Hey Democrats…Get Your Minds Outta My Pants

*** Do you really need a content warning for this?  It starts off with walking vaginas.  In case that’s not obvious enough for you……Content Warning!!!***



Walking vaginas

Who makes these things?


Demands for free contraception

Will spend tens of thousands of dollars on a law degree.  Won’t spend $10 for her own pills.



Acting like a slut is a fine thing to be

Yes…we know you say yes…believe it or not, that’s what makes you a slut.



Turning voting into a sexual experience




Telling me to “Vote with my Lady Parts”


Stayin’ classy



If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was all a little bit misogynistic, but I do know better.  I learned it from the feminists I met in college.  They taught me that as long as a man was in favor of abortion he could say anything he wanted about women and he was okay.  That’s how I knew that the art professor who said that the perfect woman only needed “two tits, a hole, and a heartbeat” was funny.  (He wore a Vote for Clinton t-shirt — so he was pro-woman just funny.)  It’s how I knew that the polite guy in history class, who always held the door open for me because my hands were usually full of books, hated women.  He voted for Bush.  (The first one.  It was 1992.)


When I was young and unmarried, the creepy guys were the ones who talked about nothing but sex while, usually, staring at your boobs.  Things seem to have changed since the “dark ages” of the early ’90s.  Now the guys who talk about sex non-stop and can’t get their minds away from our “lady parts” are hailed as the champions of womyn-kind!


I’m sure that he has nothing but respect for the woman he’s treating like a piece of meat.


Well, I have a message for these “Champions of Womyn!”

Dear Democrats,

You seem to be under the mistaken impression that the women in this country are nothing more than a bunch of vaginas walking around looking for a “good time” to happen. You have reduced us to nothing more than the sum total of the “lady parts” we’re sitting on.  


You tell us “Free pills for everyone and religious liberty be damned!” and expect us to break into cheers.


We ask about the economy and you reply “Those abortions will be much more affordable now.”

You talk about equality for women, and that sounds like a wonderful thing!  Then the President pays his own female staff $9,000 per year less than their male counterparts.

Top it all off with a creepy campaign ad comparing voting for your candidate with losing my virginity to “a great guy”, and all I can say to you people is:

Ick!  When did you become so gross?


I keep hoping to see some representative of your campaign or administration come out and apologize for treating women as if we’re nothing more than “two tits, a hole, a heartbeat… and a voting hand.”


But you never do.  


By portraying women as slutty snatches looking only to get laid, this campaign and administration have set women back decades in our quest for respect and equal anything.  Thanks for that.


Can you do me a favor?  Can you stop?


There’s a week left to go until the election, and I’m hoping that for the rest of that time you can get your minds outta my pants and talk about the things that really matter to the women of America.  We want to hear about the economy, taxes, that out of control deficit (seriously, you think birth control pills are more important to me than the deficit?), or what the hell actually happened in Benghazi?    

So stop treating us like vaginas which happen to be attached to bodies, and speak to the part of us that really matters — our brains.  Quit thinking only of my girly bits (your fixation is a bit disturbing) and start talking to me as a voter.


Thank you.



13 Responses to Hey Democrats…Get Your Minds Outta My Pants

  • Bravo, Rebecca! Godless liberal progressive Democrats – I can think of nothing worse to say about the lot of them.

  • In fairness to President Obama, that photo of what appears to be him oggling at the backside of that young woman is decptive. I f you look at the actual video footage, that much is clear. I say that as no defender of Obama by any stretch.

  • Agree with Greg. We have enough things to criticize O for. No need to make things up or stretch. He has his faults, but he has by all accounts been a good father and husband. This is to his credit notwithstanding his other faults and failings.

  • Strange how often Christianity is so often accused of being misogynist, when it was tireless in insisting on the radical equality of women. Thus, St Augustine says “still the woman too, who is female in the body, she too is being renewed in the spirit of her mind, where there is neither male nor female, to the recognition of God according to the image of him who created her (Rom 12:2, Eph 4:23, Col 3:10, Gal 3:28)… in the original creation of the human race, because the woman too was human, she obviously had a mind and a rational one at that, in respect of which she too was made to the image of God.” [Literal Commentary on Genesis, III, 22]

    “The mind, where there is neither male nor female…” That St Augustine had to labour the blindingly obvious, shows the cultural obstacles against which he had to contend.

  • Thank you. I wish I could show this to all of my left-leaning college students.

  • Looking at a nice backside isn’t so terrible but I think that was just an odd angle in the photo. Besides I no longer don’t think he swings that way.

  • This needed to be said.

  • I love the phrase “stop being so gross”! I will sharing that quite readily with my young adult children who will also be voting for the first time this year and they equate it with nothing more than doing their civic duty.

  • THANK YOU so much. This was totally perfect.

  • Those women and men who choose to be “Catholic” adhere to the teachings of the Church.

    Those who don’t but still call themselves “Catholic” are catholic heretics and or schismatics (per the Church definition in the CCC 2089).

    Go to: http://whatcatholicsreallybelieve.com
    or search: ” What Catholics REALLY Believe SOURCE ” for info on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and Year of Faith.

    It’s past time – and we should actively encourage our Bishops to enforce Canon 915 or excommunicate those ‘catholics’ who cause GRAVE SCANDAL.
    Joe Biden, Kathleen Sebelius, Andrew Cuomo, Carolyn Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi have got to go.


    1) Catholic citizens must VOTE – per the CCC.
    2) Catholics may NOT vote for anyone who supports INTRINSIC EVIL.
    3) If both candidates support INTRINSIC EVIL, we must vote for the person who is most likely to do the LEAST HARM.

    This is true in all elections – Federal, State and Local.

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