by his acts. It cannot–because no book can, at least not very well–show the inner man.

    Through a glass darkly, indeed.

Quotes Suitable for Framing: Elihu Root

Tuesday, March 29, AD 2016


About half the practice of a decent lawyer consists in telling would-be clients that they are damned fools and should stop.

Elihu Root

Secretary of War and Secretary of State under Theodore Roosevelt, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, US Senator from New York, founder of the Council on Foreign Relations, the life of Elihu Root is a demonstration of the fickleness of fame in history.  For all his numerous accomplishments, he is remembered today for a throw away quote he made about the practice of law in the 1880s.

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2 Responses to Quotes Suitable for Framing: Elihu Root

  • It would be interesting to know his background. I have a Root (Polly – b.1812) in my family tree who married Jeremiah Bartholomew in the 1800s. I can trace the Roots back to the 1500s, but the children are sparse. If anything, he’s a distant cousin.


  • A related post? 🙂 You gave us this quote on the same morning you asked us to quip our thoughts about the pope….

PopeWatch: Exhortation

Tuesday, March 29, AD 2016
Roberto de Mattei at Rorate Caeli predicts grim results from the forthcoming exhortation:
Roberto de Mattei
Corrispondenza Romana
March 23, 2016
In this Holy Week of 2016, the sentiments and pain of Christ’s Passion being renewed is mingled with deep apprehension about the distressing situation the Church is in. The greatest worries regard the impending Apostolic Post-Synod Exhortation Pope Francis signed on March 19th and which will be published just after Easter. According to the Vatican journalist Luigi Accattoli “rumors foresee a text of no striking doctrinal or juridical affirmations, but rather will include many innovative practical choices regarding marriage preparation and couples in irregular situations: not only for the divorced and remarried but also for cohabiters, marriages with a believer and non-believer and for those only civilly-married.” (Corriere della Sera, March 20th 2016)


What will these “innovative practices” be? The document’s key word is “integration”. Those who are in an irregular situation will be “integrated” into the community: they could become catechists, liturgical animators, godparents for Baptism and Confirmation, best men/bridesmaids at weddings and so on; all activities the traditional praxis of the Church to this day has forbidden them owing to their state of public sin. Yet, Alberto Melloni writes in “La Repubblica”, March 19th “on Communion for the divorced and remarried no novelties are expected. Seeing as the problem is to legitimize a praxis (…), not establish it theologically”. The document does not anticipate a “general rule” of access to the Eucharist, but would allow confessors and individual bishops to permit admission to the Sacraments “case by case”. The novelty, Melloni explains, is based on facts not on words, “by giving responsibility and restoring effective powers to bishops, marking, as Cardinal Kasper said, a real “revolution”.
Let’s imagine someone said: morality exists, but let’s act as if it didn’t. Morality being the norm of human conduct, this would be an invitation to a society without rules: a veritable Far-West morality, in which everything is allowed, as long as it not theorized. Jesus said, “Whoever loves me keeps my commandments” (John 14,21). In a case like this, in the name of a false, merciful love, God’s commandments would be violated and we would make a mockery of Him. And yet this is exactly the “legitimatizing of praxis” scenario that Melloni hopes for.
If the rumours are true, those who are in a situation of public and permanent sin, could rise to the role of witnesses, guides and educators in the Christian community. This would evidently mean not only for the divorced and remarried but for public cohabiters of every kind, heterosexual or homosexual, indiscriminately. Will it be possible to apply “the hermeneutic of continuity” to a document of this type, meant as an attempt to retain every act or word from the ecclesiastic hierarchy conformable with Tradition, whatever they are? For there to be continuity with the past it is not enough to reaffirm the indissolubility of matrimony. The continuity of doctrine is demonstrated through facts not words. Confronted with these novelties in praxis, how can it be said nothing will change? And how can the hermeneutic of continuity be proposed when it has already failed as far as the Vatican II documents are concerned?

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5 Responses to PopeWatch: Exhortation

  • I thought adulterers and fornicators were supposed to repent and convert.
    “…but rather will include many innovative practical choices regarding marriage preparation and couples in irregular situations: not only for the divorced and remarried but also for cohabiters…”
    And adulterers are not called adulterers but “couples in irregular situations,” and fornicators are not called fornicators but “cohabitators.”
    George Orwell could never have imagined the Vatican circa 2016 as the fulfillment of his novels 1984 and Animal Farm.
    I say again: depose and anathematize this Pope!

  • To think that with this as our guide to our faith, there will be no need to ever again behead someone like a John the Baptist, as doing wrong becomes fully “integrated” with doing right.
    Once again the ambiguity spouting shepherds continue to feed the ravenous wolves the precious sheep in order to appease them.
    I suppose it all depends (to paraphrase that pillar of virtue–Bill Clinton) upon what the meaning of “Thou shalt not” means.

  • So it all comes down to definitions,eh? As if Vatican liturgical double speak wasn’t already confusing enough. When’s the last time, even in a conservative diocese, that we’ve heard from the Sunday pulpit explicit language on co-habitation, remarriage of divorced Catholics and the Eucharist, homosexuality, homosexual unions, mixed marriages (by that I mean Catholic and non-Catholic) and the elephant in the room – pornography?
    Don’t the inattentive shepherds bear some of the responsibility when the sheep stray? There is no mercy or redemption without remorse/repentance and amendment. If this Exhortation provides wiggle room it will be cruel beyond belief because at some point the truth will be re-instituted by a pontiff who knows what “is” is and the damage to souls and the Church will be close to irreparable.

