National Atheist Day 2013

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“A young man who wishes to remain a sound atheist cannot be too careful of his reading.” 
―    C.S. Lewis, Surprised by Joy

Our annual salute to atheists, those members in good standing of the herd of independent thinkers who are convinced there is no God, and that the Universe materialized from nothing in some scientific fashion that will be explained to us shortly.

Here at The American Catholic we do appreciate atheists and wish them to hone their arguments when they come visiting us.  Here are a few helpful hints:

1.  Catholics are not Fundamentalists-Atheists often have Bible verses that they memorize in order to attempt to discomfit Christians.  Unfortunately for them different sects of Christians read the Bible differently.  What might discomfit a Fundamentalist has no impact on a Catholic who has 2000 years of teaching as to the many ways in which a Biblical passage can be interpreted.

2.  Hitler was not a Catholic-Hitler was born a Catholic but had stopped believing in the Faith long before he became ruler of Germany.  In conversations he evinced a hatred for Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular.  When you attempt to use Hitler as a club against us, it merely displays a profound historical ignorance on your part.

3.  Religion starts all the Wars-After the bloody last century, in which most wars were caused by atheist totalitarian systems, that argument needs to be cast on the ashheap of history.

4.  Pedophile priests-Attempting to discredit Catholicism because some priests and bishops have caused great evil, is like attempting to discredit Christ because one of His chosen Apostles betrayed him.

5.  Read Saint Thomas Aquinas-You will quickly lose any Catholic audience unless you can show some familiarity with the proofs of the existence of God of the Angelic Doctor.

6.  Bigotry-If you are an obvious bigot who hates Catholics, do not waste your time and ours.

7.  Church History-Catholicism has a rich history, and if you debate Catholics you need to have a better knowledge of it than the Jack Chick version most of you seem to love.

8.  God Didn’t Say It, I Don’t Believe It and That Settles It-If you come to us with a closed mind on the existence of God we really have little to say to each other.

9.  Learn Your Atheism-Too many atheists simply crib their arguments from atheist web sites.  Please do your own research if you wish to debate us.

10. Ex-Catholic-If you proclaim yourself a fallen away Catholic, do not demonstrate such ignorance of Catholicism that we assume you are lying or that you slept through the one Catechism class you bothered to attend.

Let us end with a little entertainment: