Paperman and the Accidents of Love

Hattip to Babalu Blog.   The most charming cartoon, Paperman, that I have seen in many a moon.  It reminds us of the accidents that can lead to love. 

I met my bride of 30 years just as I was finishing up law school.  She was at the U of I to get her Master’s Degree in Spanish, arriving at the start of my third year in law school.  She already had a Master’s Degree in Library Science from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.   She had gotten her bachelor’s degree at Concordia College in Morehead, Minnesota.  I had spent seven years at the U of I and was about to leave.  I met her in my final semester only because my next door neighbor in the graduate dorm was getting her Master’s Degree in Library Science.  She and I became friends.   At the dorm cafeteria an informal table for library grad students was formed.  I ate there because of my next door neighbor and that is how I met my bride who would frequently eat at the table.  (For some reason, law students rarely desired to flock together in the cafeteria, due to some remnant of sanity that law school had not succeeded in eradicating no doubt.)  My bride and I visit frequently our friend who led to us meeting and she is the godmother of our three  children.  A chain of accidents led to life long love for me, and for which I am eternally grateful.


The cartoon is up for an Oscar, and I hope it wins!