  • Another interesting article – A “note” of enormous actuality (on sexual morality)

  • I have a policy: Not one dime to Frankchurch!

Ten Commandments: Favorite Scene

Tuesday, March 29, AD 2016

David Griffey at Daffey Thoughts rejoices that after sixty years Cecil B. Demille’s masterpiece, The Ten Commandments, is still immensely popular:

The Ten Commandments still popular

I wish we could have seen it on the big screen!

Good to see.  All hope isn’t lost.  I already wrote about how much I enjoy and appreciate the film.
 Last night, when we watched it on Easter on Blueray (quite a jolt of cinematic awesomeness let me tell you), we noticed just how many subtle nods to a Scriptural vocabulary are sprinkled through the movie.  We focus on the fictional love story and sexed-up elements meant to drag people away from the new invention of television.

But throughout the movie there are little statements here, or little scenes there, that all point to a Scriptural worldview that the 1950s audience would no doubt recognize faster than most post-moderns today.  A scene where the Hebrews break into temple granaries reminds one of David doing the same.  A scene in which a Hebrew slave dies in a mud pit, lamenting that he didn’t get to see the Deliverer when Heston (Moses – the Deliverer) is holding him in his arms makes you think of Simeon.

So while there is plenty of pageantry and Hollywood embellishments, there are no more than modern Hollywood takes.  And many of the additions are for more noble ideas of freedom and equality than the millennial caterwauling that dominates today’s ventures.

And you have the parting of the Red Sea.  What more can you want!

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6 Responses to Ten Commandments: Favorite Scene

Time For Our Game Face

Monday, March 28, AD 2016

Father Z says it all in his post on the crucifixion of Father Thomas Uzhunnalil:



It seems fairly clear that this priest was killed by adherents of the Religion of Peace for hatred of the Christian Faith. He is more than likely a true martyr, through red, bloody, martyrdom. And he died in the manner of Our Lord.

From The Right Perspective:


Isis crucified a Catholic priest on Good Friday, the latest atrocity committed by the radical Islamist terror group.

The Rev. Thomas Uzhunnalil was kidnapped in Yemen in during a March 4 raid on a nursing home run by Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. 16 nuns and nurses were killed in the attack. Pope Francis already had honored the slain nuns as martyrs.

His execution, using the same grisly method the Romans used on Jesus Christ and commemorated by Christians around the world every Good Friday, was confirmed at the Easter Vigil Mass by Cardinal Christoph Schonborn of Vienna.

Rev. Uzhunnalil was a Salesian, an order founded in 1859 by St. John “Don” Bosco. It is the second-largest order in the Catholic Church, with more than 28,000 Priests, Brothers, Sisters and novices working across the globe to help poor children.

We had better get our game face on soon.

Sts. Nunilo and Alodia, pray for us.
St. Lawrence of Brindisi, pray for us.
St. Pius V, pray for us.

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18 Responses to Time For Our Game Face

  • Time for game faces indeed.

  • Pope Francis ascribes Islamic terrorism behind such crimes to “fundamentalism” within a good religion as though there is a metaphor level of the violent passages of the 9th chapter of the Koran. There isn’t. Just as there is no metaphor hidden in the seventh commandment. It simply has one level…don’t steal. The Pope has an obligation to read the seventh commandment in a fundamentalist manner because it is a one level verse just as Christ was one level and fundamentalist when He said to feed the hungry. He actually means….feed the hungry. The violent passages of chapter 9 of the Koran are one level verses. That have no higher meaning like thou shalt not steal has no higher meaning. Fortunately the one thousand Muslim police on the New York police force are probably from liberal Muslim denominations and see Koranic violent chapter nine as restricted historically to that period of Islamic history and they see it as being restricted to that exact historical context….somewhat like we see the Old Testament death penalty for adultery or incest as being restricted to the Jews before Christ. Radical Islam though sees chapter nine as not restricted by context and further they see it as abrogating other nice passages of the Koran by having come later than the nice passages. So they reverse the normal as though a Christian would start a movement to bring back the 33+ death penalties God gave the Jews for mortal sins not just crimes. So Pope Francis is not on the right track with the word fundamentalist. The violent passages have only one level just as feed the hungry has one level…and don’t steal has one level. And Pope Francis must take those two latter verses in a fundamentalist manner himself. The problem is not fundamentalism but is the muslim problem of abrogation. For them, later passages abrogate earlier passages where there is a contradiction. And there is no Pope in Islam to settle denominational disputes around whether historical verses can be used to abrogate earlier non historical nice ideas.
    But Francis probably is projecting Christian fundamentalism’s problems…like picking up snakes….onto Islam where it doesn’t explain the problem.

  • Perhaps, we all lose sight of a simple fact, obscured by the mists of fourteen hundred years, that the Koran was a pretext for conquest, and remains so for many Muslims.

  • Since the Washington Times first reported this story, Christoph Cardinal Schonborn has retracted his statements and Bishop Paul Hinder of Southern Arabia (the bishop in charge of the region) has denied these reports. Bishop Hinder says there are “strong indications” Fr. Uzhunnalil is still alive. Although none of the parties will confirm or deny, the phrasing of the statements indicate that the bishop and the priest’s order are in negotiations for Fr. Uzhunnalil’s release.

  • I hope he is still alive, although ISIS has a history of pretending people are alive who already have been murdered by them.

  • Carthago delenda est !

