Satan and Blogging

Wednesday, August 7, AD 2013

Obama and Lunch



I have always been fairly indifferent to the hits my blog posts receive, possibly since blogging makes up 0.00000 % of my  income.  However, over the years I have noticed that certain topics usually do draw massive amounts of hits.  Here are the top ten:

1.   Anything with Satan in the title.

2.   Sarah Palin-A sure fire blog crowd draw since 2008, and I suspect she will remain so for the rest of her life.

3.   Ted Kennedy-The “lion of the senate” has been dead for four years, but he still ignites intense emotion.  (Overwhelmingly negative on this blog.  You leave one, just one, young woman to die in a car and some people hold it against you!)

4.   Obama and canine cuisine.

5.   Jimmy Carter and his senile anti-Catholic rants.

6.   Nancy Pelosi-Good to know that the lying worthless political hack is good for something!

7.   Atheist “heroes”-Looking at you Richard Dawkins!

8.   Pio Nono-The continued fascination for this pope who died in 1878 cannot be underestimated.

9.   Anything with Vatican in the title.

10. Angels-God’s messengers are always a subject of interest for we mere mortals.

Prepare yourself, as best you can, for this forthcoming blog post:

Sarah Palin has a vision in which Satan and Obama are sharing a meal of terriers and poodles.  Ted Kennedy is the waiter and Nancy Pelosi is the waitress.  Jimmy Carter and Richard Dawkins suddenly appear yelling insults against the Vatican.  Pio Nono then materializes and issues a bull saying that this vision is not only unworthy of belief, it is too stupid for the mind of man to comprehend it.  An angel appears and tells Sarah to awaken from her nightmare.  Palin wakens and swears to never eat moose before bed again.

Moose and Palin

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