And to Amend My Life

Sunday, January 31, AD 2016

Chaplain: I think it’s up to each one of us to interpret what God wants.

Dying Doctor: So people can do anything? They can rape, they can murder, they can steal, all in the name of God, and it’s ok?

Chaplain: That’s not what I’m saying.

Dying Doctor: What are you saying? Because all I’m hearing is some New Age, God is love, one-size-fits-all crap! I don’t have time for this now!

Chaplain: I understand.

Dying Doctor: No, you don’t understand! You don’t understand! How could you possibly say that? No, you listen to me. I want a real chaplain who believes in a real God and a real hell.

ER:  Atonement-Season 14, Episode 13




David Griffey at Daffey Thoughts brings us the above video which powerfully explains why cheap grace saves absolutely no one.  God is all Just and all Merciful and when we forget either of those attributes we are lost indeed.

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  • Is he a Catholic (never watched the show)? If so, can’t he get a Catholic priest to take Confession? If not, does he really need a minister? For what? To tell him that he might go to hell for an understandable mistake in knowledge? Quibbles and questions aside, I liked the clip.

  • Excellent clip. Very touching. The man seeks redemption but doesn’t know how to get it. It appears he is not a Catholic. Implication: we should be thankful we are Catholics who can find redemption in confession, penance and amendment of our lives.

  • Unfathomable Mercy is Gods great gift.
    He knows each man’s heart!
    The clip is moving indeed and the gift of our Holy Sacraments is priceless. To be a bedside consoler at the end of ones life is a blessing or a curse. I’m glad that this sequence was shared because it is realistic. Having been asked to pray for an Atheist at her request was a moment when blessings abounded.
    She called upon the Holy Name of Jesus over and over after our prayer time. She welcomed Him into her heart before she died.
    Her final destination is unknown but she asked for help.
    This same woman, three years prior, complained about prayers being said at our group home before meals. She won.
    The management discontinued the practice of public prayer before meals. When her time was nearing she begged for heavenly help.

  • The clip brought to mind my 90 year old father’s last days in hospice. It was a short stay and my dad was well taken care of physically and spiritually. A priest visited him for the sacraments and a friend brought Holy Viaticum on several occasions. One afternoon the nursing center chaplain, a female Unitarian minister, stopped by. My mother was so startled, but ever the lady was polite. She explained that we were a practicing Catholic family and thanked her for stopping by. Luckily my convert dad was asleep. He considered it a half baked philosophy, hardly a religion….. The Church of Nothing or maybe trying to be The Church of Everything. My dad was wearing a brown scapula and I knew by his breathing that death was imminent. So I held his hand and read aloud the prayer to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. When I had finished I saw that he had stopped breathing.

  • WOW Cam …. what a tender, gentle moment! – the sacrament of penance is so marvelous i think – wherein i am the prosecutor, the accused, the judge [ thank God Jesus knows me better than me] all at the same time. – i fall short of what i think Jesus expects of me by ommission and comission but i take great comfort in the following and so should you……
    The devotion to Jesus, King of Love began on August 17th, 1922, when Our Lord manifested Himself to Yvonne Beauvais, a young French woman sojourning in the monastery of the Augustinian Canonesses of the Mercy of Jesus at Malestroit in Brittany, France. Addressing Yvonne, Jesus said: Morning and evening say, O Jesus, King of Love, I put my trust in Thy loving mercy.

    On March 18, 1927, Yvonne Beauvais entered the community of Malestroit, and on September 29, 1931, she pronounced her perpetual vows as Mother Yvonne-Aimée de Jésus. After a life of extraordinary love and of great sufferings accepted in faith, the King of Love called Mother Yvonne-Aimée to Himself on February 3, 1951.

  • He was holding a Rosary, or what looked like one. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean he is Catholic, or perhaps a lapsed Catholic trying to find the way home? My mother died with a Rosary around her neck, and she was not Catholic. I’m honestly not sure she was much of anything, except abandoned by the Episcopal Church. That was many years ago.

  • DJH.

    Take heart.
    She is a child of our Lady. What she experienced in her church and possible pain she carried, was relinquished at death. Why?
    Somehow a Holy Rosary was placed on her person, and in some marvelous way a Mother she never knew took her by the hand, and introduced her to her Son, the King of Mercy.
    More than nice sentiments… this is a Trust in Jesus. He is the final Judge. Thanks be to God. Peace be upon you.

  • Paul Coffey, thank you for the explanation of the Jesus of Love devotion. I was not familiar with Yvonne Beauvais, the apparition and devotion.
    This is why I enjoy The-American-Catholic posts and comments so much -a wide variety of subjects covered, especially those about our Faith, and many points of view expressed from readers all over the world and of different life and faith experiences.

  • …And To Amend My Life. Amen…The Act of Contrition, a powerful, necessary prayer to be recited before receiving the Holy Eucharist and before bedtime…and in times of potential or real duress.

Bear Growls: Pope and Bears

Sunday, January 31, AD 2016


Bear Blogging


Our bruin friend at Saint Corbinian’s Bear looks at papal interaction with a “bear”:


According to this report from Eye of the Tiber, Pope Francis granted a private audience with the celebrity Bear from the motion picture, “The Revenant.” Many have written to the Bear asking for a statement.

First of all, this so-called “Bear” is fake. That’s right. According to Variety, the bear is CGI.

The Bear wishes to make it perfectly clear that he is not bothered by some fake bear being a celebrity, while the Bear labors in obscurity. At least he knows he’s the real thing. Does Pope Emeritus Benedict’s coat of arms have some anonymous, fake, CGI bear on them? No. They unmistakably have St. Corbinian’s Bear, complete with pack. So, now who’s famous, Mr. Fake CGI imaginary bear?

So what to make of the Pope’s pitiful propaganda effort to convince the world that he is on good terms with Bears? Clearly, the Bear has gotten under his skin. He knows the growing popularity of the Bear is a threat to his Jesuitical plots. So His Holiness is trying to neutralize the Bear.

Here is the truth. The only Bears that are behind the Pope are South American Spectacled Bears, and Polar Bears, who are working the global warming scam for all its worth by swimming out to tiny ice features and hoping somebody takes their picture.

My friends, long after this so-called “bear” has been buried in the graveyard of forgotten CGI animals,  like that tiger from Life of Pi, or the 50 rampaging mammoths from 10,000 B.C., the Bear will still be writing his ephemeris, growing his audience, scrutinizing the Vatican like Bernardo Gui on methylphenidate. If a freelance Bear inquisitor high on speed doesn’t scare you, nothing will.

There’s only one place to find the real Bear. It’s right here, friends. Thank you for your continued support.

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2 Responses to Bear Growls: Pope and Bears

  • Of course, CGI bears are fake! They don’t even s@&t in the woods! And what real bear doesn’t like to leave something soft and warm for nature loving hikers, especially those who left wing loons who perpetuate the global warming (I mean Climate Change) scam, to step in?

  • Nice picture, but it is of a mere black bear. The Bear is a magnificent brown bear, ursus arctos. But still, funny. Having seen the bear movie now, it is like if Luke Skywalker had been killed by Imperial Stormtroopers ten minutes in followed by three hours of watching Jawas scavenging junk. The famous bear fight was highly contrived and it was clear that the writers were determined to have Leonardo di Caprio survive for some reason. Bear did not get it at all, and snored through much of it after the main character was killed off. Not worth having to sit through trailers for Michael Moore’s new movie and some “let’s kill all the evil Confederates” feel good movie with Matthew McConaughey.

One Response to January 30, 1965: Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill

  • I was only just starting elementary school, but remembered when Churchill died, largely from the National Geographic magazine our family had received on the funeral. I definitely had a sense as if historical reason itself had died. The JFK assassination had made a major impression on me (my cartoons were pre-empted, and my mother’s reaction when I told her would stay in my memory forever), but it has seemed only a blip, a downturn that would be remedied by our faithfulness to our civilization. There would be no remedy for Churchill’s death.

PopeWatch: Indictments

Saturday, January 30, AD 2016


From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:



An imperial grand jury investigating criminal allegations against the Galactic Empire stemming from a series of undercover videos instead indicted two Rebel Alliance activists who shot the footage.

In a stunning turn of events, the imperial grand jury declined to indict officials from the Empire, and instead handed felony charges against Grand Master of the New Jedi Order Luke Skywalker and fellow Rebel Alliance activist Han Solo. Skywalker was also charged with a misdemeanor count related to having the hots for his sister, which members of his own legal team even admitted was “totally weird and deserved.”

The case sprang from a number of undercover videos in which members of the Rebel Alliance posed as Stormtroopers and captured several Empire employees appearing to discuss profiting off of the Jedi purge. However, when the videos were released online last year, the Galactic Empire claimed rebels had edited the videos to “created a misperception.”

“The Rebel Alliance uses the same undercover techniques that imperial journalists have used for decades,” Skywalker said in a statement in response to the indictment.

Galactic Empire officials hailed the indictment as vindication of the dark side, saying,  “As the Tatooine dust settles and the truth comes out, it’s become totally clear that the only people who engaged in wrongdoing are those that used the Force to produce this fraud, and we’re glad they’re being held accountable.”

At press time, seriously, why is that whole Luke being in love with his sister thing even in the movie? You’re telling me that no one, not one single person working on set said anything to George Lucas? Something like, “dude, what the heck is up with that?”

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January 29, 1845: Poe’s Raven is Published

Friday, January 29, AD 2016

The publication of the macabre poem The Raven gave Edgar Allan Poe the literary fame he had sought all his life, although the meager financial reward of $9.00 typified his life long failure to earn a living as a writer.  Two years later his wife died at 24, replicating in Poe’s life the role of Lenore in his poem.  Poe himself would die in mysterious circumstances two years later at age 40, his sad and frequently bizarre life worthy of the pen of Poe.