  • FWIW: I did some quick research. Both the Mercedarian (Royal, Celestial and Military Order of Our Lady of Mercy and the Redemption of the Captives aka Our Lady of Ransom) and the Trinitarian (Order of the Most Holy Trinity and of the Captives) orders are still around and active in numerous countries. Both of these orders got their start as orders who collected alms to be used in ransoming Christians captured by the Muslims, and would have as their fourth vow (in addition to chastity, obedience, and poverty) the promise to offer themselves as a sacrifice or hostage in the place of any of the hostages who were in danger of losing faith. Nowadays, they work at ransoming people from poverty, visiting those in prison, and the like. I’m wondering if any of the members of those orders have given any thought to returning to one of their original charisms: ransoming those captured by Muslims.

  • “I hope he is still alive, although ISIS has a history of pretending people are alive who already have been murdered by them.”

    They tied the hands of man with barbed wire.
    And dug shallow graves at the edge of the wood.
    There would be no truth in his last testament.
    They wanted him anonymous for good.

    The planetary empire was at hand.
    They said what was speech and what was listening.
    The ash had hardly cooled after the great fire
    When Diocletian’s Rome again stood glistening.

    – Czeslaw Milosz , The Wormwood Star

  • Ceterum autem censeo Islam esse delendam

  • bill bannon and William P. Walsh: Thank you for the explanations. If only our pontiff would follow that line of thought. I would say that maybe PF would wake up if the Barbarians were at the gates of Rome. Unfortunately the Barbarians are already inside the gates.
    Muzhik: Ransoming prisoners of the Muslims goes way back in time. Interesting to know about those orders. Perhaps they are still doing it, but on the QT. Unlike the pope and our US president not everyone wants the spotlight on their efforts or negotiations.

  • Hundreds of Christians have been ransomed recently in Syria. Here is the most recent one: http://theorthodoxchurch.info/blog/news/?p=46628

  • Well-done, Bannon, Walsh et al.

    I understand that the present pontiff has picked out his burial memorial site next to (???) Paul Vi’s tomb—historically, the least visited pontifical burial site in the Vatican Grottoes.
    Since PF very commonly foreshadows unwittingly what is foremost on his mind — such as various homily comments prior to Evangelii Gaudium, Laudato Si, the disastrous Synod on the oxymoronic “family””— coupled with his apparent examination for brain cancer reported last October by La Quotadiana—all this contributes to his ever-jumbled thinking and more-insistent redoubling of his efforts for his various left-oriented causes.

    I am only observing: I wish no man (excepting terrorists) dead: I hope he has all the time God wishes him to prepare, as I hope for all of us. But something seems to be “up”.

  • We are Catholics, not Quakers. There is a time for peace and a time for war, to sell our cloak and buy a sword, and train our arms to bend the brazen bow, our fingers to war. However, this is from a seventy-five year old whose uniform is in a closet.

  • Stephen,
    What makes you think he is going up? After all, he was the one to say, “Who am I to judge?”

  • Obama and Hillary armed and bank-rolled ISIS and umpy-upht trror groups in their (fiasco upon fiasco) state dept. policies starting the Syrian civil war to oust Bashir al-Assad. With whom did they expect to replace him?
    Obama’s and his impotent, incompetent administration’s policies are based on the myth that the only way to defeat terrorism is to ignore it.
    The US has been most (in the West) successful In assimilating Muslim immigrants. Polls show about 50% are happy with our way of life, display US flags on cars or houses, etc.
    That’s not so great. It means that about 1,500,000 Muslims in America execrate liberty and our way of life. Let’s say one-in-one-hundred will actively aid and abet, or go “tactical.” That’s 15,000 out to kill us.
    It’s time to tell Obama, Hillary, and their imbecilic worshipers to “Go to Hell.” Stop pretending that Islam is a religion. Act accordingly.

  • Let us say ten percent of Muslims are dedicated to a strict interpretation of the Koran. Of 1.6 billion Muslims, we might have 160 million potential Jihadists. That is more than 130 times the number of United States men under arms at the close of World War Two. Let us say one percent are fit and well disposed for combat and we have 16 million. Yet Obama thinks climate change is an existential threat. I think Obama is the existential threat.

  • WPW, you have that correct. DOD has been told to promulgate that Climate Change is the primary threat to the security of the US.

  • Lucius QC, my reference to “something seems to be ‘up'” is that, besides his various comments about being pope a short time (I guess we can discard that as factual), there have been at least 2 episodes where he has significantly stumbled and virtually fallen in public; there is the persistent and solid-appearing report of his medical exam in Oct. 2015 in Quotidiano Nazionale regarding P. Francis’ medical appointment for a brain tumor, the original report appearing about Oct. 21, 2015:


    ..and besides him looking ghastly and losing weight over the last year, he selected his burial place in the Vatican Grottoes.

    Federico Lombardi denied he had seen world-renowned cancer expert Dr Takanori Fukushima—and yet it was later confirmed PF had in fact met him “at a papal audience.” A small select papal audience. Um-hmm. Right.

    Along with his various light-headed comments, esp. on air flights—a symptom common among medicated patients perhaps fighting cancer—to me at least, “something is ‘up.'”

2 Responses to “Free” Birth Control for Women

  • Since birth control–“free” or otherwise–really doesn’t work that well, the State must have “free” abortions. I remember well the days I was pro-abortion because, quite honestly, abortions are cheaper than paying for some one else’s kid.

  • Those who pay most heavily for such government largesse are the recipients who the government thus reduces to the status of a child with her hand out to a parent.
    –Donald R. McClarey

    Feminism is the long journey from women thinking they are being treated like children to women demanding they are to be treated like children.

