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From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:

Washington—Catholic Democrats voted to secede from the Catholic Church in a referendum yesterday, with final results showing that 95.5% of ballots were in favor of becoming Pagan.

Leaders from the Pagan Coalition will pass legislation allowing Catholics in the Democratic Party who follow their consciences even when they conflict with moral teachings of the Magisterium to be known as Pagans. The Vatican has welcomed the results, with the Vatican Press Office today issuing a statement of support and congratulations.

“Results of the referendum in the Democratic Party clearly showed that Catholic Democrats see their future only as part of the Pagan movement,” said Vatican Press Secretary Roberto Ansaldi. “We support their decision and hope that their transition will be seamless. ‘Transition’ isn’t the right word there is it? ‘Transition’ would imply some sort of change from one position to another.”

When Pope Francis was asked about Catholic Democrats becoming pagan, he said, “This is news?”


20 Responses to PopeWatch: Secession

  • Joe Biden, head of the coalition, is quoted as having said; “Jesus himself stated in the Bible that he didn’t come to earth to serve…rather to be served.”
    Mr. Biden also cleared up another misconception of Catholic teaching; “The Bible teaches us that abortion is pleasing to the creator. It is said that we are to be Gods, and killing innocent life is our privilege.”
    Nancy Pilosi, also a member of the coalition, agreed and added; “We will know whats in Hell when we pass it.”

  • Comment of the week Philip! Take ‘er away Sam.

  • Mr. McClarey.

    When Sr. Jane Dominic Laurel is treated as a disturbing the peace in a Catholic HS because the recipients of her talk find it appalling, it’s surreal. Rod Sterling would have so much material for his twilight zone if he were alive today. Unreal.

  • Since Joe Biden is a Supposed 32°Scottish Rite Freemason, is he even a Catholic at all?

  • Mr. Leggett.

    If it’s true that Uncle Joe is a mason it could very well explain the pro-death position he propagates. Albert Pike and his fascination with Lucifer (light bearer) may have influences on a 32 degree.

    I can not verify the document, but A. Pike had written a “creed” for American Freemasons. Within the document is a call for the destruction of the Catholic Church. In 2003 an acquaintance of mine provided a copy of the creed for my review. Again, discernment is key.
    Believe nothing you hear and half of what you read.

  • Folks, this thread is not going to devolve into a discussion of the masons. Whenever that gets going on a Catholic website the nuttiness gets out of hand quickly.

  • Eye of the Tiber…..???
    No nuttiness here Mr. McClarey 🙂
    Have a holy weekend.

  • Catholic answers for the question of Mr.Leggitt. http://www.ewtn.com/library/answers/camasonl.htm

    Saint Maximilian Kolbe recognized the real threat, hence the beginning of Militia Immaculata. That’s all. Back to the fun of EOT.

  • Tongue in cheek? The just might be a kernel of truth in this article.
    “Rita Moran is well-known in Central Maine as the longstanding Kennebec County Democrat Chair and the the owner of Apple Valley Books at 121 Main Street in Winthrop. Less well-known is Moran’s involvement in one of Maine’s thriving underground pagan worship circles … most disturbing of all is the involvement of Moran’s Apple Valley Books store in promoting her pagan-worshipping beliefs to Maine’s children … Rita Moran can be reached at…”

    UPDATE: This just in from Rita Moran on the situation. “I’ve been a bit shaken up by all this. While I’ve never denied being Pagan, I considered it a private matter. Lots of folks figured it out; lots of folks enjoyed the plausible deniability my privacy offered. Perhaps even more disturbing is how Michael Hein and Company have both edited the comments supporting me, and investigated folks posting those comments, posting additional information about them which they did not want posted. I have the full support of the Maine Democratic Party, and the Executive Committee of my own county Dems, and resignation is not in the picture. My primary concerns are financial. When this happened, I “zeroed out” the donation total on our county Dems website (http://www.kennebecdems.org). There has not been a single donation since I’ve been “outed”. I’m even more concerned about the loss of business here at our bookshop as Michael Hein’s attack turns to even more vicious rumors. I guess what I’d ask from the community is whatever support they can offer. Tranquil energy, book orders, donations to our county committee if you wish to recognize that aspect of my community service. Thanks all…”

  • LOL. Did this really get posted mere days after Republican after Republican after Republican made the pilgrimage to Las Vegas to offer obsequence to jewish billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson?

  • OH come now Tom M….Please , do NOT compare the actual fundraising of both parties to the VOTING RECORDS of BOTH PARTIES…Let us get real HERE.. YOU must have been a CATHOLIC DEM VOTER and your conscience is being disturbed. WHICH BTW it should be..DEMS ? PARTY OF DEATH ….and CATHOLICS VOTE ALONG THOSE LINES…GOD WILL PAY BACK !