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—
    While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
“’Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door—
            Only this and nothing more.”
    Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December;
And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.
    Eagerly I wished the morrow;—vainly I had sought to borrow
    From my books surcease of sorrow—sorrow for the lost Lenore—
For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore—
            Nameless here for evermore.
    And the silken, sad, uncertain rustling of each purple curtain
Thrilled me—filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before;
    So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating
    “’Tis some visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door—
Some late visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door;—
            This it is and nothing more.”

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8 Responses to January 29, 1845: Poe’s Raven is Published

  • First non-song related poem I ever memorized.

    Tried to get my kids to enjoy it– Bing is using a raven as the background today– and they got bored incredibly quick.

    Never noticed when I was saying it, but what a visceral choice of each word– it’s less the meaning than the “sound” that makes it so amazing.

  • Yeah, that third stanza is as beautifully written as anything in the English language. “And the silken, sad, uncertain rustling of each purple curtain thrilled me, filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before…”. I don’t remember all the terms for poetic techniques, but that one line must use them all. And the rhythm is relentless. There are no breaks in the beat, no fudges that poets can sometimes try to get away with but that stick out like bad special effects.

  • Foxifier,, Maybe the Homer and Bart Simpson version would be more successful.

  • Poe’s bizarre life is truly a mordant backdrop to his enormous and briefly displayed talent: How for the world I can never figure out that he tried for a while to be an officer at West Point (there are various explanations as to why), when was truly the weirdest plebe ever. Truly Gothic.

    It is only outranked — perhaps — by Drop-out Guru Timothy Leary’s actually completing his 1st year at the Point. Fortunately, his classmate ostracized Leary until he finally left: otherwise he would (were he to still be living) no doubt be Obama’s head of the joint chiefs-of-staff.
    Bizarre, unimaginable, ” Tales-from-the-Crypt”-oddness:…, truly, “Nevermore!”

  • a few blogs back we were talking about the american love affair with the baritone voice.

    E. Poe and Arthur Somervell as interpreted by Lawrence Tibbett in ‘ a kingdom by the sea- bring the genius all together i think

    i’m unsure if i”ve ever heard something more touching, knowing poes’ struggle to try and care for his wife/ cousin. G. ‘ but the stars never rise, but i feeeeel the bright eyes ‘ = put a good set of head phones on and enjoy

  • “Hymn”

    At morn–at noon–at twilight dim–
    Maria! thou hast heard my hymn!
    In joy and woe–in good and ill–
    Mother of God, be with me still!
    When the Hours flew brightly by,
    And not a cloud obscured the sky,
    My soul, lest it should truant be,
    Thy grace did guide to thine and thee
    Now, when storms of Fate o’ercast
    Darkly my Present and my Past,
    Let my future radiant shine
    With sweet hopes of thee and thine.

    By Edgar Allen Poe

  • John Astin used to do a reading of Poe’ works every Jan on or near Poe’s birthday in a Baltimore former church. The church was across the street from the cemetery where Poe is interred. The night we attended it was The Tell Tale Heart. At intermission what else but Raven beer was the beverage of choice.

  • L.B.

PopeWatch: Ephemera

Friday, January 29, AD 2016




David Griffey at Daffey Thoughts caught an interesting statement made to the Pope:


So Mr. DiCaprio, who even caused the liberal PM of Canada, Justin Trudeau, to tell him to tone it down, received a warm welcome from Pope Francis.  Now popes greet people.  That’s no problem.  And I don’t expect Pope Francis to kick Leo in the shin and knock him down over points where they might disagree.

But I found this little snippet interesting, especially in light of Pope Francis’s rather open embrace of the modern MMGW movement:

“As a child I didn’t quite understand what it all meant, but through my child’s eyes it represented a planet, the utopia we had been given, the overpopulation, excesses, and the third panel we see a blackened sky that represents so much to me of what’s going in the environment.” (emphasis mine)

See that?  Overpopulation.  This has been a pet of the new liberalism for some generations.  There are just too damn many [other] people in the world.  Now, with MMGW, there is a new reason to whittle down those pesky numbers.  Of course the question remains how do we eliminate the numbers?  How do we check population growth so it doesn’t do something like bring a civilization and its culture to its knees?
Pope Francis has clearly not accepted that part of the MMGW furor.  But in a way that seems to be the modern Catholic approach, he accepts almost every other aspect of it.  That seems to be the way the Church is going now.  Accept almost every idea and every premise of the new Leftist and secular world view…except where dogma or doctrine can’t be changed. 

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22 Responses to PopeWatch: Ephemera

  • “There are just too damn many [other] people in the world.”
    That about says it all. For the liberal progressive, he is never a part of the too many people.

  • The link doesn’t work.

  • Thanks for catching that Greg. The link has been repaired.

  • I take it MMGW stands for Man Made Global Warming. Thing is, global warming has been pretty much jettisoned in favor of the more ambiguous Climate Change, which is telling in and of itself. Also telling is that less than 40 years ago, the climoscare du jour was the impending ice age. Now, does not have to be a Climatologist to know that human activity cannot change the earth’s core temperature so radically in so short a time. One just has to,possess a little common sense.

  • Why am I not shocked about the Pope’s opinions on “overpopulation?”

    DiCaprio could be more Catholic than the Pope. I saw the news video. He kissed the Pope’s ring. When was the last time you saw a layman do that?

  • Doctrine and dogma cannot be changed, true enough, but like a marriage where the partners are unfaithful to each other, technically it is still a “legal” marriage. That is the mindset that I fear from those that cunningly play the same game within God’s Holy Church.

  • The other element in all this, is the well-known Pope’s crude statement about “breeding like rabbits.” If the Church adopts even “a sense of overpopulation is morally bad,” then that can only result in meaning that over populating with Catholics is bad. I’m certain that was not Christ’s intention when he assigned His apostles to go forth and teach all nations.

  • What was the Pope supposed to do?
    Scold him?
    Tear up the check?
    Smile sweetly and ask who he thought was an excess human?
    I’ve had this discussion with my family members and it’s not easy.

  • For that matter, it could very well be about what his parents taught him– he’s a lot younger than my folks, but mom was taught the whole “we’re all going to die from over population” thing in school, and she was from a Good Catholic Family.

  • “What was the Pope supposed to do?”

    Probably not meet with him at all. Papal meet and greets with celebrities have gone way overboard for quite sometime.

  • I once chanced on an article by Sir Dugald Baird, written in the early Sixties, when he was the Regius Professor of Midwifery at the University of Aberdeen. He went on to become the President of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists

    “In India, though Nehru (Times, 11th December 1963) and his Government recognized the dangers of population increase and supported a policy of birth control, in practice in the second five-year plan for India only $10 million was allocated for population control as against $14 million for malaria control, a measure which, by lowering death rates quickly, could further aggravate the population crisis and reduce the standard of living, in that more capital, skills, and experience are absorbed in looking after children and young people and less is available for industrial development.”

    Why, I wondered, did a person holding such views not only choose medicine as a profession, but midwifery as his specialty?

  • Is it only celebrities that are not supposed to meet with the pope?
    Looking at his body language here, this *might* just save the guy– and through him, save others.
    Good grief, the Pope says enough stupid stuff that we don’t *need* to hit him for what an actor said he believed when he was a little kid.
    Heck, I really don’t like DiCaprio and I think it’s rather decent of him to not just give the Pope a check, but publicly state that it was for charities close to the *Pope’s* heart. Not something like “our shared goals” or similar hollywood junk.

  • “Is it only celebrities that are not supposed to meet with the pope?”

    Idiot celebrities like DiCaprio should certainly be on the exclusion list. Additional candidates for the exclusion list would be Lutheran clerics who take Catholic communion and the heads of regimes who balk at nude statues but cheer on mobs who stone people to death.

  • How can both DiCaprio and Bergoglio say they are so concerned about anthropogenic global warming caused by the emissions of carbon pollution from the burning of fossil fuel, yet they both willy-nilly jet around the globe on aircraft that consume prodigious amounts of fossil fuel and release vast amounts of carbon pollution into the atmosphere with nary a second thought?
    Let me guess. It’s like tolerance – for me and not for thee. It’s like overpoulation – your existence is overpopulation and mine is not.
    Do these people even consider the consistency of their words versus their actions? If DiCaprio and Bergoglio were really all that concerned about carbon pollution, then they would stop using carbon-based fuels. They would stop jetting, stop driving, stop using electricity. But it is convenience that drives them – convenience for me and not for thee.
    I cannot express sufficiently in words my loathing for these kinds of people.

  • Idiot celebrities like DiCaprio should certainly be on the exclusion list.

    As opposed to all those wise, highly intelligent celebrities that we’re just swimming in, and who appear from nothingness with no effort to lead them to water, just an expectation that they’ll drink?

  • “As opposed to all those wise, highly intelligent celebrities”

    Compare and contrast:

    Skelton and his family came to Pope Pius XII out of a desperate need for his spiritual help and in hope of a miracle. Dicaprio came to see the Pope because he believes that Francis is as much of a leftist buffoon as he is.

  • Environmentalism is a fave project of progressives. They have an ontological commitment to environmentalism, the “threat” of population to the environment scares them into forgetting who the environment is for or what the end game is…,
    I don’t care too much about the actor, or the other opinions but the pope’s opinion does matter to all of us.
    It is easy to see how some of the sprawling slums of South America could lead a person (future pope) to think maybe Catholics should not take the birth control prohibition to seriously. When the whole world around you is embracing marxism, one could give up on traditional church teaching as transitory, something meant for times now past. I hope our pope will hold on to his faith. We really need to pray for him.

