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If there is a more pro-life Catholic entertainment figure than talk show host Laura Ingraham, I am unaware of that person.  Yet her views against illegal immigration make her persona non grata at a Catholic diocese.

Catholic Bishop Joseph Tyson of Yakima, Washington, has disconcerted members of his flock over his stance on a pro-life charity event. Diocesan officials are discouraging parishes from advertising a dinner being hosted by Image Point Mobile Medical Services, a private non-profit that maintains and operates a mobile medical unit that offers services at the site of abortion providers that including counseling and ultrasound. The organizers are hoping to raise money for another mobile testing facility for Image Point.

An email missive from a diocesan official to the priests of the diocese cited what was called Image Point’s alleged failure to “collaborate in a meaningful way with the Diocese,” after having received a grant from the Knights of Columbus. In his email, Monsignor Robert Siler, Bishop Tyson’s Chief of Staff, wrote:  
“Second, the speaker they have invited, Laura Ingraham, while having a positive pro-life witness including her personal choice to adopt three children from other countries, is a strident opponent of many of the immigration positions held by the US bishops. As such, her visit to Yakima sends a profoundly mixed message to our community. As a very public figure with a national audience, she is held to a higher degree.”
Laura Ingraham is a Catholic, who also is a well-known radio/television commentator and attorney. She is also the editor-in-chief of the LifeZette news service.
The email from Monsignor Siler concluded, “Given these two points, it is not appropriate to advertise Image Point’s event in any way. This isn’t about advertising future events, as will we make those decisions on a case by case basis and should be brought to me.”

Go here to read the rest.  So let’s see, faithful pro-life Catholics must tow the party line on open borders, a purely prudential matter, or they will be treated like dirt by Catholic dioceses in this country.  This at a time when “Catholic” universities and colleges around the nation routinely honor pro-abort Catholics with nary a peep from most bishops.  This is beneath contempt and no faithful Catholic should put up with it.
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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. Yet, our bishops remain silent on elected officials and civil servants promoting a host of activities that directly challenge Catholic teaching.

    If I raised my children with the same confusion in priorities and concerns as our bishops shepherd their flocks, my kids would be basket cases.

  2. So tell me, if no faithful Catholic should put up with this, then what is our recourse and alternative? Bishop Fellay? Patriarch Kirill?
    It is eventually going to get to a point where conservative orthodox Catholics (and other Christians) will have had enough from their liberal progressive leaders, political and ecclesial. This is how Luther started. He was right about the corruption in the Church, but he made everything worse, and that is exactly what Pope Francis and his like are going to cause sooner or later, except in the opposite direction. And it’ll be so opposite that it’s the same – illogical but true.

  3. Thank you, Donald. You are right again. I will contact the diocese over this. I’m sure the good Bishop is embarrassed by a real pro-life event anyway. The last thing he wants is to advertise it. As I’ve said many times, most bishops aren’t actually pro-life.

  4. Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus.

    Please check out Cardinal Burke’s answers.
    Holy League is one men’s group that is actively involved. Turn outs have been inspiring. Many Catholic.. Big C… men are fed up with liberal teaching as well, within our Church that is.

  5. No mystery here. Follow the money. These dioceses get federal money for “refugee” settlement and immigrant services.

    I’d like to see how much this bishop gets, at least 30 pieces of silver I’d imagine.

    That, and of course, many bishops are Dem operatives in polyester chasubles, and fervently believe that a flood of unassimilated aliens will forever shut down those evil, greedy, death-penalty loving Repubs.

  6. “…As a very public figure with a national audience, she is held to a higher degree.”
    As will be our church leaders, from those in the smallest chapel, to the very highest in Rome itself, for their sowing of confusion, contradiction, and failures to teach and follow that which Holy Mother Church has handed down from the apostles, instead of the “all too common” smorgasbord of secular God-less political solutions for man’s fallen sinful condition.
    It appears today, as with the Jews of Christ’s day, that we again seek a worldly messiah to lead us and reject the truth-speaking man who sought not paradise from Caesar.

