Flim Flam Imam?

Wednesday, February 6, AD 2013

 Con Artist



Back in 2009 when the proposed construction of the Ground Zero Mosque was a hot topic I designated Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the guiding force behind the project, the Flim Flam Imam because of his speaking of peace and ecumenicalism in the West while speaking quite another message to his funding sources in the Middle East.  If the allegations of a law suit are to be believed, there is another reason now to refer to him as the Flim Flam Imam:



Instead, the controversial imam used some of the cash to provide lavish gifts  and getaways to a woman identified as Evelyn Adorno, who shared “a personal  relationship with Rauf,” said Deak’s attorney, Jonathan Nelson.

Adorno lives in North Bergen, N.J. — the same town as the 64-year-old imam  and his wife, Daisy Khan.

The rest of the cash was spent on a luxury sports car, personal real estate  and entertainment for the imam and his wife, charges the 11-page lawsuit.

The religious leader’s largesse and expensive travel with Adorno, 57, came  despite the $50,138 annual salary he reported in Cordoba’s 2010 tax filing.

Go here to the New York Daily News to read the rest.


3 Responses to Flim Flam Imam?

  • He was not speaking of peace and ecumenism in the west much of the time either. Quotations from panel discussions and interviews in the fall of 2001 could have been published in The Nation, the opinion sheet for that slice of the chatterati Thomas Sowell calls “the one-uppers”. Rauf represented the intersection of the pathologies in American and Arab political cultures (which, I suppose, amounts to “building bridges” or some such).

    It is a good deal more plausible that a man in his 60s whose occupational life has consisted of superintending a small religious congregation would take to misappropriating or embezzling donations than is the proposition that such a man would launch a new career as a real-estate developer. There was always something hinky there.

  • One less mosque in NY.
    One more con man found out.
    One less; “Mohamed is the prophet, Allah is King and God.”

    I’ll sleep better tonight.

  • The suicide bombers were promised 72 virgins in heaven and that their families would be well provided for. After they are “in heaven” did the suicide bombers’ families receive any real aid?