  • wanted to say
    ALTHOUGH They have an ontological commitment to environmentalism, the “threat” of population to the environment scares them into forgetting who the environment is for or what the end game is…,

  • On July 22, 1957 the Skeltons had a private audience with Pius XII. There was nothing unusual about this. Pius considered it as part of his duties to meet with anyone who wished to see him: rich or poor, Catholic or non-Catholic. These audiences often had a large impact on the people who saw the Pope.
    Something to be greatly wished, and which is not argued against in this situation by the current fellow that shared his childhood thoughts, especially not when he looked like a puppy meeting a new favorite person.
    Maybe Francis is finally copying somebody that it’s good to copy, even if he has cruddy taste in scientific trust.

  • I wonder if the Holy Father touched on overpopulation in his meeting with the rather prudish Mr Hassan Rouhani.
    Iran has seen its Total Fertility Rate plummet from over 6 per woman in the early 1970’s to just 1.43 today.
    As one in eight Iranian women is infected with Chlamydia, this is unlikely to increase any time soon. Estimates suggest that, as a result, about 18% of Iranian women of child-bearing age are infertile

  • Iran also has the issue with every woman of child bearing age who *can,* leaves.
    And those who stay, if they have an internet connection or know someone who does, are able to find out about natural family planning methods.
    There’s a mini-scandal about how hard it is to make official fertility rates in those countries that are measured by asking the man in the street or the gov’t agency that handles foreign aid match up with what any other method shows.

  • Foxfier wrote, “if they have an internet connection or know someone who does, are able to find out about natural family planning methods.”

    Throughout the Islamic world, there is a strong corrolation between female literacy and falling TFR and Iraan has amongst the highest.

    Fadela Amara, herself a Muslim, when she was the French Secretary of State for Urban Policies described fundamentalism as something clung to by some women through ignorance and isolation that will vanish when they are given better opportunities of intellectual enlightenment and of acquiring elementary knowledge in history and the sciences.
    “For this generation,” she declared, “the crucial issues are laïcité, gender equality and gender desegregation, based upon living together in harmony throughout the world, and not only in France”
    She hailed the insistence of the Jules Ferry laws on making education at every level compulsory, free and lay [obligatoire, gratuit et laïque] .

Texas Constitution: Article I, Section 8

Thursday, January 28, AD 2016



The freedom of press provision of the Texas Constitution is worded in an interesting manner:


Sec. 8.  FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND PRESS; LIBEL.  Every person shall be at liberty to speak, write or publish his opinions on any subject, being responsible for the abuse of that privilege; and no law shall ever be passed curtailing the liberty of speech or of the press.  In prosecutions for the publication of papers, investigating the conduct of officers, or men in public capacity, or when the matter published is proper for public information, the truth thereof may be given in evidence.


The last sentence would seem to open the door to discovery against Planned Parenthood, by the makers of the videos showing that Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of their murder victims, in order to confirm the truth of the videos, obviously relevant to the charges,  may give us an opportunity to breach the wall of secrecy that has always been the first line of defense of Planned Parenthood.

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3 Responses to Texas Constitution: Article I, Section 8

  • Kermit Gosnell of Houston wasn’t prosecuted by Devon Anderson, DA, however Operation Rescue is the “real threat.” Barabbas is the hero while the Truth is treated as despicable.
    No grey areas. Either your with God or against Him.

    What may come to our video journalists is not going to change the Truth. Exposure of the beast that is known as PP, is public knowledge now. Any attempts to slam the Truth is further evidence of the times we live in and reveals the sickness that has infected society.

  • You have to understand that this happened in the same city where the city government demanded that clergy turn over their sermon notes to see if they were preaching against the the ordinance promoting lgbt equality.

PopeWatch: Pro-life Leader?

Thursday, January 28, AD 2016

11 Responses to PopeWatch: Pro-life Leader?

  • Subtle, indeed.

  • How about his speech before Congress where he called for a global abolition of the death penalty? Ignore the ongoing holocaust and, instead, stake out a foolish, unscriptural position to advance your leftist agenda. Subtle, indeed. More like, deliberate!

  • It is better to keep our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith (Hebbrews 12:2) than this Pope.

  • Ii have difficulty ignoring his “obsession” comment regarding pro-life folks. How dare they have the passion of St Paul in their endeavors to save sacred life.

  • Given the quantities/tens of millions of the murders and the horrid “quality” of the evil of abortion, it is the only pro-life issue that the pro-life leader of the World should be fighting. The other issues are infinitesimally small in comparison. Sadly, it is not so with Pope Francis.

  • Our Lord and Creator and Savior made His Law clear in innumerable ways as can be found in the books of the Bible, which were inspired by His Holy Spirit. These inconvenient Truths are now, and have been dismissed, or otherwise ignored, by the leader(s) of the church for a ‘softer’ versions of love.
    Without a clear frame of reference for Reverence, people will not have maturity or understanding. This is a grave disservice to our children, for whom Jesus told the women of Jerusalem to weep.
    So, no is my answer to the title question.
    On a side note – my comment was given a server warning #401

    This server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser doesn’t understand how to supply the credentials required.

    Apache Server at Port 80

  • No way! Whether this is the position of Micaiah Bilger (the LIfe-Site News writer) or Richard Poopflinger, this is the naval equivalent of the destroyer-line putting up the smoke-screen, evasion for the capital ships in the 2nd and 3rd lines.

    This pope, where ever it has really mattered (such as his historic opportunity in October 2015 to address Congress and the US), has been deathly, and I do mean, deathly silent on abortion. …

    What poop-flinging. (I would like to be more explicit, but this is a refined blog-site.)

  • Interesting that reporting that Pope Francis is pro-life is considered noteworthy. The man’s other interests are so political, socialistic and secular that finding out that he has an interest in the singular Catholic moral issue of our time is considered news is not a positive development.

  • Michael Dowd, your astute point becomes all the more significant when one considers the source of the information is part of that erratic group of “shepherds known as the USCCB. Why would they have to push such a point? It should be as obvious to all as fish preferring water.

  • How shameful that our pope , the bishops and priest do not stand up and fight or the end of abortion. Then they wonder why so many catholics have left the church and more will continue to do so in the future.

  • I always reflect back to Mater et Magistra, by none other than of course, “the saint of Vatican II”, John XXIII, stating “No Catholic could subscribe even to moderate socialism”:
    “Pope Pius XI further emphasized the fundamental opposition between Communism and Christianity, and made it clear that no Catholic could subscribe even to moderate Socialism (citing Pius XI, Quad. Anno, 1931, n .111; John XXIII, Mater et Mag., 1961, n. 34)

    Besides his socialist leadership, there is the fawning capitulation he displays to the great dictators of our age, even captured photographically laughing with them (the Venezuelan putz; partial-birth Obama; the Greatest-Living-Murderer, Fidel Castro; Iranian president-executioner Hassan Rouhani), this tiger (Bergoglio) showed his stripes once and for all to me by his deathly silence on the very name of Jesus Christ—he, the Vicar of Christ—at his historic opportunity addressing Congress this past October, as well as his silence on abortion and the present-day martyrdom of Christians by Islam around the world. The Silent Watchdog that will not bark. The Willling Lapdog of every dictator

Saint Thomas Aquinas Our Contemporary

Thursday, January 28, AD 2016

Not everyone who is enlightened by an angel knows that he is enlightened by him.

Saint Thomas Aquinas



Today is the feast day of the Angelic Doctor.  There is a timeless quality about his writings that takes him from the period in which he lived, the Thirteenth Century, and makes him a contemporary of each succeeding generation.  For example, we have this observation of Saint Thomas on the founder of Islam:


The point is clear in the case of Muhammad. He seduced the people by promises of carnal pleasure to which the concupiscence of the flesh goads us. His teaching also contained precepts that were in conformity with his promises, and he gave free rein to carnal pleasure. In all this, as is not unexpected, he was obeyed by carnal men. As for proofs of the truth of his doctrine, he brought forward only such as could be grasped by the natural ability of anyone with a very modest wisdom. Indeed, the truths that he taught he mingled with many fables and with doctrines of the greatest falsity. He did not bring forth any signs produced in a supernatural way, which alone fittingly gives witness to divine inspiration; for a visible action that can be only divine reveals an invisibly inspired teacher of truth. On the contrary, Muhammad said that he was sent in the power of his arms—which are signs not lacking even to robbers and tyrants. What is more, no wise men, men trained in things divine and human, believed in him from the beginning, Those who believed in him were brutal men and desert wanderers, utterly ignorant of all divine teaching, through whose numbers Muhammad forced others to become his followers by the violence of his arms. Nor do divine pronouncements on the part of preceding prophets offer him any witness. On the contrary, he perverts almost all the testimonies of the Old and New Testaments by making them into fabrications of his own, as can be. seen by anyone who examines his law. It was, therefore, a shrewd decision on his part to forbid his followers to read the Old and New Testaments, lest these books convict him of falsity. It is thus clear that those who place any faith in his words believe foolishly.

Summa Contra Gentiles, I, 6.4

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Thursday, January 28, AD 2016


Risen (2016) opens in theaters on February 19 and looks like it could be a good film for Lent.  I have long thought that there must have been some sort of official inquiry into the Crucifixion based upon the Roman historian Tacitus writing circa 100AD about Pilate condemning Christ.   He may have been referring to official Roman records.  Tacitus had no sympathy for the Christians and no knowledge of their ceremonies, which makes it highly doubtful that he gained his knowledge from a Christian source as to the trial and Crucifixion of Christ.  Pilate had every motivation to prove that Christ had not risen from the dead as did the Sadducees who controlled the Temple.  Their historical silence may be an indication that what they found out, if they conducted post Resurrection inquiries, was very much not to their liking.