  7. Thank you, Donald.
    Thank you, Philip.
    I for one have been fed up with this nonsense for a long time. The priest at a Sunday Mass recently just had to speak disparagingly of Donald Trump in his homily, but never would he ever mention one negative thing but any baby murdering, sodomy sanctifying liberal progressive Marxist commie Demoncrap. Yes, I loathe the prospect of a Trump victory. But the pulpit is for speaking out on principle – sanctity of life and marriage, repentance and conversion, holiness and righteousness, death and final judgment – and NOT on political leaders in any political party (no matter how much Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and Joe Biden merit being vilified).

  8. Destroying a nation through untrammeled immigration is a prudential judgment subject.
    Until the leftists calling themselves catholics start fighting abortion, an intrinsic evil, I only hear millions of dogs barking whenever I hear/read anything they spew out.

  9. Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus.

    An idea on your parish priest situation.

    In refined humility ask him over for dinner.
    Not as an opportunity to banter political, but just as a way to make a new friend. Avoid all discussion on political ideology at this dinner. Save those discussions for future meetings.

    It’s possible that your kindness will pave the way for future success in the pastors viewpoint. Possible, not guaranteed however.

    Just my two cents worth.
    Hope it helps.

    Secondly. Letters to the Bishop if the priest continues to widen the flow of (c) atholic retoric that is anti-Catholic.

  10. Image Point failed to collaborate with the Diocese? I’ll bet a dollar that they approached the Diocese first and were rebuffed.
    We should boycott Catholic Charities nationwide in favor of local initiatives like Image Point.

  11. In the case of Yakima, it’s at least an understandable cowardice. Look at a satellite. See all those orchards?

    A lot of the numbers there are illegals— especially since they’ll do things like register with a parish to get easy access to the food banks….and never unregistered. (I’ve mentioned our local “Hispanic” parish has, on paper, the vast majority of the members– but they’re invisible, and I’m not being nasty about the C&E effect.)

    Not the same region I grew up in, but it’s similar, and there’s a good chance that they’ve done like my home area did and drove off or silenced everybody but the illegals and the wealthy liberals who will scream and take away their money if crossed. Those who support rule of law and are still donating won’t stop for this insult.

  12. Lucius Quinctjius et al. Canon law may provide additional avenues for recourse against a bishop, who is obliged by the law as follows:
    Can. 386 §1. A diocesan bishop, frequently preaching in person, is bound to propose and explain to the faithful the truths of the faith which are to be believed and applied to morals. He is also to take care that the prescripts of the canons on the ministry of the word, especially those on the homily and catechetical instruction, are carefully observed so that the whole Christian doctrine is handed on to all.
    §2. Through more suitable means, he is firmly to protect the integrity and unity of the faith to be believed, while nonetheless acknowledging a just freedom in further investigating its truths.
    For details, please contact me at cwilson@stjosephcanonlaw.com.

    Chuck Wilson
    Executive Director (Retired)
    The Saint Joseph Foundation

  13. Yes, indeed to follow the money. “The bishops” do no seem as concerned for the salvation of souls as I would want them to be so should I boycott them? So anyone who does not go along with unlimited illegal ‘immigration’ (not to mention invasion) that ”the bishops’ favor are to be chastised.

  14. I’ve been screaming about this sort of thing for years. I have tried, to no avail, to have the pro- death penalty position given a fair hearing within my diocese in San Diego. The best I was able to get was a few private sit downs with the director of the diocesan social ministries office. I went to the length of saying to the face of Bishop Brom when he was still our bishop at a public venue that the way that Church leadership at the diocesan and especially the national level took sides on the death penalty and immigration issue seriously undermined the dialogue that desperately needed to take place on issues like this where Church teaching allows divergent views. I could tell from the bishop’s body language that he knew what I was saying was true. In fact, I got the sense he even agreed with me.But when I got done respectfully, but firmly, speaking my piece, he moved away from that subject with lightning speed. If he in fact did actually agree with me, I find it sad and appalling that he didn’t have the guts to face down the goons I. his own chancery or break ranks with his brother bishops. I have been pointing out that it isn’t just the bishops who have reputations for heterodoxy who engage in this, but also the ones who are regarded as orthodox lions. Just look at bishops like Chaput and Cordileone say about these matters.

