Iowa Please Send this Gal to the Senate-Part II

Thursday, May 8, AD 2014


43 years old, a Lieutenant Colonel in the Iowa National Guard and a State Senator, pro-life Joni Ernst continues to attract attention with clever ads and now leads the Republican primary field for the Republican nomination for US Senator. 

Go here to read about her hog castrating skills, and the hoof and mouth disease that has stricken her likely Democrat opponent in the fall.

Ernst clearly remembers something that too many politicians forget:  voters will be more willing to give a candidate a try for high office if they aren’t repulsed by them.  Too many politicians in their ads seem determined to convince would be voters that they are dull, cookie-cutter typical pols, gray men and women with no passion except for an office they can turn to their personal advantage.  Ernst in her ads is demonstrating that whatever else she may be, terms like “gray” and “passionless” will never be used to describe her!

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