Seven More Deadly Sins of Catholic Blogging

Friday, April 12, AD 2013



Pat Archbold has a great post here at National Catholic Register about the seven deadly sins of Catholic blogging.  Saint Blogs is a wild and woolly place and there are blogs on a vast range of subjects and for all temperaments.  Here are seven sins that drive me away from a Catholic blog:


1.  Thou shalt not bore!-The cardinal sin of any blog, Catholic or not.

2.  Don’t you Dare Smile!-Too many Catholic bloggers give the impression  that their day job is bringing tablets down from Mount Sinai.

3.  Send in the Trolls!- Nothing ruins a blog quicker than allowing trolls to dominate the com boxes.

4.  Ignorance Isn’t Bliss-If you are bone ignorant on a topic, please do not attempt to blog about it.

5.   Endless Purgatories of Posts-You may think the world is waiting for your 2000 page analysis of the Summa, but I doubt if your readers agree with you.

6.   Are We at Judgment Day Yet?-I quickly pass by Catholic blogs that seem to be waiting with bated breath for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and are disappointed by their tardiness.

7.   Confession is good for the soul-If you make a factual error in blogging admit it.  Unless the Pope takes up blogging as a full time hobby, none of us Catholic bloggers possess the charism of infallibility.

Blogging can be an enjoyable hobby.  If it isn’t enjoyable for the blogger and most of the readers, it is time to do something else.

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