  15. In the case of Yakima, it’s at least an understandable cowardice. Look at a satellite. See all those orchards?
    A lot of the numbers there are illegals— especially since they’ll do things like register with a parish to get easy access to the food banks….and never unregistered.

    Meanwhile, in Californialand we can’t get illegals to register with a parish. Afraid of putting their name down because ICE might use it to find them is the excuse. And many illegals don’t marry, they shack up and may have a spouse back in their Latin American home country. They plead poverty when time comes to pay the pittance asked for the religious education Sunday and mid-week classes for their kids.* But they want father to bless the quinceañera blow out party they throw for their teen daughters!

    *The parish knows from experience that when there’s no fee, the parents don’t reliably bring their kids (then later they’re upset when the kids don’t know even the basics of the Faith or the simplest prayers and aren’t ready to receive the sacraments with their other age peers). No más!

  16. Yes, this is very silly and overtly political. For the record, I’m not a Laura Ingraham fan. I admire her strong pro-life stance, but I don’t like her style. She often comes across as snarky, which bores me to death. I just can’t listen to talk radio with its sarcasm as a substitute for wit approach anymore. But although I tend to be more liberal on immigration, I respect the conservative viewpoint on that issue, too. More importantly, it’s a matter of prudential judgement, just as you point out. As long as she’s with the Church on matters that aren’t left to our judgement, then she should be free to say what she wants to say without any fear of reproach from the Church.

  17. I hope all who made comments here will email Bishop Tyson as I just did. I hope you’ll deluge him with mail from caring Catholics who know that a bishop is duty-bound to do all in his power to defend the sanctity of life – an unchangeable Catholic doctrine – while he is free to come to his own conclusions about open borders. Though Pope Francis shares Tyson’s opinion on that, it is NOT infallible. How dare Tyson go out of his way to hurt the efforts of Laura and IPMMS!!! It’s indefensible. Shame on him.

  18. Well….the ban on advertising seems to have backfired….many of the prelates in the church are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. I hope it is filled to the rafters and raises a ton of money for the cause.

  19. A mixed message? Like when President Obama delivered the commencement address at the May 2009 Notre Dame graduation ceremony and was awarded with, of all things, an honorary law degree? An honorary law degree from a Catholic University, perhaps the most prominent Catholic University in the United States? Oh the irony.

  20. ” I hope all who made comments here will email Bishop Tyson as I just did. I hope you’ll deluge him with mail from caring Catholics who know that a bishop is duty-bound to do all in his power to defend the sanctity of life – an unchangeable Catholic doctrine – while he is free to come to his own conclusions about open borders. Though Pope Francis shares Tyson’s opinion on that, it is NOT infallible. How dare Tyson go out of his way to hurt the efforts of Laura and IPMMS!!! It’s indefensible. Shame on him.”

    I hate to burst your bubble Pam, but e-mail campaigns are really useless. They can be easily ignored. More effective would be for Catholics in that diocese refuse, en masse to contribute to annual diocesan appeals for money. Instead of a check in the envelope put a note stating their refusal along with an explanation why they are refusing to contribute. The old adage money talks and BS walks applies every bit as much in Church circles as the world at large. But then again, the bishops may feel they get enough tax payer money to offset the shortfall.

  21. “….perhaps the most prominent Catholic University in the United States?”


    The arrested 88 including Fr. Norman Weslin, deceased, lowered the status from prominent to plastic. The bashing is for the decision makers at ND to choose BO over Sacredness of Life. People make the University and the body of the school is great, however they honored Barabbas while arresting Christ.

  22. catholicculture.org via Thomas More Society reported that ND lost $120 million in gifts during the fiscal year 2009, the year of the Black President Matters.

    Greg Mockeridge. Agreed, however a deluge of opinion can’t hurt. My e-mail will be sent in minutes. Thanks Pam.

