Remembrance of Turkeys Past

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As we prepare for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and as we recall our blessings and thank God for each and every one, let us also remember the humble turkey and the various disasters that result when that proud bird is not treated with the care that it deserves, dead or alive.    Oldtimers like myself will recognize the above video as part of the famous “Turkey Drop” episode from WKRP, a sitcom from the Seventies.


Of course Turkey Disasters are not, unfortunately, restricted to the realm of fiction.    Deep frying a turkey poses various risks.

Here we have a case of the flaming avian:

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William Shatner warns of the dangers of deep frying turkeys:

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Of course there are those among us who revel in the destructive possibilities of cooking turkey.

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If deep fry a turkey you must, follow these tips:

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Tomorrow my bride will roast the turkey which is the way God intended for a turkey to be prepared.  As usual, the kids and I will do the dishes.  Have a happy and non-flaming Turkey Thanksgiving!

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