PopeWatch: Merchants of Death Yet Again

Monday, March 28, AD 2016

13 Responses to PopeWatch: Merchants of Death Yet Again

  • I saw this on Holy Thursday and thought to myself that these people make bombs in apartments and how do artillery companies get the blame for this by Francis. He must never get fraternally corrected in some areas by those around him….” It was homemade bombs, Your Holiness and small arms as carried by your Swiss Guard.”
    Europe has had over 6000 volunteers join ISIS and the US had 95. His research should be exploring that problem. However then I suspect his take would become that it’s the fault of Europe for the unemployment or underemployment of muslims which of course leads to suicide bomb murder of random people that likely employ no one. Between such comments by him and The Cruz/ Trump wife debate, we live in a bizarre time for leadership.
    And does anyone hope at all that his interpretation of the refugee problem will include how it is different from past refugee problems and that past such refugee movements did not include suicide bombers and hundreds of women getting molested in Cologne in one night by grateful refugees. As soon as I see him commenting on the news, I now move on. To process him and Trump/ Cruz/ Hillary in one week is beyond the human condition….even after the Fall.

  • So then, according to the pope’s logic, manufacturers of cooking supplies and vendors like Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table were responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombing, since the Tsarnaev brothers used pressure cookers to make their bombs. Heck, even office supply stores must have been responsible for 9/11, as the hijackers used box-cutters as weapons to subdue the passengers and crews of the planes. Absurd line of thinking, but then clarity of thought and moral reasoning have not exactly been hallmarks of this papacy…

  • If I pay any attention to this heretical Argentinian Marxist Peronist occupying the See of St Peter, then I get too angry. More than once I have told a Protestant friend or acquaintence that the Church has had good Popes and bad Popes, and right now we have a bad one. The inevitable topic of infallibility comes up and that entails a whole other explanation that most have no patience to listen to or intellect to understand, including Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox. This Pope has to be deposed and anathematized.

  • Clearly, the problem is nail manufacturers.

  • I have commented before regarding direct information from Brussels ground-zero that my daughter, [who lives outside of Brussels, fortunately], has told me: how in Mollenbek and Schaarbek districts, there are dangerous “no-go zones” (The Metro station was an easy target because it is adjacent to Mollenbek); how on “holidays” for Islam, men are firing AK-47’s — of course, strictly prohibited under Belgian law, but smuggled in via the Balkans in quantity to Brussels —into the night skies for hours; etc. The sources of the weapons, are likely Iranian, of course, the leader of which nation this Pope was seen warmly receiving at the end of January Jan 26th, 2016,to be exact), smiling and schmoozing with him, like an old friend.


    So, the manufacturers of death certainly are welcomed by the madcap bishop of Rome, and also now thanks to his spiritual colleague, the baseball-loving, tango-dancing presidente-absente Obama, the have upwards of $150 billion more to spread world jihad.
    They have promised to bring it here to the Great Satan.
    My daughter relayed to me yesterday in an Easter e-mail the following note regarding a mutual relative of ours: he works in an internet center, but on Tuesday, the CEO announced their work (according to their contract with the Belgian govt.) would be changed for a few days (the following edited to avoid any identification of individuals of course):

    “You remember Z. works for an internet company in a call center as an IT expert. Z. went into work and his superiors informed him that today, everything was put on hold, and they were going to be picking up the crisis line calls. The things he heard that day and the next few days.. we’ll never forget.
    1. “I’m calling from X. hospital burn center. We have a family of 5 here, and the mother just died. Whom do we inform?”
    2. “My brother works as a security officer for Zaventem, and I haven’t been able to reach him all day.”
    3. “I can’t contact my 18-year-old daughter. She took the Brussels Metro this morning and never came home.” [She is believed to be one of the 10 so far known to have been killed in the train station part of the bombing attack.]
    4. “My brother is a police officer in Zaventem, We know he lost a leg in the attack, and now I can’t find him.”
    5. “I’m a directress of a school. One of our student’s father works in Zaventem and has been unreachable all day. The student is in full panic; how can we contact his father?”
    6. “I’m calling from an airline company. One of our check-in hostesses has lost her arm. Which hospital is she in?”

    That’s what we were dealing with the first 3 days of last week after Mar. 22nd.”


    Remember, 2 days before the bombing, in his Palm Sunday homily, Pope Visionary was verbally cudgeling Catholics for not “welcoming immigrants” into Europe. That party line was certainly well-received by ruling elites in Europe. Too bad he wasn’t working the phone lines a couple days later in Brussels.

    Yet for a man who is never wrong about anything, I doubt it would do any good.
    I am convinced he must be deposed, as the first step towards saving Europe.

  • By the way, I did not read Lucius Q C’s recommendation on deposition of the present pompous pontiff before I posted my thoughts. May God help us, but we will never salvage Europe with Neville Chamberlain as pope.

  • It’s too easy to be a leftist. All you have to do is repeat six or seven non sequiturs: confiscate all guns, climate change/global warming, tax the rich, open borders, racist!!!, homophobia, Islamophobia.
    And, it’s never ending, never sufficient. It’s always as if you never did or gave anything.
    “And when you ask ’em, ‘How much should we give?’
    Ooh, they only answer ‘More! More! More!’, y’all”
    CCR, “Fortunate Son”
    Finally, they’ll tell you the only way to defeat terrorism is to ignore it.

  • — repeat six or seven non sequiturs!!
    🙁 That’s “discussion ” today- whether it is politics or religion.

  • The fight might become too close to home for Holy Father. I’m trying to imagine a target that is greater in the eye’s of Isis than that of Pope Francis. Francis was outside the security zone in the Pope mobile last week and I believe he will suffer for it one day.

