And Down Goes Lenin!

Lenin statues are being toppled all over the Ukraine.  As Iowahawk tweeted, if you are wondering who the good guys are in the Ukraine popular uprising, they are the ones toppling the Lenin statutes.

Of course the question is whether Putin now will intervene to support his deposed puppet:

Putin put his money on Yanukovich. He awarded him a $15 billion loan (a third of which has already been transferred to the Ukrainian treasury) to prop the failing economy and allow him to pull back from signing an agreement with the European Union last year. He gave him diplomatic backing and directed the Russian media to describe the protestors in Kiev as “terrorists” and “Nazis.”

But the Ukraine president wasn’t enough of a Putin. He wasted time negotiating with the opposition and the EU’s foreign ministers; he failed in threatening the oligarchs not to abandon him. He lost control of army and police units, who refused orders to violently suppress the protests. Worst of all, he allowed them to run riot through the center of Kiev and take dozens of police hostage.

Putin wasn’t surprised. He had already prepared a fallback plan, and now is presenting Ukrainians with a stark choice: Accept their status of citizen-subjects of a vassal state, or see entire regions of their country break away.

Go here to Haaretz to read the rest.  The Ukraine suffered under Soviet rule like no other portion of the old USSR, Stalin seeming to have made it his personal mission to see as many Ukrainians die before he did.  If any country on Earth deserves peace and independence as a result of a history of oppression by former rulers, it is the Ukraine.  May God protect and aid the Ukrainians fighting for their homeland and their freedom.

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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. Lenin was a liar and a monster. Lenin did not practice what he preached. He considered himself above the law to which he set other people to submit, making of himself an hypocrite, tyrant and demon. Stalin, less than an evil genius, ham-handed, tried to measure up to Lenin’s monstrosity, but he could not, even with starving 30 million people in the Ukraine. When the statues of Lenin fell, I thought: “pig”, but the pigs ran headlong into the sea and drowned themselves.

  2. The population of Western Ukraine has always been very mixed, with the old Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria, with its capital at Lviv being three-quarters Polish. It also includes Ruthenia.

  3. Ukraine’s history is complex, to say the least, which is why there is so much turmoil today. Putin one told then President Bush that “Ukraine is not a country”. Eastern and Southern Ukraine is basically populated by Russians. It is in the western half of Ukraine that Ukrainian language, culture, the desire for freedom from Russia – and Poland – and the Ukrainian Catholic Church is strongest.

    Kiev – Kyiv in Ukrainian – is seen as the birthplace of the Rus – Russia. Kyiv is the historical home of the Church brought to the Eastern Slavs by Sts. Cyril and Methodius. It was from Kyiv to Moscow that the See of the Church of the Rus – the Russian Orthodox Church was moved. The Russian Orthodox Church sees all of Ukraine as its territory and every so often the Russian Orthodox hierarchy reminds Rome of this whenever a meeting is suggested between the Russian Patriarch and the Pope.

    Modern day Western Ukraine was long a part of the old Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth. Lviv – Lvov in Polish – was long an important Polish city. Stalin moved around people in the 40s after WWII – the people he didn’t kill before or during the war – and established the modern borders.

    Putin has a puppet who runs Belarus and he wanted the same in Ukraine. Ukranians – both Orthodox and Catholic – really don’t want anything to do with Putin.

    Poland passed laws after the fall of the Commies in 1989 mandating the removal of street names and monuments honoring Communists. The Ukranians have not forgotten their history and this is a sign of hope.

  4. “Reports from RT

    Sunday 23 February 11:23 GMT:
    Nearly 3,000 people have gathered in Kharkov, a city in north-eastern Ukraine, to take part in a rally aiming to defend the local statue of Lenin. Participants of the event booed opposition television stations correspondents, asking them to leave the site immediately. Police officers are currently patrolling the area.

    Saturday 22 February 23:40 GMT:
    Meanwhile in Kharkov, a few thousand opposition supporters – both locals and from other parts of the country – are trying to demolish Lenin’s statue, the head of the Russian parliamentary commission on foreign affairs, Aleksey Pushkov, wrote on Twitter.”

    It stands in Freedom Square (formerly Dzerzhinsky Square, named after Felix Dzerzhinsky, founder of the Checka) where the victorious Red Army raised the workers’ banner, on 23 August 1943, after the Fourth Battle of Kharkov and the final expulsion of fascist forces from the city.

  5. Why were the statues still even standing? Most other post-Soviet countries de-Leninized almost immediately after the occupiers departed.

  6. Iowahawk quoted at Instapundit, ” . . . if you wonder who the good guys in Ukraine are, they’re the ones pulling down the statues of Lenin. Always a useful metric. . . .’

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