Top Ten Reasons Why Obama is Not the Anti-Christ

Obama and Cross

At a recent event, President Obama was called the anti-Christ by a heckler.   This is so unfair!  Here are the top ten reasons why Obama is not the anti-Christ.


10. Obama can’t be the anti-Christ because he is a Christian…O.K., make that the top nine reasons why Obama isn’t the anti-Christ.

9.  Obama fears that 666 is the number of daily calories that Michele will allow him on his next diet.

8.  Satan has not taken possession of Obama, although some sort of lease arrangement is a possibility.

7.  Elijah and Enoch haven’t been killed by drones. Yet.

6.  The anti-Christ would never vote present.

5.  Putin doesn’t fit into his Gog costume.

4.  Bo, the White House dog, in addition to making certain he is never alone with Obama, is allergic to brimstone.

3.  In all the writings about the anti-Christ, no where is it stated that he will have a court jester.  (See Joe Biden).

2.  Obama is not in league with the whore of Babylon, unless Nancy Pelosi has been less than candid about her visits to Iraq.

1.  The anti-Christ will rule the world for three and a half years.  Obama opposes term limits.


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