Gosnell Guilty!

Monday, May 13, AD 2013

5 Responses to Gosnell Guilty!

  • I have not been following this tragedy closely but it is fitting that there will be some accountability for the
    grotesque practices exposed in this case. It is very troubling, however, that there is not a large public outcry against these practices. When one’s “convenience”, mental, physical or economic, justifies the taking of an innocent life AND is NOT unnerving to those intimate with such procedures, choices are being made to IGNORE the consequences of such actions. It is appalling!

    Yet, those who point this ugliness out, continue to be viewed and treated as the “haters”, rather than those whose behaviors drive and support the murder mills!

    There are a host of very sick people out there. We MUST make choices in OUR lives, each day, to cease
    contributing to the circumstances which support such behavior. Pay attention to what the Catholic Church teaches. Submit our desires and our wills to what the Catholic Church teaches. Live lives which witness to those teachings, not which bring charges of hypocrisy against Catholics or the Catholic Church, when the “polls” reflect a great disparity between those teachings and OUR practices.

    It is not an impossible task. Perfection is not a requirement, however a functional level of humility is.

  • It’s a good thing that he was found guilty and his ‘practice’ ended. However,
    I don’t think justice will truly be served until the pro-abortion politicians in
    that state are made to accept some responsibility for Gosnell being able to
    operate for so long.

    When pro-abortion Governor Ridge was elected in 1995, the Pennsylvania
    Dept. of Health ceased to inspect any of the state’s 22 abortion facilities, and
    didn’t resume inspections until the Grand Jury released its report of the Gosnell
    facility in 2011. Nail salons and barber shops were inspected, but abortion
    mills were off-limits for 15 years. There has to be a political price to pay for
    the officials who made the decision to ignore their duty and made Gosnell’s
    abattoir inevitable.

    We’ve heard so much from the pro-abortion folks about how they want
    abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare”. What I’m taking from this horrible case
    is that they really only care about the “legal” part.

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  • The Gosnell case should serve to draw attention to the utterly illogical state of the law, in which killing a child that has once drawn breath is murder and killing it moments before is perfectly legal. One can only hope that this case will demonstrate to the world that the dividing line between abortion and infanticide is illusory and that they must support both, or neither; something that the more extravagant supporters of abortion, like Peter Singer, have long insisted upon.

    Whatever qualms the old lawyers might have had about difficulties of proof, the time has, surely, come to remove this anomaly from the law.