  23. There is only one way to deal with these pro-Francis and anti-Catholic horror-bishops, which is to organize negative publicity against them. They must be vilified and compelled into abdication. Like the Pope they are enemies of Christ and the Church.

  24. tow the party line

    Toe the party line.
    Speaking of sending mixed messages to the flock, when was the last time Bishop Joseph Tyson of Yakima, Washington publicly preached on the commandments regarding covetousness? The silence of our bishops is often their loudest message.
    And was Bishop Joseph Tyson of Yakima, Washington one of Obama’s USCCB dupes regarding the Obamacare scheme paid for by coveting thy fellow taxpayer’s goods? If so, has he ever publicly denounced himself for that folly?

  25. If the Church cared about pro-life, they wouldn’t ban self-defense in Church by disallowing open and concealed carry… I actually hesitated at the Church door this past weekend when they ( finally ) posted the notice, as required by law — a sign a quarter to a third the size of the glass door ( side entrance ). .. Should I go in ? Actually it was two signs since it is a double door. Haven’t heard any homilies lately on being prepared for martyrdom, or on the ban. I haven’t heard the ban mentioned at all during Mass. Law abiding citizens can’t defend themselves against crazies or moslem hordes during Mass, but non-citizens can enter this nation at will and be defended to the hilt by the bishops. The diocesan spokesperson Annette Gonzales Taylor says there is security on duty. Really ? I haven’t seen any. We haven’t had any drills with them, or heard the prospect of such. We did have video presentation at Mass a couple of weeks ago with the Bishop requesting donations for some sort of appeal ( so memorable the specifics escape me ). And of course pledge envelopes were available in the pews for that. They usually give people time during Mass ( homily period ) to fill them out. Good luck collecting on that if everyone is “martyrized” during Mass.

  26. In general Catholic Bishops have become a wing of the Democrat Party and are nearly as corrupt. My approach is to significantly reduce my financial support and speak out against them whenever the opportunity presents itself.

  27. Laura Ingraham is a cafeteria Catholic – picking and choosing the policies she likes from the Church while ignoring others. Thank goodness that Bishop Tyson is the ONLY one who is consistent in his Catholicism.

  28. Good morning, everyone. If you are interested in seeing what the Bishops of Washington State are doing to uplift life, from the moment of conception to age five of the child’s life, visit this website: http://www.preparesforlife.org/

    It’s unfortunate that Ms. Ingraham chose to make this matter public. Believe what you wish about immigration. But you know, standards and policies are important. Since Image Point won’t speak to us, and their website is silent on these matters, we have no idea what their policies are on whom they will assist; whether there will be any proselytizing; whether volunteers will be able to respect their Catholic consciences in regard to making a statement of faith; and so on. We all agree that life is sacred from natural conception to natural death; but all efforts to uphold that belief are not necessarily equally good.
    With respect,
    Msgr. Robert Siler
    Diocese of Yakima

  29. Some have said “follow the money.” A great part of government money received by Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Yakima goes to provide crisis mental health services in one region of our Diocese. A regional network with a history of conflict turned to the Church for help. We are serving some of the most seriously hurting people in our society, regardless of race, creed, or color, and doing so more efficiently, thus maximizing the hard-earned tax dollars that I and other citizens of Washington State pay. Ms. Ingraham is grossly misinformed.
    Msgr. Robert Siler
    Diocese of Yakima

  30. I actually hesitated at the Church door this past weekend when they ( finally ) posted the notice, as required by law — a sign a quarter to a third the size of the glass door ( side entrance ). .. Should I go in ?

    I wouldn’t, same way I wouldn’t take communion if I knew the supply of wine and hosts was from the warehouse that a known poisoner had the run of with his bag of tricks.
    If there were no parishes that did not ban weapons, I’d end up breaking the law as the least bad option– bet I wouldn’t get the sort of support illegals do.

  31. “Some have said ‘follow the money.'”

    Some have said this. I don’t know if Laura Ingraham said this about hard earned tax dollars. Of course those would be primarily Federal dollars in Washington as there is no income tax for you Msgr. Actually, you probably do not pay too much in the way of Federal taxes (perhaps on the order of $3000) which is far, far less than I pay. But of course I make more. Of course there are my property taxes etc. which I suspect you do not pay either.

