Confronting the Culture Without Embracing It

Tuesday, February 5, AD 2013

I have a post at the new Catholic webzine, Catholic Stand, on the difference between embracing the culture and working to change it. It’s a response to a post from Kurt Schlicter in which he suggests that social conservatives need to watch shows like Girls in order to adequately interact in today’s culture.

One Response to Confronting the Culture Without Embracing It

  • Paul I like your response in the webzine.

    The culture war has claimed many victims.
    The premise that we must break out of our cocoons to engage in the conflict is partially correct. I believe that our lifestyles and the peace we exude is attractive to souls that face the fallout of false “freedom.”
    Co-workers, young and peers alike, are witness to expressions of compassion and self-sacrifice. This is not a boast, this is the Holy Spirit in action, ( I take nothing for granted for I know my deplorable state as sinner)..however the door then is open to console, instruct and acknowledge the neighbor in ways more powerful and authentic than flashy fiction.

    We will help to win souls to good and wholeness by living our faith in authentic Christian virtue.
    I do appreciate your wisdom in your reply to Kurt’s piece.