Why the West is Bankrupt

Welfare Queen

John Hinderaker over at Powerline has a story from The Sun that helps explain why the West is bankrupt:

Ms. Belova could find work if she wanted to, but it isn’t worth her while. She is too well-educated, she thinks, to accept a low-paying job:  

She is careful to work fewer than 16 hours a week so that the benefits keep rolling in. But her wages boost her income to more than £400 a week.   On top of that she gets free childcare, fruit and milk vouchers — and even a clothes allowance for “job interviews”.   Natalija said: “It is a strange system in this country. Basically, the fewer hours I work, the more I can earn on benefits. But that’s the way it is and it is not my fault.”   She fell pregnant by an “on-off boyfriend” after her redundancy. Natalija said casually: “We decided not to stay together.”   She insisted she would be prepared to get a full-time job — but only if the salary tops £25,000. Natalija said: “I am a highly educated woman and I speak six languages. I would never apply for a supermarket checkout job or a cleaner.   “I am over-qualified. These jobs are beneath me. They are for people who don’t have the education I do.”



Go here to read the nauseating rest.  Ms. Belova is a Lithuanian immigrant to Britain.  Once she arrived there she got pregnant, leaped aboard the Welfare Train, and enjoys what appears to be a great lifestyle courtesy of the British taxpayer.  Her story is  a perfect symbol as to why the welfare states of the West are bankrupt.  The cause of our fiscal bankruptcy is our moral bankruptcy.  People have a duty to support themselves unless they are physically or mentally unable to do so.  Ms. Belova has no problem at all gleefully living off the sweat of others, which in other times would have marked her as a beneficiary of some form of slavery. Fiscal problems can be solved and if they aren’t they tend to resolve themselves in a financial crash.  Problems of moral bankruptcy are much more difficult to fix.