February 9, 1864: Mr. Lincoln Has His Picture Taken

Sunday, February 9, AD 2014


Mr. Lincoln took advantage of the winter lull in the War on February 9, 1864 to go, along with his son Tad, to Mathew Brady’s National Photographic Art Gallery in Washington DC to have his picture taken.  The manager of the Gallery was Anthony Berger who took the photographs that day.

The above picture was immensely popular after Lincoln’s death, showing the closeness between Lincoln and Tad.  Sadly, Tad would only outlive his father by six years, dying suddenly at 18, his death being variously ascribed to tuberculosis, pleurisy and congestive heart failure.

Lincoln Penny

The above profile shot was taken by Lincoln that day and served as the basis for the image on the Lincoln penny.


Perhaps the best known Lincoln, photograph, this image graced the old $5.00 bill.  Lincoln’s son Robert said that it was the photograph that best captured what his father looked like.

Lincoln was always fascinated by technology during his life, and this fascination ensured that he took advantage of the cutting edge technology of photography when he was President, to the joy of students of him down through the generations.

6 Responses to February 9, 1864: Mr. Lincoln Has His Picture Taken

  • I always pick Lincoln up from the roadway for the sake of the Great Communicator.

  • Mary De Voe.
    Years ago I was instructed to pick up a penny due to the inscription “In God we Trust.” Ever since then I take the moment to pick Him up from the road.

    Strange how those words have become so offensive in this new world. Now more than ever we need to Trust in God.

  • Philip: Your reason is better than mine. In God We Trust.

  • Mary and Philip, that’s a very nice custom. I will adopt it.

  • I was told to remember St. Theresa the lil’ flower while picking it up. “To do everything in Great love for God. Even the smallest of actives.”

    My wife still will check out the penny while its on the road. If it’s tales up she’ll pass it by. If it’s head up she would pick it up and put it in her shoe. Seriously!
    She said it’s good luck.
    After 14 years of marriage I do not try to correct her view on superstitions, but I do love her “lil’ girl” when she comes out. At these times she’s the 10 year old that I never knew. It’s sweet and so is she. I’m blessed.

  • (activities….pardon the error.)