    Please do not read me wrong.
    I do not want harm to come to Holy Father.
    Remarkable statements like the above mentioned, tell me his Holiness is deceived as to the true threat of Christians. Isis is beyond diabolical.

  • Delusional or mendacious? I’m not sure they are contradictory characteristics. We’ve seen the Pope’s mendacity in the encyclical and events surrounding and following it….including recently with the incident at St. Peter’s. We’ve seen it in the conduct at the synods and his appointments. I find leftist ideologues to be possessed of a great faith in their own dogmatic expressions even to the extent that they are hostile to reason and the Faith. I also find this to be true despite claims of humility in expressing these dogmas.. I suppose this is the very essence of modernity…reductionism. Anyway, regardless of any ascribed motive or psychological defect, the Pope’s utterances are dangerous in a truly life threatening sort of way and in an objectively fact based reality. The narrative of blaming the sword and the spear maker rather than the murderous Muslim terrorists is the only thing he can say to justify his claims that Islam is a religion of peace. Passion finds its weapon. We shouldn’t blame the Maker for the hands which murder.

  • In case anyone wonders why the left has long wanted a pope from Latin America, with Pope Francis you have your answer.

  • He is not a shepherd. As for the Church addressing the problem of terrorism, the faithful are not holding their breath. Nostra Aetate pretty much makes certain the blindness is institutional.

  • The self-delusion of the present pontificate was also evidenced by the consciously obsequious kissing of 3 Muslims’ feet at the Holy Thursday pontifical Mass. No, not all Muslims are terrorists and criminals, but neither are they believers of course, unless they want to incur a declaration of murtadd (apostate), and they can then be killed on sight. Hopefully these individuals will be able to change their identity.

    That pontifical self-delusion is also evidenced in the idea that Muslims from the Middle East can be “tamed” and cleansed from jihad. We have already noted that 24-year-old Najim Laachroui, one of the Zaventem Airport bombers, was a Muslim born in Belgium, and was well-educated in a preferred Catholic school in Brussels, the “Institut de la Sainte Famille d’Helmet.”

    The now-fully Muslim “no-go zone” where he grew up, Shaarbek, was once virtually 100% Catholic, in fact it was the working-class district where the late lion of Vatican II, Belgian Cardinal Primate Leo Josef Suenens, grew up. It is now a Sharia-only zone. Note also that Laacroui had left Belgium sometime in 2014 to go to Syria, and was being denied re-entry, until the Merkel-orchestrated open-door policy to “Syrian refugees” allowed him to re-enter under an assumed identity. Many other than ourselves have warned of this: yet the pope was still carrying on his relentless brow-beating of reluctant Catholics/”welcome-to- all-refugees” campaign even on Palm Sunday, as we have noted, only 2 days prior to the Zaventem attacks.

    Or, the self-delusion is seen also in that the Paris Bataclan theater attacks’ suspected mastermind, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, also Belgian-born, a son of a well-off Moroccan merchant, who was killed during a raid in Paris suburb St Denis on Nov. 18, had at 12 won a scholarship to and attended also an “exclusive Catholic school, Collège Saint-Pierre d’Uccle, in an upscale residential district of Brussels.” (cf. following article)
    Of all places, the requisitely liberal weekly, The Atlantic, has a very good background article on this also poor, unwelcomed, “disaffected” Muslim:


    The full article is worth reading. A link to a video is provided, where Abaaoud is shown, at that time back in Syria in 2014, dragging corpses of slain ISIS foes, a good, well-trained Catholic-school boy at work.
    The self-delusion of the pontificate and our world-leadership is not yet fully discredited, so there will be yet more blood, more lives wantonly lost, more senseless killing, all because of their pride in their errors. Until then we are avoiding airports and train stations, have cancelled travel plans (we were planning to be in Belgium in April, but I cancelled it after the November attacks: it doesn’t take a genius to see what is coming).

Mother Angelica Has Died

Sunday, March 27, AD 2016

I don’t know if anybody else here knew that she’d been fading, but she finally lost her struggle for life.

Here’s CNA’s article, which has a schedule of events and a good picture for her.

And here is Father Pacwa’s facebook page announcement with reactions from various Catholic leaders.

Me, I’m already asking her to pray for us.  She was ornery as all get-go, and that’s something to want on someone that’s on your side.

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23 Responses to Mother Angelica Has Died

  • Also the priest who was kidnapped in Yemen when the nuns were killed was crucified on Good Friday by the jihadhists according to the Washington Times. Both he, Fr. Tom, and Mother Angelica prayed a good deal during life and there is a standing plenary indulgence at death for those with that prayer habit. St. Theresa of Lisieux was adamant about avoiding purgatory and Fr. Tom and Mother Angelica just did that in all probability.

  • Mother Angelica, I admit, used to annoy me. But one day, she came on her show wearing an eye patch and she looked straight at the camera and she said, “Be not afraid … it is I.” and for some reason, that absolutely cracked me up and I became an ardent fan. Thankyou, dear Mother Angelica, for your magnificent work. RIP and GOD BLESS YOU.

  • Raymond Arroyo’s biography on Mother Angelica was a pleasure to read.
    Her struggles and her prophecy relating to her own mothers conversion, the fishing lures and the Bishop interference. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her story; Mother Angelica: The remarkable story of a Nun, Her Nerve, and a Network of Miracles.

    If you missed this read when it came out in 2007 you’ll want to catch up on her extraordinary life.

    May perpetual light shine upon her….

  • Mother was the voice of orthodoxy for many years until the Bishops had enough and put the quietus on her in the 1990’s. She should be a saint soon but don’t hold your breath. Just like Bishop Sheen she was not politically correct. Mother Angelica please pray for the Church Militant.

