Top Ten Reasons Why Obama is Not the Anti-Christ

Obama and Cross

At a recent event, President Obama was called the anti-Christ by a heckler.   This is so unfair!  Here are the top ten reasons why Obama is not the anti-Christ.


10. Obama can’t be the anti-Christ because he is a Christian…O.K., make that the top nine reasons why Obama isn’t the anti-Christ.

9.  Obama fears that 666 is the number of daily calories that Michele will allow him on his next diet.

8.  Satan has not taken possession of Obama, although some sort of lease arrangement is a possibility.

7.  Elijah and Enoch haven’t been killed by drones. Yet.

6.  The anti-Christ would never vote present.

5.  Putin doesn’t fit into his Gog costume.

4.  Bo, the White House dog, in addition to making certain he is never alone with Obama, is allergic to brimstone.

3.  In all the writings about the anti-Christ, no where is it stated that he will have a court jester.  (See Joe Biden).

2.  Obama is not in league with the whore of Babylon, unless Nancy Pelosi has been less than candid about her visits to Iraq.

1.  The anti-Christ will rule the world for three and a half years.  Obama opposes term limits.


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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. “Obama is not in league with the whore of Babylon, unless Nancy Pelosi has been less than candid about her visits to Iraq.”


  2. Funny stuff!

    I think Oblama is not the Anti-Christ because the Santi-Christ will come “dressed up as an angel of light”.

    Oblama is just another b.s. artist, leftist stooge. The people he fools just aren’t all that bright or engaged.

  3. Very good! Maybe the Eleventh Reason could be that the anti Christ is expected to captivate the people by performing Signs and Wonders (st Paul, Cyril of Jetusalem etal ). Obama has mostly shown Setbacks and Fails.

  4. I think this article was poorly done, making light of a dark figure like Satan (just what satan wants). He is not a Christian, he is a Muslim and anyone who pushes for abortion, same sex marriage and of her policies against Christianity is not a Christian.

  5. @ Jason – one of the best TV shows in the 1960s was Hogan’s Heroes which made fun of that little anti-Christ Hitler and his demonic Nazi minions. Compared to the omnipotence of God Almighty, Satan’s abilities are laughable. That doesn’t mean that we go where angels fear to tread. But humor is a valuable weapon in a Christian’s arsenal, and a humorless Christian is a contradiction in terms.

  6. Satan has the intelligence God gave to him and all of the angels -faithful and fallen – when He created them.

    Obumbler and intelligent are a contradiction in terms. Obumbler is nothing but an ideologue puppet.

  7. Ha! What Penguins Fan said!

    Putin – evil and competent
    Obama – evil but incompetent

    Satan would do better to choose Putin as anti-christ.

  8. just so you know I tried repeatedly to open this post and it wouldn’t let me in for the longest time. creepy!

  9. Obama’s incompetence disqualifies him for status of an Anti-Christ. He’ll just have to be satisfied with the appellation, Anti-American. 😉

  10. #12. Can’t be due to the fact that Obama’s first major break into Acting in a motion picture was cut short when “Son of God” producers decided to take Satan completely out.
    If Obama was the anti-Christ, he would of found a way to keep himself in the final draft.

  11. Jeanne Rohl: Today my computer would not print a single lower case letter. All letters were capitals. System restore worked. Two weeks ago system restore did not work. Somehow they put in a loop and xed out system restore. My son said get two computers one to work on without internet and another to send. The library knows how to fix their computer, so, I go to the library when they mess with me.

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