Thanksgiving For Small Blessings

Thursday, November 28, AD 2013




Each Thanksgiving I say grace for my family and thank God for His major blessings in our life, but what about the small blessings?  Here I make up for the lack:

1.    That William Shatner has not directed another Star Trek film.

2.    That the Pope has not yet condemned blogging as a complete waste of time.

3.    That I have never tasted tofu turkey.

4.    That President Obama did not attempt to do for car insurance what he has done for health insurance.

5.    That my bride likes my snoring.

6.    That Lady Gaga did not do a musical salute to the Gettysburg Address.

7.    That a sense of humor is a handy thing to have when times get tough.

8.    That Lawyer A never realized I was bluffing in case Z.

9.    That my secretary of 28 years has never thrown a “lost” file at me when she finds it, as occurs on a weekly basis, on my desk near my right hand.

10.   That God looks after fools, drunkards, the United States of America and befuddled bloggers.


To all of TAC’s readers, contributors and commenters, the Happiest of Thanksgivings.  I do not count all of you as minor blessings, but rather as major ones in my life!

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