    But that does not seem to be the issue, nor is the issue here raised about essentially secular services being provided by the Church. What is being discussed is the denial of advertising a pro-life event because a faithful Catholic disagrees with a prudential choice of the Bishops. A decision on the part of the Bishops that is likely wrong.

    Could you address that please.

  32. Maybe when a priest is elevated to bishop in the U.S. they should automatically have to adopt three children from foreign country.

  33. The two specific concerns I mentioned to Ms. Ingraham’s staffer, who wrote the LifeZette story but declined to include them, are mentioned in our response, which you can read by following the link below. They were meant to be private criticisms; we only published it because of the many false and misleading statements in the LifeZette story (which are now being repeated on social media as if they are the gospel truth).


    In regard to advertising, if free publicity from the Catholic Church was part of Image Point’s plan, it would have seemed prudent on their part to have asked us for permission. But again, they so far have been unwilling to respond to our requests for a dialogue that might restore a true collaborative working agreement, based on our standards. respecting their conscience rights, and hopefully following the U.S. Bishops Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities, and the Norms and Guidelines for Ecumenism. These are all important considerations that too often get reduced to sound bites over who, and who isn’t “pro-life enough.”

    Your estimate of my tax burden was correct. I also pay Washington State sales tax, which goes to the general fund. We do not have an income tax, and I don’t own any property. I am working at eliminating my bad habit of buying lottery tickets, which are advertised as helping schools, too.

    God bless,

    Fr. Robert

  34. “The Diocese of Yakima, however, said in a statement prepared by Monsignor Robert Siler that Ingraham is an unsuitable speaker for events sponsored or promoted by the Diocese.

    Specifically, the church statement takes aim at what it calls Ingraham’s harsh comments ‘supporting the deportation of entire families, including children who are American citizens.'”

    From your link then, you do criticize Ingraham’s advocacy of what is a licit Catholic position?

  35. What happened to showing respect for priests, bishops, and/or pope? I see rude and abrasive comments towards the Msgr.’s comments. If you were to follow what the bishop stated whether he is correct or not, in the final analysis, you would not be held accountable to our Lord for this. Secondly, those of you who are disparaging “illegal immigrants”—you seem to forget that all your ancestors were illegal immigrants in a land which was inhabited and owned by Native Americans and yes—Mexicans. Read the history of the United States—-fifty percent of the western United States was taken from Mexico! Thirdly, Jesus was an alien—remember the flight into Egypt? What happened to Christian charity?

  36. “Secondly, those of you who are disparaging “illegal immigrants”—you seem to forget that all your ancestors were illegal immigrants in a land which was inhabited and owned by Native Americans and yes—Mexicans.”

    I am sure my Cherokee ancestors would have liked effective enforcement against the illegal aliens they confronted.

    As for the territory claimed by Mexico in the 19th century and taken by the United States, it had very few Mexicans in it other than New Mexico. About 40,000 Mexicans in New Mexico, 3200 in California and 2500 in Texas. The Mexican government allowed American settlement in Texas in hopes that the Americans could defeat the Comanches who raided Mexican settlements in Texas at will.

    The idea that Catholicism demands that the US have open borders is ludicrous and comes not from the teachings of Christ but from various political agendas. The US allows a million legal immigrants into the country a year, a policy which is generous compared to any other nation on Earth. The immigration laws of this nation should be respected and the idea that I am a bad Catholic for thinking this is merely a very bad joke as far as I am concerned.

    Christ was never an alien as both Egypt and Judaea were provinces of the Roman Empire of which he was a subject.

  37. Secondly, those of you who are disparaging “illegal immigrants”—you seem to forget that all your ancestors were illegal immigrants in a land which was inhabited and owned by Native Americans and yes—Mexicans.