  • Mother Angelica was a powerhouse that only ill health could stop. She built EWTN from nothing and took her nuns in the path of tradition. After her strokes in 2001 EWTN was frequently managed in ways that in her prime she would have repudiated. May her reward be great in Heaven, because her services were certainly great here on Earth.

    When my mother died on Easter Sunday in 1984, her parish priest noted that it was a great privilege. Mother Angelica enjoyed the same privilege.

  • Mother Angelica in her prime in 1993:

  • Thanks Donald for posting the great Mother Angelica commentary on orthodoxy. Among some (most?) of the clergy she is persona non grata as indicated by my experience as a Media Missionary for EWTN. I called the pastor of our parish for permission to place copies of EWTN’s quarterly program guide in the parish vestibule and was refused in a very rude way. I then sent a letter to our Bishop heard nothing. Eventually, after being refused a couple more time I started advertising in our parish paper which cost me $2000. for one year. I gave up on this after one year and now place the program guides in the Church without permission in the hope they will be picked up before the pastor finds them and throws them out. This is what happens to people like Mother Angelica and her followers who speak out.

  • Mother Angelica had a zeal for the Catholic faith few others have. I knew she had been ill for some time. Her earthly suffering has ended. God bless her and keep her.

  • bill banno-
    when no video surfaced, I was hoping it was a hoax, as people had been suggesting.
    I am still going to hope that someone sold the Post what they wanted to hear, and the father lives.

  • Mother Angelica and the dozens of places EWTN got going– like EWTN radio– have been very good allies against my old enemy, But My Aunt Said The Church Said. 😀

  • For what it’s worth, the Washington Times is running with this story about Fr.Tom.
    Regardless of the news, our prayers must continue for him.

    Maybe the Vatican can display some whales on the dome tonight/ sarcasm.


  • I heard Mother Angelica tell the story of a liberal Catholic wanting to buy EWTN in its early days, telling her it would never be a success because of obstacles in her way and she should cut her loses while she could. She said she looked at him and said “you might be right, but I’ll keep on praying and trying, but if God has other plans, I’ll burn the DAMN place down before I ever sell it to the likes of you.” She lived her life for the Glory of God, and we should all strive to follow her example.

  • Ever faithful to Church doctrine, in the face of heresies she said, “Do what you want. I am Roman Catholic!” A modern day version of Joshua: “As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” REQUIESCAT IN PACE, Mother Angelica!

  • Foxfier.

    Respectively wishing to offer a new title to your thread.

    Mother Angelica Is Born!

    She has been released and is born.
    The death of her body is only second to the real TRUTH. She is born anew. She lives!

    The comments from ewtn radio shows today are reflecting this sentiment. I’m not advocating instant canonization.
    I’m just recalling the truth. Death? No. For her Easter is LIFE. Celebrate her birthday!

  • They say that in her fading days, the sister’s were hovering around her and seemed “unduly” concerned about her. She told them,” it’s ok! Every day I live longer is another day I suffer for Jesus” I too as a young woman had a hard time with her personality. However as I grew older and wiser I hung on her every word of advice and example. May she rest in peace.

  • Philip-
    My thought process was quite literally “say a prayer for Mother Angelica;” *pause a breath* “Say a prayer that mother Angelica will pray for us.”

    Just in case, I say a prayer for her, but realistically? I wanna get her nagging* for us ASAP. 😀

    * Moral of the Widow and the Judge story: nagging works.

  • Hummm.

    Okay Foxfier.
    Another prayer.
    I did a two hour today after work @ Adoration Chapel.

    Was asked to pick up an hour.

    Both hours, 4 to 6 PM were for her.

    Split the baby in two!
    Which side do you want?

  • The nagging is good.
    Just walked off the beach in Northern Michigan. Sitting in car warming up.
    The offer of the mother is beautiful and trustworthy.
    You take her.

    She lives!


    It is you!

    You are willing to save her life.

    Mother Angelica was a support to my parents in 1982. I had chosen the fools gold.
    They, mom and dad, found great support and spiritual help in praying for my conversion.
    They traveled to her chapel in 92′. They hit Conyers GA. on that loop. Mom and Dad with the help of EWTN and countless others brought me out of the pig slop, out in search for forgiveness. I owe all of them my soul.
    They truly brought me back to Life.

    Your a Great contributor Foxfier.

    I’m in awe of your and others knowledge of the world and beyond. I’m happy you found Mother Angelica, as nagging but profound as she IS, not was, as you did. We all owe her our prayers.

    Take good care, and keep on telling the truth.

  • She was a great influence on my parents’ Road to Rome, which in turn influenced me during my own journey.

    May perpetual light shine upon her.

  • I can only smile when I think of her. What a blessing she was, and I’m sure, will continue to be. May she rest in peace.

  • Thank you, Phillip.
    I really hope my grandma met her at the gates– Grandma was a Scottish protestant, but towards the end she didn’t go to the valley Church, just watched EWTN’s Mass.
    For someone who was upset at her sons all marrying Catholics even when I was a teen (even if half of those Catholics left the Church long before the marriage) that’s a pretty big deal.

  • “After her strokes in 2001 EWTN was frequently managed in ways that in her prime she would have repudiated.”

    Yeah, Don I don’t think Mother would have put up with EWTMSNBC for too long.

  • Foxfier.

    Your Grandma watching EWTN Mass instead of going to valley Church when time was slipping away is a big deal. The liturgical pull on the human heart is mighty and marvelous.
    Your grandmother may have been in the gravitational pull, a love, pure and intimate, between the creator and created. As time shortens the pull is greater. Until of course the re-entry to whence it originated is completed. God is Love.