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  • The original text from Tacitus’ Annals, Book 15, Chapter 44. “Chrestianus” (nomitive singular) is a variant of “Christianus”. You see the accusative plural in the text below.
    Ergo abolendo rumori Nero subdidit reos et quaesitissimis poenis adfecit, quos per flagitia invisos vulgus Chrestianos appellabat. Auctor nominis eius Christus Tibero imperitante per procuratorem Pontium Pilatum supplicio adfectus erat; repressaque in praesens exitiablilis superstitio rursum erumpebat, non modo per Iudaeam, originem eius mali, sed per urbem etiam, quo cuncta undique atrocia aut pudenda confluunt celebranturque. Igitur primum correpti qui fatebantur, deinde indicio eorum multitudo ingens haud proinde in crimine incendii quam odio humani generis convicti sunt.

  • it loses something in translation

Harris County Indictments: The Fix Was In

Wednesday, January 27, AD 2016

Devon Anderson



The more I dig into the background of Devon Anderson, the Harris Country prosecutor, the more red flags I see:


Anderson’s announcement this week was surprising. Not only do grand juries rarely turn the tables on those making the criminal accusations, but Texas Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick urged Anderson to investigate based on footage that accused a Houston clinic of illegally selling fetal tissue for profit.

When Anderson was up for election in 2014, she ran as “proud, pro-life Texan mother of two” and was backed by the wealthy GOP elite. But the case against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, anti-abortion activists who live in California, is now perhaps Anderson’s most visible case since she first took office in 2013.

It also has a somewhat familiar ring to it.

Anderson was barely three months into office when the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue accused a Houston doctor of performing late-term abortions. The activist behind those allegations, Troy Newman, was also a founding member of the Center for Medical Progress – the anti-abortion group headed by Daleiden, whose videos set off investigations by Congress and Republican efforts to cut off Planned Parenthood funding.

Operation Rescue had released disturbing photos and accusations from the former staff of Dr. Douglas Karpen. A grand jury declined to indict Karpen; the abortion provider’s lawyer, Chip Lewis, said Karpen was smeared by doctored pictures and false allegations made by individuals who were paid by Operation Rescue.

Lewis, a longtime political donor in Houston whose beneficiaries include Anderson, said he helped soften the political fallout for her in Republican circles.

“I told them, ‘Don’t hitch your wagon to this. They’re crooks, and it’s going to be exposed,'” Lewis said, referring to Operation Rescue.

Kansas-based Operation Rescue has denied paying informants and had questioned the evidence seen by the grand jury. Anderson’s handling of both cases is also questioned by Texas Right to Life, a prominent anti-abortion group that endorsed the district attorney in 2014.


Lewis said the assistant prosecutor who oversaw the Karpen investigation also handled the Planned Parenthood case. “I don’t think she forgot what she uncovered,” Lewis said. A spokesman for Anderson, Jeff McShan, said he could not confirm whether the same assistant prosecutor handled both investigations.

Planned Parenthood attorney Josh Schaffer said a prosecutor told him the grand jury never even voted on possible criminal charges against the nation’s largest abortion provider.

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10 Responses to Harris County Indictments: The Fix Was In

  • It’s always follow the money. Can there be a recall or an impeachment for a DA in Texas?

  • I listened with shock to a hour plus long talk from a converted nurse that once worked for the Houston PP aboritorium. What an eye-opener to the pits of Hades we are protecting and funding in America.

  • Don, would you mind taking a look at my story? I just need another lawyer to make sure I don’t say something stupid. (In court there was always one, but by the time he had his say it was too late.)

    Basically, I say they drop the misdemeanor body part charges to, which is total BS with no upside to prosecution, to insulate PP and proceed on the felony. But wait! There are specific parts of the Texas Transport Code that cover license offenses. I would argue that the State must proceed on the appropriate license offense drafted by the legislature, not on some general government documents offense.

    Can you imagine the reelection prospects of a DA sending 19 year old college kids with fke IDs off to prison for 20 years? Puts it in perspective just how awful this is.

  • “Can you imagine the reelection prospects of a DA sending 19 year old college kids with fke IDs off to prison for 20 years? Puts it in perspective just how awful this is.”

    The message is clear, regardless where they take this thing. Don’t mess with our money making power machine over silly things like murdering babies in the womb, or you’ll pay dearly. In the old Soviet Union, these same offenders of the almighty state would have been facing lobotomies or something as evil..

  • “Don, would you mind taking a look at my story?”

    Good analysis my bruin friend. I think spite is the best explanation for the charges, which seem like very weak tea to me, but have made quite a splash nationally in the news which may have been the point. The alteration of the driver’s license is I think under section 37.10 (6)(d)(3) of the Texas penal code:

    (d) An offense under this section, if it is shown on the trial of the offense that the governmental record is described by Section 37.02(2)(D), is:

    (1) a Class B misdemeanor if the offense is committed under Subsection (a)(2) or Subsection (a)(5) and the defendant is convicted of presenting or using the record;

    (2) a felony of the third degree if the offense is committed under:

    (A) Subsection (a)(1), (3), (4), or (6); or

    (B) Subsection (a)(2) or (5) and the defendant is convicted of making the record; and

    (3) a felony of the second degree, notwithstanding Subdivisions (1) and (2), if the actor’s intent in committing the offense was to defraud or harm another.

    Note that the state will have to prove that the licenses either defrauded or harmed Planned Parenthood. This is a bizarre charge and obviously brought to simply bring a felony into play in the case.

  • Thanks, Don. That title just doesn’t seem to fit this, whereas there are specific statutes for drivers licenses in the Transportation Code. It seems like the title you cite has more to do with altering court records, school records, etc. Is that the statute they charged? Now “harm” is interesting because the only “harm” that could be alleged is harm to their reputation. A clever and determined defense counsel could have a field day with that, and it would open discovery and subpoena power for the defense against PP. I’m sure there’s case law on all this, Don. Why don’t you research it and memo it all out for us 😉 Seriously, congratulations. You have done the best work on this item.

  • I’ve said for years that the part of the story Hans Christian Andersen left out was where the Emperor had every citizen of the capital blinded and their tongues torn out. Which is why, even to this day, people still talk about the Emperor whose new clothes so bedazzled the people that they lost all power of sight and speech, such was the magnificence of his finery.

  • I agree w/ Bear.
    Thanks for your insights and experience.
    Harm done to PP? It’s so bizarre and sickening. This is about the ripping apart of tiny babies and selling their parts…but wait.
    It’s about the poor dismantlers….the harm done to them. As mentioned before, Cam, follow the $. So true CAM. Money and protection for the abortion pimps.
    Sick times indeed.

    And the whole of Heaven weeps along with Jesus.

  • Given the legal discourse we’ve read on this site, it could just be that Ms, Devon Anderson has stepped in a Texas size cow pie.

  • So why was Chip Lewis, the pro-abortion attorney, a donor of supposedly pro-life Devon Anderson back in 2013 / 2014? Pro-abortionists are generally Democrats and do not typically support pro-life Republicans. None of this makes any sense to me.

PopeWatch: I’m Sorry!

Wednesday, January 27, AD 2016




Pope Francis is apologizing for us again:



“As the bishop of Rome and pastor of the Catholic Church, I would like to invoke mercy and forgiveness for the non-evangelical behavior of Catholics toward Christians of other churches,” he said Monday. “At the same time, I invite all Catholic brothers and sisters to forgive if today, or in the past, they have suffered offense by other Christians.

“We cannot cancel what has happened, but we don’t want to let the weight of past harm continue to pollute our relations.”

Earlier Monday, the Vatican said Francis’ visit to Sweden will “highlight the important ecumenical developments that have taken place during the past 50 years of dialogue between Catholics and Lutherans.” It will include a common worship service based on a recently published Catholic Lutheran liturgical guide to help churches commemorate the Reformation anniversary together.

The Catholic Church estimates there are about 150,000 Catholics in Sweden, including 113,000 registered members, according to Kristina Hellner of the Catholic Diocese of Stockholm.

Martin Luther’s challenge to the Catholic doctrine of indulgences in 1517 is remembered as the start of the Reformation, from which the Protestant churches originated out of criticism of the Church of Rome led by the pope.

Significantly, when Francis issued his apology Monday, he said he was doing so as bishop of Rome — a title he often emphasizes in ecumenical settings where the primacy of the pope is still a cause for tension.

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20 Responses to PopeWatch: I’m Sorry!

  • As of yet there are no apologies forthcoming from the Anglicans, Calvinists, Lutherans, etc…..
    This was an ill advised exercise by JPII. As for the current Roman Pontiff, I have my ignore button pressed.

  • Bishop of Rome, or Pope? Isn’t it convenient to have two differing titles? Are they equals in authority, or is one a subservient technicality? Can a mere local bishop have the authority to apologize for the entire Church and all the other bishops? I’m confused.

  • “Bishop of Rome“ is the theologically significant title, and the one that gets him his authority, hence its defensive use here.

    “ Catholic Lutheran liturgical guide to help churches commemorate the Reformation anniversary together.“

    ummmm……….wut? What? Why? Am I the only one who thinks that makes a very limited amount of sense

  • I agree with St. JPII apologizing inter alia for 19th century Catholic behaviour in China. I have loved ones in both mainland and Taiwan….very smart ones who agree with St. JPII. France who represented Catholic interests in treaties in that period militarily with others and with a proportion of Catholic soldiers opened China up by force to both missionaries and British opium in the Second Opium War treaty. Drug dealing and God don’t mix. A Chinese provincial ruler had written to the Queen of England about the damage to families that opium was doing….she never wrote back. Educated Chinese know such stories. Britain needed opium sales in China via India because her desire for Chinese products was draining her of silver.
    I think Francis attending a reformation commemoration is another absurd imprudence unless he is partly in the spirit of fraternal correction going to speak on behalf of indulgences and speak against the divorce culture that the reformation produced worldwide really. I think he will not be so brave. The papacy should be chiefly rulership work…admin work. It’s not. It’s authoring and formal gatherings and travel and speeches. I can’t watch it.

  • “Educated Chinese know such stories.”