    That is a manipulative lie which tortures even the most friendly of facts to it so much they must be screaming for mercy.
    Alternatively, you live in some imaginary universe where there were borders, laws, enforcement mechanisms and routes of legal immigration into what is now the United States– as well as formalized, organized, established national boundries.
    No, “tribes would travel in that area” is not the same.

  38. So sad….the unborn are God’s children too….the unborn have NOTHING not even the love of the parents and you they want to strip from them a little hope….

  39. “Secondly, those of you who are disparaging “illegal immigrants”—you seem to forget that all your ancestors were illegal immigrants in a land which was inhabited and owned by Native Americans and yes—Mexicans.”

    As someone who is native american and has three Mexican grandparents, I ask you to leave. Siler appears to be German in origin. So perhaps he can leave also.

    But perhaps we can move on from simplistic thoughts. Wait, we still have to wade through the nonsense of having to worship every thought that a priest or bishop has. Of course that has no basis in Catholic teaching. In fact, Catholic teaching notes that laymen are the experts in ordering the secular domain, not the clergy.

    Nor, as Don points out, does Catholic teaching deny the right of the state to set limits on immigration and to deport those who violate those laws. In fact it clearly allows it.

    Perhaps that will be enough for you to go and think a while.

  40. I read the Yakima Herald link Fr. Siler offered. Seems to be fair & balanced (as they say). But, I’m afraid the bishop still comes out looking pretty bad.

  41. There you go being “rude and abrasive” again, Phillip. (Sure, it looks a whole lot like being extremely polite and disagreeing, but don’t we all know that failing to utterly turn over every thought to the prudential judgement of another is rude and abrasive? /silly)

  42. Hey Morgan! If those Hispanic countries are so darn great, then why are Hispamics fleeing from them to come here?
    And exactly how many immigrants did YOU take into your home? I took two (Filipinos – do they count?) for 6 months – free rent, free electricity, free heating. What have YOU done? Let me guess: not a darn freaking thing.
    Take your Katholyck social justice crap and stuff it back where it has come from.
    PS, for the record: I married a 3rd immigrant (also Filipina) and am working on getting her children from a previous marriage (husband deceased) to come over here. But legal immigration is very slow even though my wife’s daughter is a nurse and wants to work and pay taxes and support herself.
    I despise you liberals. You do nothing constructive but you shoot off your big mouths on stuff you know nothing about and you spread your fecal refuse everywhere.

  43. I forgot to mention that I am still housing an immigrant – my wife’s niece. She has a job and I charge her a very modest sum for monthly rent (just enough so I can take the wife out to dinner and the movies twice a month). She is awaiting her permanent green card (she has a temporary one). But we are doing everything legally and she is working her butt off in a job where she pays taxes. She is also a very devout Methodist. That’s how things are supposed to work. You got that Morgan? Is your cranium big enough to fit such facts within your brain?

  44. I shudder to think of how many terrorists, who may end up murdering Americans, Catholic agencies have helped to usher into the United States. All this while being payed-off by the most pro-abortion, IMMORAL ‘president’ in our history.
    May GOD help us all.

  45. From the last time I heard Laura, she really wears her border sentiments on her sleeve. It would be one thing to be for border security but with Laura, in short, she is an activist; “call your congressman”, “MS-13 in the United States” and so on. That is her right to say such things and I may well agree but her position is very well defined.

  46. Msgr Robert Siler, Thank you for responding and engaging. Your response amazes me, since for decades, with letters to priests, bishops, archbishops, and curial officials in the Vatican, the response in almost every case is silence. The letters were not rants or diatribes, but recounted clear liturgy abuse [elimination of creed on Sundays; laity at altar speaking the canon with ordained priests; homilies by non-priests non-deacons] and the spreading of heresy [e.g. church can ordain women to ministerial priesthood]. So, although I wonder if you would deny Democrat candidates a forum to speak in your diocese, I applaud your discussing the treatment of Laura I. Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

  47. It would seem that this bishop should also be held to a higher standard. I was unaware that being a member of the clergy gave him special competence in other disciplines. If he would really like to expound on proper treatment of illegals, he may wish to comment on the Mexican government’s treatment of Central American immigrants.

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