    Grandmother, my guess, recognized this love in the Holy Mass. The Word which she was acquainted with, and the mysterious Eucharist whom she might not have partaken of, but longed for in the presence of Jesus.
    As I said earlier. I don’t know Grandma, but in 16 years of my love to serve the elderly, I have been privy to protestant believers leaning in and listening to EWTN without the prejudices that they may have harboured when they were younger.

    I love your image of these two women meeting each other in Heaven. How your grandmother will recruit Mother Angelica to become one of your best heavenly advocates.

New York Skyline Easter 1956

Sunday, March 27, AD 2016


3/29/1956 New York – Huge crosses, formed by lighted windows blaze above New York’s skyline as part of an Easter display in Manhattan’s financial district. This scene photographed from the roof of the Municipal Building features 150-foot-high crosses in the following buildings (L-R) the City Services Co.; City Bank – Farmers Trust Co.; and the Forty Wall Street Corp.  (United Press Telephoto)

Hattip to Instapundit.  This was the Easter in the year before my birth.  How quickly a culture can change.  Such a reflection can be a reason for pessimism or optimism depending on how we act today and in the days to come.  The future is ever constructed by those who take action in the present.

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3 Responses to New York Skyline Easter 1956

  • The odds of this happening again? – 100%

  • This was what the U.S was like in my teenage years. I remember that most stores were closed on Sundays just like Chick-fil-a is today. Also, every Sunday Mass ended with our praying “for the conversion of Russia.” Boy, have times changed in my life time. Today, Natasha, my wife who was born and raised in Siberia, was telling me that Easter is the most important holiday in Russia. Why isn’t the U.S. Catholic Church praying for the conversion of the Democratic Party, and our country, today?

  • That was then, when I was kid in the Bronx.
    This is now, when six animal rights gangsters disrupted Easter Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.
    Stillbelieve: in my prayers before the Rosary, I pray for the conversion of sinners and America. Tragically, it will require a major miracle.

Easter Sunday, March 25, 1951: POW Servant of God Brings the Light of Christ to his Men

Sunday, March 27, AD 2016


The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress, March 3, 1863, has awarded in the name of Congress the Medal of Honor to

Chaplain (Captain) Emil J. Kapaun
United States Army

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty:

Chaplain Emil J. Kapaun distinguished himself by acts of gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty while serving with the 3d Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division during combat operations against an armed enemy at Unsan, Korea, from November 1-2, 1950. On November 1, as Chinese Communist Forces viciously attacked friendly elements, Chaplain Kapaun calmly walked through withering enemy fire in order to provide comfort and medical aid to his comrades and rescue friendly wounded from no-man’s land. Though the Americans successfully repelled the assault, they found themselves surrounded by the enemy. Facing annihilation, the able-bodied men were ordered to evacuate. However, Chaplain Kapaun, fully aware of his certain capture, elected to stay behind with the wounded. After the enemy succeeded in breaking through the defense in the early morning hours of November 2, Chaplain Kapaun continually made rounds, as hand-to-hand combat ensued. As Chinese Communist Forces approached the American position, Chaplain Kapaun noticed an injured Chinese officer amongst the wounded and convinced him to negotiate the safe surrender of the American Forces. Shortly after his capture, Chaplain Kapaun, with complete disregard for his personal safety and unwavering resolve, bravely pushed aside an enemy soldier preparing to execute Sergeant First Class Herbert A. Miller. Not only did Chaplain Kapaun’s gallantry save the life of Sergeant Miller, but also his unparalleled courage and leadership inspired all those present, including those who might have otherwise fled in panic, to remain and fight the enemy until captured. Chaplain Kapaun’s extraordinary heroism and selflessness, above and beyond the call of duty, are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, the 3d Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, the 1st Cavalry Division, and the United States Army.

On Easter Sunday March 25, 1951, Father Emil Kapaun, go here to read more about him. was drawing near to his death, his body wracked by dysentery, weakened by starvation, an ulcer growing on one of his legs and the initial stages of pneumonia developing in his lungs. However, none of that was of any consequence to him: he was a priest in a Chinese POW camp, it was Easter, and his fellow soldiers needed him and nothing else mattered. Somehow he had convinced their guards to allow him to hold a service in a bombed out Church on a rise near the camp. At sunrise he and 80 other soldiers climbed up to the wrecked church. He had no bread or wine so he could not say Mass. Instead he led them in the stations of the cross, saying the Rosary while doing so, a Rosary he made out of barbed wire. Men who had been beaten and starved wept as Father Kapaun told them how Christ had been beaten and died for them. They said the glorious mysteries. He preached a sermon on forgiveness. They sang the Lord’s Prayer loudly at the end so that the enlisted men back at the camp, kept segregated from the officers by their Chinese captors, could hear the prayer.

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O Sacred Head

Saturday, March 26, AD 2016

Something for the weekend.  O Sacred Head Surrounded.  The lyrics of this hymn derive from the latin poem Salve Mundi Salutare.  The authorship is open to doubt although I agree with those who attribute at least part of the poem to Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, based upon stylistic similarities with portions of his other writings.    The sanctity and eloquence of Saint Bernard alloyed with the musical genius of Johann Sebastian Bach makes a potent combination indeed.

On a personal note this hymn has always moved me as no other does.  I had it played at my son’s funeral and when I depart this Vale of Tears I have requested that it be played at mine.  It reminds me that God died for me, something I find absolutely stunning.  Love and sacrifice begin and end with God, who regards each man as if there were no other.