  • Very edifying discussions. But today’s Eye of the Tiber and the Muppets video will entertain and edify me all week. And they made a terrific Sunday morning!

  • Oh come on now Marie. I hold my nose when I vote but I would venture to bet that the abortion rate was much lower in the post war period when a man could support his wife and children on one income. Of course, that was before the likes of Adelson sold us out on the altar of “free” trade and immigration. There used to be Reagan democrats…I like to think of myself as a Pat Buchanan democrat. Somehow I don’t think ol Pat would be making the pilgrimage to Las Vegas.

  • “I hold my nose when I vote but I would venture to bet that the abortion rate was much lower in the post war period when a man could support his wife and children on one income.”

    Abortion was illegal until 1973. Illegal abortion rates are hard to gauge but were probably about one quarter to one third what they were post Roe. I doubt if finances are the cause of many abortions now, since dependent children can be a meal ticket. Probably the number one cause of abortion is the break down in the family and women getting involved with men who have zero interest in being either husbands or fathers.

  • Mostly agree, Donald. I guess my point of disagreement(maybe?) is how we fix things. Stop immigration cold would be my starting point. Then k-rations instead of food stamps, etc. But we have to do something about male wages for those who want to follow the Church’s teachings but simply don’t have the aptitude to be a rocket scientist, doctor, etc. I always go back to Pope Pius XI from Quadragesimo Anno, “It is an intolerable abuse, and to be abolished at all cost, for mothers on account of the father’s low wage to be forced to engage in gainful occupations outside the home to the neglect of their proper cares and duties, especially the training of children.”

  • “Stop immigration cold would be my starting point.”

    I quite agree! I am a free market guy but it is unfair to undercut the wages of our native labor pool with cheap illegal labor.

    “Then k-rations instead of food stamps”

    Agreed also.

    In regard to wages, our whole society has been out of kilter for the past 40 years. Too much emphasis on everyone going to colleges and not enough emphasis on training in the trades. Too much regulation that kills start up small businesses.

  • Yes Don, “In regard to wages, our whole society has been out of kilter for the past 40 years. Too much emphasis on everyone going to colleges and not enough emphasis on training in the trades. Too much regulation that kills start up small businesses.” I think we have thus become a nation of high overhead, having too few productive persons and thereby transporting much production of goods (or not so goods) to the great slave master Communist China. Here, Obama reigns over a decadent nation addicted to bread and circuses. A worse parallel is to note that the sediment in the Cloaca Maxima was laden with the bones of infants. “If there be fifty just men in the city, shall they perish withal? and wilt thou not spare that place for the sake of the fifty just, if they be therein.”

  • Eh…a “free market” guy. Maybe you’re different, but I’ve never really met one when push comes to shove. There are so many examples of gaming the system that nobody really talks about. A buddy of mine purports to believe in libertarianism but he is an optometrist. An Optometrist! I pointed out to him that he owes his nice fat salary to govt. requirements that people are required to get “prescriptions” for glasses/contacts from a “doctor” that is required to have 8 years of schooling and that absent those requirements his job would probably pay about 12 bucks an hour. The irony was lost on him.

  • “Maybe you’re different, but I’ve never really met one when push comes to shove.”

    You have now.

    “The irony was lost on him.”
    Perhaps because he knows more about his job and what it entails than you do. I am not a big fan of government licensing requirements. In my profession any person can represent themselves in court. I am often called in by people after they have made a complete hash of things trying to represent themselves. Many things in life are much easier in theory than in practice.

  • “I would venture to bet that the abortion rate was much lower in the post war period when a man could support his wife and children on one income.”

    Maybe, maybe not. I distinctly remember reading an article in an old, yellowed back issue of the Peoria diocesan newspaper, then known as The Register, dating from about 1947 or 1948, concerning a talk on family life in which the speaker claimed that there were at least a million illegal abortions taking place annually in the U.S.

    Where this speaker got his figures, I don’t know, but the article stands out in my mind precisely because this was a well-educated authority figure, at least 25 years before Roe v. Wade, claiming that abortion was as rampant or almost as rampant as it is today. If that figure is true, by the way, it would mean the abortion RATE per 1,000 people or 1,000 women would have been higher then than it is today given the smaller population of the U.S. at the time. Again, I wish I had a more precise citation for that figure and I don’t know whether it’s true or not; but the fact that this claim was publicly made and printed in a Catholic newspaper says that, at the very least, abortion was considered a serious problem even then.

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