    Myths rather. Opium was in China long before the Europeans and is still there. Chinese governments find the Opium Wars a useful way to blame the West for Chinese woes.

  • Why should the temporal head of the Catholic Church participate in the anniversary of the Reformation? This is nuts. My ancestors in Switzerland hid the RC priests from spiked club yielding Zwinglian mobs. All of us with European ancestry can probably trace ancestors who were on one side or another of religious conflicts.
    The Reformation, the Counter Reformation, the Inquisition, the 30 Years War, etc. – past history which should not be forgotten, but we should concentrate on the present. “This fad was started by John Paul II. It is an idiotic business that should cease. Apologizing for events centuries in the past, especially when zero attempt is made to understand the historical context, is foolishness on stilts.” So true, Don McC.
    Because we are the one true church, Episcopalians, Anglicans, and Lutherans are converting…a silent counter reformation.

    Perhaps the Bishop of Rome should schedule a low key visit to his Catholic faithful in Scandinavia on a separate visit instead of grandstanding with the Lutherans.

  • I invite readers to double check myself and Donald in actual books by experts on the Chinese and opium in the 19th century specifically..not prior. Were they trying to get rid of it while the West was forcing it on them. Books by historians making a living at writing on that period….not the internet.

  • I guess we have to wait ’til October to see how the Lutheran cartoonists satirize the “Hippie Pope”. There should be plenty of material to inspire them.

  • “I invite readers”

    And when they do they will find out that Donald, as usual, knows what he is talking about when it comes to history. Opium addiction in China took off in the seventeenth century with the smoking of opium combined with tobacco. Chinese edicts against opium were usually dead letters as Chinese officials profited greatly from opium smuggling. By the late 19th century Chinese domestic opium production exceeded imports.

  • Donald,
    Absolutely nothing you’re addressing is to the point of St. JPII apologizing for Catholic behaviour in China. Nothing.
    Your belief means that no one need apologize if they can get true or somewhat true dirt on the other party ( how much real government was there in China in late 19th century…an historian would have been explicit on that…and pointed out that after the treaty, Chinese provinces had the West’s moral example and approbation to grow opium in the late 19th century. The Christians do it.
    I apologized to someone last month with no caveats as to what they did wrong in that skirmish…and trust me, it was mostly them but God smacked me up side the head and moved me to apologize….because apology has zero to do with whether the other person was angel or devil. You can’t in confession tell the priest: ” I sold opium to a guy but he liked it way before I sold it to him.” Priest: ” Are you confessing or not?”

  • “Absolutely nothing you’re addressing is to the point of St. JPII apologizing for Catholic behaviour in China. Nothing.”

    My post addressed the issue of meaningless apologies for past events Bill. It also pointed out lack of historical context, as illustrated by the BS fed to your loved ones about the evil West v. Virtuous China in their classes on the mainland and Taiwan. Opium addiction in China was not caused by the West but rather was caused by the Chinese desire to consume opiates. These idiot apologies always play into the worst type of identity politics, another reason that they are pernicious.

  • John Paul II rightly could care less if some Chinese liked opium already. It nevertheless was mortal sin for Westerners to force it by way of war and death onto the Chinese government who at that earlier part of the century was trying to suppress it…even per your link.
    My loved ones are Cornell, Carnegie Mellon and Wharton …no one fools them and they are familiar with Chinese doing bad things….believe me.

  • For hundreds of years my ancestors condemned Catholics for their faith. I once did as well. It is I who needs to apologize for THEM and for what I did.

    I am a convert to the Church from a long line of Methodist clerics. I’ve brought with me my adult children and wife. What I find I have walked into is a monstrous domestic dispute of Biblical proportions. I find the Pope’s actions here nothing short of reprehensible. Especially since the group of Lutherans he plans to honor are sodomite-supporting heretics from the heretical faith of even the Arch-heretic Luther himself! Luther had SOME standards, and by the standards of his day would very likely have had these women “bishops” and sodomite-ordainers gibetted.

    And the Pope desecrate his office by supporting them in their sin.


  • “It nevertheless was mortal sin for Westerners to force it by way of war and death onto the Chinese government who at that earlier part of the century was trying to suppress it…even per your link.”

    Yes, and an apology by the Pope for that is as meaningless as the Archbishop of Canterbury apologizing for the potato famine. If the Pope is going to take upon himself the task of apologizing for every wrong that has ever been done by Catholic nations or groups he will have time for little else, which in regard to the present Pope might not be a bad thing actually. Of course these apologies have nothing to do with actual historical events and everything to do with current ethnic and racial politics. As to the Chinese apology I suspect that John Paul II hoped it would make the Chinese government easier to deal with in regard to Chinese Catholics, and that certainly has not happened.

    In regard to China the hilarious thing, aside from the fact that the Chinese are trying to lay the blame for Chinese opium addiction on outsiders, is that China has almost always been an imperial power and rather ruthless with neighboring countries, and internal minority groups. as Tibetans could attest today. If worthless apologies for historical wrongs are to be regarded as a good idea, I can’t wait for representatives of the Middle Kingdom to begin work on their considerable share.

  • This is merely an attack against the pre-Vatican II Church
    wrapped in an apology. I’m not surprised that the radicals
    have embraced the heretic Luther. Expect more attacks as
    the radicals transform the Church.

  • Excellent observation, Franco. If the Lutherans are essentially “right”, Trent is all wrong. St Charles Borromeo, St Pius V, St Peter Canisius, were all wrong too. V2 is right, however.

  • Some of this discussion today has been about the importance of getting history right .
    The pope’s action here does a real disservice to the truth about history and a disservice to all of us .

  • I completely agree with Donald. Pope Francis seems to have taken a page out of Obama’s playbook, apologizing to those who owe you an apology or gratitude. It is a form of preemptive surrender, leading from behind, mealy mouthed nonsense.

    If there are to be apologies it is the Lutherans who should apologize to Catholics for all the damage they have inflicted on the world by following their sex crazed heretical founder. It is time for them to surrender and come back to the Holy Catholic Church–such as it is today.

  • My apologies in advance Donald, I couldn’t resist:

January 27, 1776: Henry Knox Delivers the Noble Train of Artillery to Washington

Wednesday, January 27, AD 2016

One of the interesting aspects of wars and revolutions is the unexpected talents and abilities that come to the fore in the most unlikely of individuals.  As that remarkable year 1775 was drawing to a close, General Washington, if he was to force the British  to leave Boston, needed a substantial artillery force, which he entirely lacked.   Twenty-five year old Colonel Henry Knox, a fat Boston book seller prior to the War, came up with the idea of transporting the artillery from newly captured Fort Ticonderoga in northern New York to the siege lines around Boston.  This was accomplished by Knox from December 5, 1775 to January 27, 1776, transporting sixty tons of artillery and ammunition, 59 cannon, mortars and howitzers, through wilderness in the dead of winter, a truly astounding feat. On December 17, 1775 Knox wrote to Washington:

I return’d to this place on the 15 & brought with me the Cannon being nearly the time I conjectur’d it would take us to transport them to here, It is not easy [to] conceive the difficulties we have had in getting them over the Lake owing to the advanc’d Season of the Year & contrary winds, but the danger is now past & three days ago it was very uncertain whether we could have gotten them untill next spring, but now please God they must go – I have had made forty two exceeding Strong Sleds & have provided eighty Yoke of oxen to drag them as far as Springfield where I shall get fresh Cattle to Carry them to Camp – the rout will be from here to Kinderhook from thence into Great Barrington Massachusetts Bay & down to Springfield There will scarcely be possibility of conveying them from here to Albany or Kinderhook but on sleds the roads being very much gullied, at present the sledding is tolerable to Saratoga about 26 miles; beyond that there is none – I have sent for the Sleds & teams to come here & expect to begin [to] move them to Saratoga on Wednesday or Thursday next trusting that between this & then we shall have a fine fall of snow which will enable us to proceed further & make the carriage easy – if that should be the case I hope in 16 or 17 days time to be able to present to your Excellency a noble train of artillery.

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11 Responses to January 27, 1776: Henry Knox Delivers the Noble Train of Artillery to Washington

  • Knox had said it would take him two weeks to move the artillery, and it ended up being six weeks. In today’s politicized climate he would have run the risk of being cashiered.

  • “… but now please God they must go …”
    Could faith be what was behind all the miracle of defeating the King?
    Great article Donald–keep them coming.

  • Faith and providence. Americans up until very recently knew that there were several moments when the Revolution could have easily been lost. In hindsight the coincidences are too eerie.

  • “A contemplation of the compleat attainment (at a period earlier than could have been expected) of the object for which we contended against so formidable a power cannot but inspire us with astonishment and gratitude. The disadvantageous circumstances on our part, under which the war was undertaken, can never be forgotten. The singular interpositions of Providence in our feeble condition were such, as could scarcely escape the attention of the most unobserving; while the unparalleled perseverence of the Armies of the U States, through almost every possible suffering and discouragement for the space of eight long years, was little short of a standing miracle.”

    George Washington

  • but Don – knox was a private citizen when he performed this task, not colonel. how he loved washington and vice versa …. his commission did not come in till later 76 – Arnold had first volunteered to get the artillery but got distracted with other opportunities – knox lost a few canon thru river ice weakness- in the hudson near lansingburgh ny and the hudson again near albany – the citizens of albany helped him retrieve it from the river- early jan 76 – knox nearly froze to death near albany’ in a snow storm’ as he recounted to his Excellency George in a letter: the hoax was knox brought no powder – there was no propellant for the shells- Gage was looking for an excuse to abandon boston -small pox was killing him – so when dorchester heights made boston appear untenable he shipped his army to points north like nova scotia to fight another day …..

  • Knox was appointed Colonel of the Artillery Regiment on November 17, 1775:

    Arnold took part with Ethan Allan in the taking of Fort Ticonderoga from a miniscule British guard. He then headed the Maine prong of the American invasion of Canada.

