Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. I’ll never understand why people love Sarah Palin.
    She’s a twit and probably cost John McCain the presidency. I certainly had to hold my nose when I pulled the lever for him.

    Just because she’s expert at yanking liberals’ chain doesn’t make her someone I want represent conservatism or the Republican Party.

  2. You are a prejudiced and judgmental person, Tom Collins. How dare you berate and denigrate a Godly woman who made good with her life and does good.

  3. She’s a twit
    And with three little words you’ve managed to discredit yourself pretty quickly. She is actually fairly well-versed in political thought and has demonstrated a rather keen understanding of the American political process. I am not suggesting she is perfect or without fault, particularly in how she nurses grudges at times, but she is no twit.
    and probably cost John McCain the presidency
    An absurd and baseless charge. McCain/Palin led in the polls for a couple of weeks after the convention. What changed? A little economic collapse you may have heard about. Combined with an electorate that was already wary of the GOP after eight years of the Bush presidency, and that is the reason McCain lost.

    I certainly had to hold my nose when I pulled the lever for him.
    A common sentiment, but I assure you for most it wasn’t because of the second person the ballot.

  4. “and probably cost John McCain the presidency”

    McCain cost McCain the Presidency. He a had an uphill struggle, but once he gained the nomination he did not know what to do with it, running the most lifeless and passive general election Presidential campaign since Michael Dukakis. McCain was pathetically eager to suspend his campaign when the financial crisis struck, offended and frightened by the media turning on him, McCain being used to favorable coverage from the media prior to his Presidential run when he could be counted on by them to blast other Republicans, and seemed to be running for Miss Congeniality towards the end of his lackluster stroll, I will not dignify it with the term “race”, instead of President. McCain completely alienated the Republican base by the end of the campaign and without Palin he would have likely lost several more states to subtract from his abysmal showing. In 2008 John McCain dropped 11 points among white men from the totals of Bush in 2004. He dropped only 4 points among white women. The diffence was solely Palin. Without her McCain would have been lucky to crack 40%.

    I voted for Palin with enthusiasm and for her running mate with my left hand over my nose.

  5. Ditto to T Shaw. I voted for Sarah Palin, a Godly Christian woman who reminds me of Deborah, Esther and Judith, and NOT RINO McCain who reminds me of the King whom Jeremiah the Prophet confronted.

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