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5 Responses to O Sacred Head

  • I too have always been touched by this moving, immensely grave and awe-inspiring hymn, melody married with outstand lyrics.
    I am no expert, and no musicology expert, but just an erstwhile organist and choir member. But I have been taught that several great musicians, starting with master musician Hans Leo Hassler in the early 1600’s, he who apparently “re-wrote” a secular love song or tune into this hymn; through the gifted Johann Cruger (d. 1662), who created some of the harmonies here, and included it in a still-influential historic hymnal of great religious songs; to the great master of music, Bach, where the hymn yet benefited even more greatly from Bach’s genius, Bach who orchestrated the amazing passing tones and harmonizations that adorn the soprano voice of the version we know today, and as many of you know, it appears in the St. Matthew’s Passion.

    On the textual side, there are so many wondrous hands in the construction and development of the Latin hymn, Salve Mundi Salutare: St Bernard of Clairvaux, whom Don McClarey cites, and I understand there many others known only to God.

    But especially worth noting, at least in my humble opinion, is the great English poet Robert Bridges (d. 1930), a man never much recognized during his lifetime who achieved note only after his passing. It was Bridges who found a fresh and yet originalist meaning in the text in his re-translation (he also has outstanding, in my opinion, versions of “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”, and “O Gladsome Light [the ancient hymn Phos Hilarion]), much of that translation which we use, sometimes slightly altered, today.
    I only wish those of you who read this could realize the joy of playing this slowly and serenely, like Don’s version of this hymn here, manuals and pedals, preserving all 4 marvelous Bach voices, on the organ. You leave the world behind.

  • In our Adoration Chapel Father has placed a likeness of the corpse of Christ on the altar. It’s very life like. A bloody and beaten Jesus is laying on a black cloth, a mace at his feet and the crown of thorns above his matted Sacred head. In His left open hand there are three large nails. The Holy souls in purgatory was my focus as prayers and meditations blanketed the life size Jesus grey and red.

    This visit wasn’t planned.

    After reading and listening to this hymn a dominant thought moved me to this tomb like depiction of Jesus at the Adoration Chapel.
    I might not have made the trip but for this gift of Grace placed before me on TAC.

    God is kind and merciful.
    Thanks for your contribution to the spreading of graces. I hope and pray many a soul was escorted home to Heaven from Purgatory by the actions and designs of Christ alone. If we were helpful at all may we only remember that it was our duty and responsibility to help neighbor….especially those neighbors in the the Church suffering on this quiet Holy Saturday in March.

    This experience and reflection I share with you so you know without a doubt that thoughts become actions, and yours sincerely moved me to do something for others today. A song in my heart hopefully gave pleasure to members of Christ’s elect.

  • http://wdtprs.com/blog/2016/03/thorn-of-the-crown-bleeds-with-good-friday-and-annunciation-fall-together/

    I hope you don’t mind, but if you do I understand. After all this isn’t my blog.

    I came across this rare event on Fr. Z’s site.
    The Annunciation and Good Friday falling on the same day, and the Miracle.

    I hope you enjoy it.

  • Philip, FYI, that is “The Dead Christ on the Shroud”, by Phillipe de Champaigne. Something truly marvelous, indeed.

  • Kmbold.

    That is it!
    Thank you.
    The dead Christ on the shroud.
    Have a great fifty days of Joy.

Report to the Emperor-First Draft

Friday, March 25, AD 2016

Ecce Homo 2

(I post this each year on Good Friday at The American Catholic.  Have a blessed Good Friday and Easter.)

I thank you Marcus for taking on the onerous task of acting as my secretary, in addition to your regular duties as my aide, in regard to this portion of the report.  The Greek, Aristides, is competent, and like most Greek secretaries his Latin is quite graceful, but also like most Greek secretaries he does not know when to keep his mouth shut.  I want him kept away from this work, and I want you to observe the strictest security.  Caiaphas was playing a nefarious game, and I do not think we are out of the woods yet.  I do not want his spies finding out what I am telling the Imperator and Caiaphas altering the tales his agents are now, no doubt, spreading in Rome.  Let us take the Jew by surprise for once!

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8 Responses to Report to the Emperor-First Draft

  • This nice article says “the Prefect”, so I assume it is not Pontius Pilate? Who is the author?

  • This is excellent, my favorite recurring article of yours, but the link to the document at “bethanyum” is broken (third link, “…revolt over standards…”).

  • Thanks for the heads up. I have now linked to a new source.

  • Thanks Donald for treating us to a secular version of the Passion. I would guess there are many today who would think about it the same way.

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  • “In the fullness of time …” meant that Jesus was able to walk into a power struggle that guaranteed his death. Moreover, the competing jurisdictions between Imperial and Jewish law created a perfect storm that teaches us how our faith rocked both worlds. Well written!

  • Dear Donald,
    Just correct the word “Jesus” for Yeshua in some paragraphs, like the ones beginning with “probably” and “learning”.

    Fantastic post.
    Best regards,

  • Lou-
    I believe the author of the non-italic part is Marcus, writing for his boss Pilate, and the Italics are that Perfect’s comments as he reads over the draft.

  • “This nice article says “the Prefect”, so I assume it is not Pontius Pilate? Who is the author?”

    Lou, Pontius Pilate was not a Procurator, he held the rank of Prefect in the Roman bureaucracy. The term Procurator only came into use in Judea in 44 AD, eleven years after Pilate condemned Jesus. Since the Gospels and Tacitus refer to Pilate as Procurator, we have to assume they used the term that was in use when they were written. A bit sloppy as history, but understandable.