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This is a Catholic blog, so I am not capable of fully sharing my feelings regarding Mayor Michael Bloomberg right now. The man who has spent a good chunk of his mayoralty sticking his nose in the lifestyle choices of his citizenry, supposedly out of concern for their health, doesn’t seem very interested that some of them are lying dead or are missing. No, it’s not as important as making sure this crucial marathon is run.

As Drew M says, the “getting back to normal” thing doesn’t start until relief efforts are fully exhausted and there’s a full accounting of the damage, and all the missing have been accounted for. The idea that they’re going to divert resources away from Staten Island and other parts of the city in order to accommodate a bunch of people who want to run a long distance is sickening. Staten Island is fairly large, but there are few means of getting in and out of the island. Closing down the primary means of getting to the island and delivering relief items for any amount of time is criminally insane.

What a disgrace.

Edited to add: If anyone wonders why this is madness, read this:

 As hundreds of thousands of Big Apple residents suffer in homes left without power by Hurricane Sandy, two massive generators are being run 24/7 in Central Park — to juice a media tent for Sunday’s New York City Marathon.

And a third “backup” unit sits idle, in case one of the generators fails.

The three diesel-powered generators crank out 800 kilowatts — enough to power 400 homes in ravaged areas like Staten Island, the Rockaways and downtown Manhattan.

As of Friday morning, 11 generators sat outside of the park and a food services truck dropped off hundreds of cases of water, sparking angered responses from hurricane victims.

Update: They finally came to their senses and cancelled.

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  1. Let me explain this in very simple terms……

    Bloomberg is a L-I-B-E-R-A-L. Kill the babies, save the trees is their mind-set, this ain’t exactly a surprise.

  2. Reminds me of the Roman Coliseum and the crowds cheering on the Gladiators as the Christians lay dying. We must have entertainment or we will perish. New York, New York; it’s a happening town. Let the games begin.

  3. The runners should each carry some water and food –
    as they change course to Staten Island and up into high rises where elderly and others are trapped or be ashamed of the vanity.

  4. Mr Malone forgot to add one thing to his list: Grub for money. The marathon provides payola while the residents are an expense item. Think of this as a “wet run” for Obamacare’s expense calculating panels. Of course liberals care and conservatives are heartless. Elections have consequences as these people are finding out first hand. They should have been warned when Bloomberg couldn’t even clear the streets after a normal snowstorm. Sadly I don’t expect these voters to figure out what 2+2 is or, more aptly, 2-2. They will vote for someone even more Leftist as the French did.

  5. The man is a complete idiot and a complete joke.

    He built a megabusiness, so, no. It is amazing the degree to which his mayoralty is littered with unforced errors and silly asides.

  6. Every time I think of Mayor Bloomberg I want to chant RUDY, RUDY, RUDY. Whatever flaws Guiliani has, his kind of leadership is much in NYC today.

  7. Paul Zummo-
    Your first sentence is great.
    So hard to bit the lip sometimes.
    I find it interesting that New Orleans was visited twice in one decade by hurricanes during the beginning of Sodomy Fest!
    Some folks just can’t see.

  8. PZ says “They finally came to their senses and cancelled.”

    Does anyone really believe they “came to their senses”. That implies a self realization that all these folks are manifestly incapable of. To be forced, probably by both the governor and some of the runners themselves is simply backing down.

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