PopeWatch: Obsessions

Friday, October 25, AD 2013


Father Z has this quote from Father George Rutler:

Blessed John Paul II once submitted to an interview with the respected journalist Vittorio Messori, who asked him if he was perhaps “obsessive” in his preaching against abortion. The Holy Father replied:

“The legalization of the termination of pregnancy is none other than the authorization given to an adult, with the approval of an established law, to take the lives of children yet unborn and thus incapable of defending themselves. It is difficult to imagine a more unjust situation, and it is very difficult to speak of obsession in a matter such as this, where we are dealing with a fundamental imperative of every good conscience — the defense of the right to life of an innocent and defenseless human being.”

The Catholic Faith of course is far more than merely opposition to abortion.  However, a Catholic Faith that viewed the legalized child murder that goes by the name of abortion as anything more than with horror and a firm determination to stop it, would be a dead Catholic Faith.  As Pope Francis said the day after his interview in which he spoke about obsessions:

Every unborn child, though unjustly condemned to be aborted, has the face of the Lord, who even before his birth, and then as soon as he was born, experienced the rejection of the world.



3 Responses to PopeWatch: Obsessions

  • This beautiful quote from Pope Francis reveals his true “position” on the issue of abortion. It also reveals his continuity with the Magisterium of his immediate predecessors. Whatever his original statement on “obsession” meant, there can be no doubt of his pro-life belief nor any doubt that he sees it as part of the Gospel proclamation.

    Thank you Donald for forwarding this statement to the list

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  • Perception is a reality. What one means isn’t sufficient. The Pro-Life Movement has a difficult time as it is, even within the Church. We shouldn’t have to overcome “I didn’t really mean that” comments. Sounds like a particular politician t me.