Andrew Breitbart-One Year Later

Friday, March 1, AD 2013

Andrew Breitbart addressing  pro-life students in February 2012 and explaining to them why he is pro-life.  He died one year ago today, much too young.  His keen insight for conservatives is that there can be no long lasting success politically if the culture is ceded to the other side.  I think we at The American Catholic understand that and we do our small part in the struggle over the culture.  May the ranks of conservatives who understand this basic fact swell and may we recall Andrew Breitbart as we engage the culture.

7 Responses to Andrew Breitbart-One Year Later

  • I sure miss that guy. I remember him every time I see people using his image on the web. He was a principled fighter.

  • Yes, Kyle Miller, I miss Andrew Breitbart too. May he rest in peace.

  • such a powerful speaker for life….May God keep you!!!

  • He was afraid of nothing or no one. Rare breed in this day and age. The good, they die young.

  • It is good for all of us who are Davids against the Goliaths of the world that Andrew’s example is among the signs we have, sacraments in a good sense, that Jesus is the Victor in our war, even though we see the battle lost so often apparently by the destructive tactics and the incessant condemnation and exaggeration of the faults and sins and the abuse of Reason by the Dragon and his minions. I pray my Guardian Angel prayer morning and evening and the prayer to St Michael every night to call upon the power that drove a little stone through a Giant’s skull.

  • Right-wing “conservatism” violates Catholic faith and morals just as much as left-wing liberalism. Faithful Catholics should register Independent and stop sacrificing our souls for the sake of these godless political partieis, i.e., the Big Two.

  • A perfect prescription for making certain that the Democrat party is the dominant party in this country forever. Your premise is completely mistaken since “right-wing conservatism” in this country is usually on the same side as Catholics in regard to non-negotiable issues such as abortion. Your home state of California, hopelessly in debt with a fleeing Middle Class and social policies straight from Planned Parenthood, is a perfect example of what happens when the Democrat party faces no effective opposition.