Jake Tawney


  1. This young woman, like Monica Lewinsky and Sandra Fluke before her, will be remembered only as a promiscuous whore, whether that descriptor is accurate or not, and that is the abysmal depth of sickness and depravity to which the Obama Administration has sunk true American womanhood. I mean this with all the fabric of my being: death to Democracy – two wolves and one sheep voting on what’s for dinner, in this case, womanly virtue, integrity and morality.

  2. Its not only free sex that’s at risk in this election. Its also the air, parks and, again, Big Bird. At least Obama Youth tell us so:

  3. This ad implies that in order for young women to come of age, they must vote for Obama, or for that matter that the essence of their womanhood is contained in having that “first time.” It is chauvinist and exiguous in its perception of women. The person Lena Dunham addresses in this ad is certainly not the type of person I want as the leader of this nation.

  4. This is another attempt to further disrespect women. Why are women like her put on display?. They have no wholesome aspect nor do they have winning appeal as women of grace. I would prefer that society cite the virtues of women who portray gentle femininity that young girls would want to have as role models.

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