Invincible Ignorance

Sunday, February 10, AD 2013

Asteroids traveling close to Earth caused by global warming.   Hmm, Deborah Feyerick, CNN empty talking head in the above video, has a BA in English from Barnard College, class of 1987.  I would wager than none of her professors while she was there ever gave her The Talk:

On the bright side, this is an indication that Miss Teen South Carolina 2007 has a future in broadcasting at CNN:

Update:  Judging from the picture below Caitlin Upton, Miss Teen South Carolina 2007, was a good sport about her less than stellar answer:



As one of the commenters noted below it is not fair to pick on a teenager who has a case of hoof in mouth disease when she first appears in the limelight.  Middle aged reporters who appear on television and who are purportedly college graduates on the other hand …

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