    Lack of powder delayed Washington from fortifying Dorchester Heights until March 5, 1776 by which time his army had sufficient powder for the cannon, much of it smuggled in from the West Indies.

  • hey Don – i mis spoke- Knox’s commission came in a day late , not a year late, for the then private citizen – Knox was acting as a ‘continental officer’ and was issued orders a day before his congressional commission was effective ; “Washington put Knox in charge of securing the Ticonderoga artillery, saying that “no trouble or expense must be spared to obtain them.” On November 16 Washington issued orders to Knox to retrieve the cannon (and authorized £1000 for the purpose), and wrote to General Philip Schuyler, a native New Yorker recently commission[ed] by the Second Continental Congress, asking him to assist Knox in the endeavor. Washington’s call for the weapons was echoed by the Congress, which issued Knox a colonel’s commission in November[17] that did not reach him until he returned from the expedition. Knox departed Washington’s camp on November 17, and after traveling to New York City for supplies, reached Ticonderoga on December 5 love your blog obviously, Washintons

    the corpulent Colonel Knox’s congressional commission is dated to 11/17/1775. see Henry Knox: Visionary General of the American Revolution; mark puls , pg 38-43

    regarding powder – note in washingtons’ own writings's%20continental%20commission&f=false on page 380 Washington himself tells of Gage attempting to evacuate 1,000 men on transports on MARCH 5TH – along with their arms and magazines – and being driven back to boston by a violent storm . Gage decided to leave well prior to 3/5 or 3/17
    the ruse de guerre worked , prior to His Excellency having the powder to effect the departure; i believe Gage was running from small pox and “inclement surroundings” in beantown.

  • Don- ‘Arnold took part with Ethan Allan in the taking of Fort Ticonderoga from a miniscule British guard. ” took part?! – like Patton took part in the defeat of Nazi germany….. Col.Easton may be the cause of some confusion here – BTW – Arnold was one of only 2 visitors to valley forge who were applauded and saluted by the starving, frozen patriots
    i digress….

    ……Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys were as equally eager to capture such a prize and the two groups met up with each other at Bennington. [Arnold, as usual was out ahead , as Dark Eagle always was …..of his authorized 400 man brigade from Mass. ] Arnold was surprised and a little angered because Ethan Allen did not care if Arnold had permission from the Committee of Safety and Arnold couldn’t talk Allen out of relinquishing command. Arnold had to concede to accompanying Allen and his rowdy, rough and tumble fighters. On May 10, they surprised the British garrison and the Green Mountain Boys celebrated by invading the rum stores of the British and getting totally sloshed. They virtually ignored Benedict Arnold except when they were teasing and jeering him. Arnold had an argument with Colonel Easton, who was to deliver the missive announcing the victory of the capture to Massachusetts…which doesn’t make it surprising that Arnold spent time with the captured enemy officers than his fellow countrymen.
    Frustrated, he retired to the captain’s quarters to await forces that he had recruited, reporting to the Massachusetts Provincial Congress that Allen and his men were “governing by whim and caprice” at the fort, and that the plan to strip the fort and send armaments to Boston was in peril.[28] When Delaplace protested the seizure of his private liquor stores, Allen issued him a receipt for the stores, which he later submitted to Connecticut for payment.[29] Arnold’s disputes with Allen and his unruly men were severe enough that there were times when some of Allen’s men drew weapons.[28]
    28=Randall, Willard Sterne (1990). Benedict Arnold: Patriot and Traitor. New York: William Morrow. ISBN 1-55710-034-9.

    Arnold eventually gained some control by way of his sailing experience, however he and Allen really never could see things the same way…except for the essential need of an invasion of Canada. Easton returned from his mission to Massachusetts while Arnold and Allen were planning the Canadian Invasion. Easton had done his best to diminish Arnold’s participation in the capture of Ticonderoga and the two were arguing once more. Arnold challenged him to a duel and Easton refused. When the fight got physical, Allen and Easton both left. He proceeded with his own plans, but soon a Massachusetts Committee commanded him to place himself under Colonel Benjamin Hinman. With his quick temper, he immediately dismissed all his troops after resigning his commission. He was not any happier when he found out his men had been recruited by his nemesis, Colonel Easton. Completely affronted, he went to Albany and there sent off a statement of the situation at Ticonderoga to Continental Congress.

    I am so pleased you know and post about our great history … God Bless your work!! and you…

  • from of all places…..
    ” he attackers roused the fort commander from his bed, and Arnold reputedly demanded the fort’s surrender “in the name of the great Jehovah and the Continental Congress.” The fort fell without casualties and without a shot being fired.

    i’d always seen the phrase demanding surrender attributed to E. Allen of the New Hampshire estates …..

  • Other sources say that he said, “Come out you damn old rat!”

  • “who was Benedict Arnold?” Was the answer for last night’s Final Jeopardy American Revolution question.

Ludicrous Charges

Tuesday, January 26, AD 2016


The indictments of the Harris County Grand Jury in Texas against David R. Daleiden and Sandra S. Merritt are the worst misuse of the power of prosecution that I have witnessed in 33 years of practicing law:

Prosecutors in Harris County said one of the leaders of the Center for Medical Progress — an anti-abortion group that made secretly recorded videos purporting to show Planned Parenthood officials trying to illegally profit from the sale of fetal tissue — had been indicted on a charge of tampering with a governmental record, a felony, and on a misdemeanor charge related to purchasing human organs.

That leader, David R. Daleiden, 27, the director of the center, had posed as a biotechnology representative to infiltrate Planned Parenthood affiliates and surreptitiously record his efforts to procure tissue for research. Another center employee, Sandra S. Merritt, 62, was indicted on a felony charge of tampering with a governmental record.

The record-tampering charges accused Mr. Daleiden and Ms. Merritt of making and presenting fake California driver’s licenses, with the intent to defraud, for their April meeting at Planned Parenthood in Houston.

Go here to read the rest.

Let us count the ways a first year law student should be able to get this trash dismissed:

1. Lack of scienter-Daleiden and Merritt were attempting to expose Planned Parenthood’s sale of fetal tissue.  They had no intent to actually purchase such tissue.

2. No sale-The grand Jury simultaneously found that Planned Parenthood was not attempting to sell fetal tissue.  They then found that Daleiden and Merritt were purchasing tissue from a vendor who was not selling tissue.  That makes no logical sense, let alone a coherent legal charge.

3.  Freedom of the press-All of the activities of Daleiden and Merritt were undertaken under the cover of the First Amendment freedom of the press.  Such sting operations are part and parcel of the normal functioning of the media in this country and an attempt to criminalize such activity raises grave constitutional questions.

4.  No intent to defraud-The California driver’s license charge indicates how the prosecutor involved was reaching to get a felony indictment, purchasing or selling fetal tissue sadly being only a misdemeanor.  This is the type of charge that only a prosecutor desperate to find anything to nail a target of an investigation on would bring.  The charge is complete rubbish since there was no intent to defraud Planned Parenthood of anything, but rather an intent to expose wrongdoing.

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15 Responses to Ludicrous Charges

  • What are the chances in our screwed up justice system that a guilty verdict is rendered?

  • “The grand Jury simultaneously found that Planned Parenthood was not attempting to sell fetal tissue. They then found that Daleiden and Merritt were purchasing tissue from a vendor who was not selling tissue. That makes no logical sense…”
    Not necessarily. It depends entirely on the evidence.
    Thus, as Lord Fraser observed, “The confessions of the wife, defender, may warrant the Court in finding that adultery is proved against her, while, not being evidence against the co-defender, he escapes; and thus divorce may be granted against the wife for adultery committed by her with him, while he himself is assoilzied from the action.”
    Again, “there is no necessary contradiction between a jury’s finding that there is convincing evidence, applicable to A only, to show that A acted in concert with B and a contemporaneous jury finding that the evidence applicable to B has failed to demonstrate that he acted in concert with A.”
    Facts are one thing; proof of those facts quite another.

  • 65,169 and counting.
    The signatures on board with Edward G. Radler Rice’s invitation to Sign the petition!
    Thanks Edward.

  • “Facts are one thing; proof of those facts quite another.”

    We know all the relevant evidence in this case MPS, and the charge is nonsense.

  • Last year the federal government alone shoveled almost $600 million taxpayer
    dollars to Planned Parenthood. States and municipal governments also give
    PP millions of taxpayer dollars in subsidies. Planned Parenthood, in return, spends
    money helping pro-abortion politicians get and stay in office– I believe in this
    most recent Congressional election cycle PP reported spending $18 million on
    various Congressional elections, and is on line to spend upwards of $20 million
    just on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign this year. I haven’t seen figures on
    what PP spends on state and municipal elections, but I’m sure it’s not chicken
    feed. PP has the deep pockets to do this, because the politicians they help get
    elected keep them flush with taxpayer dollars.
    Harris County / Houston Democrats have a very cosy relationship with
    Planned Parenthood. Back in 2012 the Houston Planned Parenthood opened
    their new abortion facility– the largest in the nation– and that December the
    Harris County DNC held their Christmas party there. Planned Parenthood
    is both the baby-killing arm of the Democrat party, and a slush fund of
    campaign dollars for pro-abortion politicians of both parties. I’m guessing
    that Republican DA Devon Anderson has figured out which side her bread is
    buttered on, and if she loses the support of Houston Republicans over this,
    she’ll likely just switch parties.
    I’m hoping that if these indictments aren’t tossed out by a judge and actually
    go to trial, then all of the videos and other information currently held by
    Daleidin and Merritt are brought out in the discovery process. It’s likely that
    there are some things there that’ll make both PP and some Houston politicians
    regret they pulled this stunt.
    It certainly wouldn’t hurt to send a donation to help the CMP with their legal
    bills, since they’re not receiving hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars
    each year. Their website has a Paypal button…

  • “I’m hoping that if these indictments aren’t tossed out by a judge and actually
    go to trial, then all of the videos and other information currently held by
    Daleidin and Merritt are brought out in the discovery process. It’s likely that
    there are some things there that’ll make both PP and some Houston politicians
    regret they pulled this stunt.”

    Indeed, and rest assured that the defense effort will be very well funded.

  • Will this really be resolved when it’s brought it to the “Supreme Court”–the same secular holy pinnacle that created Roe vs. Wade out of whole lawyer-speak cloth? (“emanations from penumbras” is not in the constitution in any form, implicit or explicit)
    First comes immorality, then the enforcement arm engages it, and the legal arm codifies it as a good.

    We better hope there’s an after life.

  • Oh, the wheel doesn’t spin just one way. Evil has its moment of triumph and then is relegated to the ashes of history. The Justice of God is often delayed, it is never denied, even, ultimately, on this Earth

  • This lesson period is coming to an end.
    Soon the final exams will reveal who has payed attention and who has not.
    Failure rate will be high and once it’s over, its over……forever.

  • Vote for her Democrat opponent? Are you serious? Democrats are ALWAYS pro-choice. Most want taxpayer funded abortion, on demand, post 20 weeks, without appology, and frequently won’t attempt to end the horrific practice of partial birth abortion, even for babies who would otherwise be developed enough to survive outside the womb. Of course we should want judges who uphold the sanctity of life, but to advise people vote against her and elect some unnamed and unknown political opponant as a way to punish her is irresponsible, as you could very likely put someone even more evil behind the bench. Please research candidates prior to elections, vote responsibly, and according to your concience, not just party.

  • “Vote for her Democrat opponent? Are you serious?”

    Yep. The odds are that she is a pro-abort also. This whole debacle was a giant slap in the face to the pro-life movement engineered by her office and probably by her. Of course she should be tossed from office at the earliest opportunity.

  • The Evil Axis: B. Hussein – Hillary — Planned Parenthood, Their Patron is Ted Kennedy.

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Grand Jury Mystery

Tuesday, January 26, AD 2016




For my sins, no doubt, I have been an attorney now for more than a third of a century.  One of the many lessons that I have learned over this great span of time, is that grand juries are the tools of prosecutors, and that other than declining to indict an occasional prospective defendant, grand juries normally proceed along the paths that the directing prosecutors wish.  What then to make of this?

A Harris County grand jury has indicted the Center for Medical Progress — specifically, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt – while declining to indict Planned Parenthood. This comes after the Center for Medical Progress released an investigation last year into the sales of aborted baby organs at Planned Parenthood:

Secret videographers David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt were both indicted on charges of tampering with a governmental record, a second-degree felony that carries a punishment of up to 20 years in prison. Daleiden received an additional misdemeanor indictment under the law prohibiting the purchase and sale of human organs.

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson announced the surprising indictments Monday after a two-month investigation.

“We were called upon to investigate allegations of criminal conduct by Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast,” said Anderson, a Republican. “As I stated at the outset of this investigation, we must go where the evidence leads us. All the evidence uncovered in the course of this investigation was presented to the grand jury. I respect their decision on this difficult case.”

A grand jury is formed of ordinary citizens that are presented  evidence and testimony from the prosecutor alone to form their theory of a case without any input from the defense.

From that information, the jury determines if there is enough probable cause to move the case forward in the judicial process.  The grand jury does not determine guilt or innocence. The indictment itself is a public document but it has not been made available online at the time of publication.

Absolutely no information has been released regarding what government records Daleiden and Merritt allegedly tampered with. The Center for Medical Progress responded, pointing out their free speech rights, as well as reminding all of us that Planned Parenthood was breaking the law by selling the body parts of aborted babies:

A Harris County grand jury has indicted the Center for Medical Progress — specifically, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt – while declining to indict Planned Parenthood. This comes after the Center for Medical Progress released an investigation last year into the sales of aborted baby organs at Planned Parenthood:

Secret videographers David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt were both indicted on charges of tampering with a governmental record, a second-degree felony that carries a punishment of up to 20 years in prison. Daleiden received an additional misdemeanor indictment under the law prohibiting the purchase and sale of human organs.

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson announced the surprising indictments Monday after a two-month investigation.

“We were called upon to investigate allegations of criminal conduct by Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast,” said Anderson, a Republican. “As I stated at the outset of this investigation, we must go where the evidence leads us. All the evidence uncovered in the course of this investigation was presented to the grand jury. I respect their decision on this difficult case.”

A grand jury is formed of ordinary citizens that are presented  evidence and testimony from the prosecutor alone to form their theory of a case without any input from the defense.

From that information, the jury determines if there is enough probable cause to move the case forward in the judicial process.  The grand jury does not determine guilt or innocence. The indictment itself is a public document but it has not been made available online at the time of publication.

Absolutely no information has been released regarding what government records Daleiden and Merritt allegedly tampered with. The Center for Medical Progress responded, pointing out their free speech rights, as well as reminding all of us that Planned Parenthood was breaking the law by selling the body parts of aborted babies:

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5 Responses to Grand Jury Mystery

    On the board of Planned Parenthood and part of the prosecution.
    I’m checking this out, but heard it on the radio just recently. If you have information on this hearsay please expound.
    I’m heading out in traffic.

  • It was an assistant prosecutor who supposedly had nothing to do with the Grand Jury investigation. However, the questions as to how the DA bungled an easy case against abortionist Douglas Karpen, with the Grand Jury returning no indictment, makes me highly suspicious.

  • I’ve learned that commenting on cases that weren’t mine is seldom wise. From the outside, there’s just too much we don’t know. But you are spot on in all of your comments. Grand Juries are also sometimes used to “wash” a case. That means you have a suspect in a high profile case that may very well be guilty, but for whatever reason (usually political) the prosecutor does not want to be seen as failing to charge the suspect. So he takes it to a Grand Jury, and induces them to return a no bill and that’s the end of it. Then he can protest, “It wasn’t me, it was the Grand Jury!” It’s not uncommon among the more weaselly of prosecutors. So, it is possible that he sidestepped voter repercussions or whatever by washing Planned Parenthood. That much, I can understand, What is odd is that he has set the stage for whatever the defendants — with subpoena duces tecum power, by the way — want to present at trial that they can get from PP. As you point out, that was his decision. Is he planning on making them an offer they can’t refuse, i.e. very generous? I cannot imagine he would seriously want to put this case on in front of a jury! (And the press.) I doubt he will try the case if it goes to trial. He’ll probably bring in the Attorney General or somebody. I bet the defendants will be well-represented and well-funded. It seems spiteful, but even more D-U-M-B. And yes, it stinks to high heaven.

  • Thanks Donald.
    Smells like skunk.
    If they attempt to prosecute they will regret it.
    It will blow up in their face.
    Respond to criminal charges is bunk.

  • There’s no conflict arising from an assistant in the office being on the board of PP.

    Nonetheless, as a prosecutor who is counsel to an investigative grand jury, I can confirm it is certainly true that these charges would not have been returned without the very active involvement of the DA. No grand jury would have the legal knowledge (or imagination) to return these indictments without the strong guidance of the DA running the show. And, by the same token, it is very unlikely the grand jury would have declined to indict PP unless the DA had strongly signaled his view that the case was weak and should not be indicted. I wonder if the DA even presented actual indictments for the grand jury to deliberate over.

    In any event, indicting is one thing, convicting beyond a reasonable doubt is entirely another matter.

Festung Shea

Tuesday, January 26, AD 2016

Festung Shea



Dave Griffey at Daffey Thoughts brings us up to date on Mark Shea’s Facebook page, now that he has shut down Catholic and Enjoying It.  His trajectory to the left seems to have accelerated:


So I broke my promise and went back to visit Mark Shea’s Facebook page.  I know, I know.  I said I wouldn’t. What am I, some glutton for punishment?  I didn’t comment on anything. I just went to look.  I wanted to see if Mark was continuing with the very problematic practice of having ‘Isn’t Bernie Sander’s the cutest thing?’ posts on his very Catholic Facebook page.  The whole thing, and my banishment, came from that. 

When CAEI went offline, I decided to take a look at Mark’s Facebook Page.  I don’t typically do Facebook that much, and I had never visited his page.  I heard horror stories, but found it hard to believe them.  Well, once I was there, I believed them. 

By now, of course, Mark falls into that Orthodox Liberal Catholic group.  That is, they don’t reject traditional doctrines about God or the Trinity or the Resurrection.  They also stand with the Church on issues like abortion and gay marriage.  But in almost any other area where there is wiggle room, they tend to fall down along the modern, post-Christian liberal paradigm.  The reasons are, no doubt, many.  For some, as my boys pointed out with our parish, it’s less that they love liberalism as much as they hate American Conservatism and the GOP. 

Be that as it may, today Mark could in no way be called a conservative or traditional Catholic and have those terms mean anything.  And his Facebook page reflected that.  Moreover, those who commented were a rough brood, many of which seemed to be the sort of thing Pope Francis could have been thinking of.  It often got mean and ugly.   Quite a bit of contempt and condescension toward those who aren’t following lockstep behind the modern Left.

Nonetheless, for all his Left leaning and liberal cheering, Mark remains adamantly pro-life and passionately against abortion.  Period.  No suggestions otherwise can be entertained.  So it came as quite a shock, in those couple weeks I was visiting there, to see how many ‘Bernie Rocks’ posts Mark had uploaded.  Especially when it was set in juxtaposition to almost every other candidate Mark mentioned, who received nothing but scorn and insults from Mark and most of his readers.  Like a sore thumb, Sanders stood out above it all and Mark’s Facebook page looked like quite the Pro-Sanders Facebook headquarters. 

So when Mark posted yet another ‘Equestrian Sanders Pic’, I merely said that his page was becoming like a campaign stop for the Sanders campaign, and he might want to do a double check.  After all, Sanders goes beyond pro-choice.  He is pro-abortion, and in fact, pro-culture of death.  He is part of that secular liberalism that reminds us how so few societies that have opposed war or the death penalty have done so in the name of life’s sanctity.  Just the opposite.  They do it because things like torture, war and the death penalty run afoul of the Left’s great sinful promise: that pride is, in fact, a good thing.  The universe does rotate around me.  Things like death penalties or punishment or war suggest there are things bigger than me, and so they are clearly bad.  But things like abortion, any marriage or sex any way I want, euthanasia, assisted suicide: they serve me and a world set firmly under my whims and desires.

That is the sort of Left Sanders advocates.  As a politician, he has gone into areas that even pro-choice politicians fear to tread.  He advocates post-Christian sexuality, and further appears to support the punishment of those who don’t do likewise.  He supports gay marriage, and also the HHS mandate, thereby solidifying his opposition to multiple things that Mark holds near and dear.

In some ways, it reminded me of Mark and Ron Paul some years ago.  For a while, Mark became quite the Catholic voice for the Ron Paul campaign.  While he insisted he wouldn’t vote for him, that he was merely pointing out where he thought Paul was correct, his blog became a major boost for Ron Paul supporters.  Eventually, Mark did admit that if Paul was in the primaries by the time they came to Washington, Mark would vote for him.  When he did that, it wasn’t really a shock.

In some ways, this sudden high-five to Sanders sniffed a bit like the old Paul posts.  Sure, he wasn’t saying ‘Vote Sanders’ or ‘I Support Bernie!’  But his posts were stacking up quickly, with many having nothing to do with anything other than “Bernie Sanders: Awesome Guy!”  Sorry, but someone who pushes to loosen the restrictions for a partial birth abortion has dropped at least one rung down the awesome ladder in my book. 

So I posted my message.  And oh my, all hell broke loose.  Mark came at me with everything: mocking me, calling me names, accusing me of passive aggressively suggesting he is pro-choice.  He used the old Sea Lion cartoon against me.  Several of his readers did the same.  I tried to keep it where I was, insisting that while you can quote someone you don’t agree with (as a general rule I try to find better examples unless I’m making a specific point), there is a logical difference between a single quote and days of ‘thumbs up’ posts.

Mark and his readers would have none of it.  Mark simply repeated the charges over and over again.  Even my oldest son tried to bring some perspective, echoing a logical assessment of the current political climate being partly to do with Obama’s legacy.  That went as well as you can imagine.

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10 Responses to Festung Shea

  • If Mark Shea supports Bernie Sanders the communist, then he is as much communist as Bernie Sanders is, and he ought to be treated as such, with complete contempt and disdain.
    If this nation, having stupidly chosen Barack Hussein Obama twice to be President, choses Bernie Sanders for the same office, then the Republic is lost and open persecution of Christians will commence. At that time Christians will have to implement the Maccabean solution to protect their families. There will not be any other choice than fighting against communist tyranny or being imprisoned or executed.
    We live in dangerous times.

  • “Orthodox Liberal Catholic ”
    The mother of all oxymorons?

  • You can’t be pro-life and aid-and-abet the uber-abortion regime.

    Obama accomplishments:

    Propped up Wall Street with Fed QE’s and zero interest rates, Main Street not so much

    Pushed record numbers of Americans out of labor force

    Increased poverty (record numbers on food stamps, disability, etc.) and income inequality

    Gave over Middle East to terrorists and Russia

    Doubled the national debt to $19 trillion

    Screwed up millions of people’s health insurance
    Apparently, Shea is an Obama-worshiping imbecile and is at war with reality. His even-stupider acolytes are Shea-worshiping morons.

    I’m wondering if DG went to Confession and the priest told him to go to Shea’s page as Penance.

  • Wait, what? Mark shut down his blog? When did this happen?

  • It often got mean and ugly.
    That is standard liberal discourse. They are a very intolerant bunch.
    They do it because things like torture, war and the death penalty run afoul of the Left’s great sinful promise: that pride is, in fact, a good thing.

  • “Wait, what? Mark shut down his blog? When did this happen?”

    End of 2015.

  • Huh. Well, that’s a good thing for the Catholic ephemeris, I guess. Shea poisons the discourse wherever he goes, and CAEI had long since become an echo chamber for the dwindling number of Catholics who appreciate Mark’s shrieking hysteria and gutter rhetoric. Did he say why?
    Political conversions are interesting. Since I moved from the atheist left to the (far) right and into the Church, I think I’ve become more sympathetic towards human weakness, even as I’ve gained a clearer and more severe view of the foibles themselves. But Mark, in moving from somewhat rightish to the (far) left, seems to have taken license to indulge his worst instincts. Temperamentally, he fits right in with the blind Manicheanism of the left, by which worldview opposing views are not just wrong or misguided, but actively evil.

  • “Wait, what? Mark shut down his blog? When did this happen?”
    End of 2015.

    But he still blogs at the National Catholic Register.

  • Yes, I tried to engage with him on his recent Register article defending the four-equal-religions video, but he won’t engage with me. He prefers easy targets that he can drag down to his level., and an in-depth philosophical discussion of whether Mahommedans and Christians do, in fact, worship the same God just isn’t his cup of tea. Better just to go all sola catechismo on people and accuse them of being protestants if they disagree.

  • T. Shaw-Exactly! Say all the blahblahblahblah you want, do all the fancy logic dancing you want, deny what your eyes tell you and accept lies: the Democrat Party-ie all Democrats-is/are THE PARTY OF DEATH. Lock, stock, and barrell – look at what they have done, look at what they now do, look at what they said they would do, and look at what they now say they will do – this is why, assuming you have a wellformed conscience as defined by Holy Mother Church it is a MORTAL sin to vote for any Democrat. It is no adequate reply to say that – but-it is a mortal sin to vote for some independents or some GOPers, or some Green Party members. It is a MORTAL sin now to vote for any and all Democrats at all level or governments. And this means that giving them any money or any support is also a mortal sin. see VIRTUOUS CITIZENSHIP 2014 at or [document soon to be updated for 2016 with all the heinous atrocities which can be laid at Democrat feet since 2014]. This is why it is beyond laughabale for an entity like Catholic Vote to come out against someone like Trump. Obama and Hillary are major demons compared to him and to just about any frontrunner of any other group. Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas USA ps: re Mark Shea-watch Casablanca when Peter Lorre says to Bogart, “You must hate me.”

PopeWatch: Martin, All is Forgiven!

Tuesday, January 26, AD 2016







Pope Francis will travel to Sweden in October for a joint ecumenical commemoration of the start of the Reformation, together with leaders of the Lutheran World Federation and representatives of other Christian Churches.

The event will take place on October 31st in the southern Swedish city of Lund where the Lutheran World Federation was founded in 1947. While kicking off a year of events to mark the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, it will also highlight the important ecumenical developments that have taken place during the past 50 years of dialogue between Catholics and Lutherans.

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9 Responses to PopeWatch: Martin, All is Forgiven!

  • I ignore this Pope. It keeps my blood pressure down.
    I have read that Catholics should “love” the Pope. I don’t love the Pope. I don’t like the Pope. I want him to resign and go back to Argentina. The damage he has done will not be repaired in my lifetime.
    So, I ignore him. I am a sinner in need of Confession. I am not “better” than the Pope or for that matter anyone who participates here…probably I’m worse.
    I just refuse to get angry over what he says or does. I can’t let it ruin my life.

  • Not to be a naïve optimist I’m certainly not that, but I see with this pope, an opportunity
    (a necessity, perhaps?)to dig further into my faith, to evaluate the contradictions and confusion and find the correct path to follow. This confusion is, in no small part, brought into the faith by Francis. Somewhere in all this, is a good–God, after all, has allowed it.

  • “What is the whole papacy but a beautiful false front and a deceptively glittering holiness under which the wretched devil lies in hiding? The devil always desires to imitate God in this way. He cannot bear to observe God speaking.”

    Who knew Luther was a prophet?

  • On re-reading, this one got me.
    “…it is certain that it is not Christ’s church but the synagogue of Satan…”

    And I thought the liberation theologians were bad.

  • I guess the Pope won’t be announcing Lutheranorum coetibus any time soon.

  • This is so ironic. What Martin Luther wrote about the Pope of his day and age applies quite well to the current Pope but for reasons opposite what he cites. It is this Pope’s abandonment of Sacred Tradition and embrace of almost every new heresy to come down the turnpike that makes Martin Luther’s words so prophetic as the Bear notes in a previous comment.

  • In addition to this novelty, the rehabilitation of the pope-hating, priest-hating, Martin Luther, I am sure PopeWatch will notice the future children’s oook to be released in April: The Pope will answer questions put to him from God-knows-where,such as:

    “Dear Pope Francis,” 10-year-old Mohammed begins, “Will the world be again as it was in the past?”

    The pope’s response to Mohammed spoke in part of suffering and the people who inflict it:
    “There are those who manufacture weapons so that people fight each other and wage war. There are people who have hate in their hearts. There are people who are interested only in money and would sell everything for it. They would even sell other people,” he wrote.

    –“Pope Francis Answers Kids’ Questions in New Book”, 1/25/2016, Yahoo News

    Well, sounds like there are some humans that are beyond “mercy”, and its OK to teach children to hate.
    I wouldn’t want this man reading any “children’s books” to my children or grandchildren.

  • Steve Phoenix – I thought you were making some kind of joke until I followed your link.
    Oh no.

  • Anzlyne, would that I could fabricate an Eye-of-the-Tiber-style burlesque, but nothing is as mad as this papacy is in actual fact.
    Light-show on once-sacred St. Peter’s, tonight, anyone?