Oh Deer!

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The Blaze gives us the background to the call featured in the above video:

Calling into the Y94 Morning Playhouse radio show, Fargo-area resident “Donna” aired her frustrations about a number of deer-related car accidents she has been involved in recently – three to be exact.

Donna believes the North Dakota and Minnesota Departments of Transportation are responsible for the problem, however, she told the radio hosts that she has written local news outlets about her grievance and they refuse to take her seriously. It’s extremely frustrating to Donna as she believes she has crafted a very simple and effective solution to her problem.

Well, let’s allow her to explain in her own words:

“My frustration is that, Minnesota and North Dakota Departments of Transportation would allow these deer crossing in such high traffic areas. I mean, I’ve even seen them on the interstate,” Donna began.

Go here to read the unbelievable rest.  I truly hope that this was a gag call, or it illustrates my sad conclusion that human stupidity is the one thing we will never run short of on this planet.

19 Responses to Oh Deer!

  • DJ Hesselius says:

    Well, not to worry. Surely EHD disease will spread to Wisconsin and North Dakota and decimate the herds there as it is doing in Michigan. Really. Just have not seen that many dead deer on the side of the road this year. Let us hope that this poor victim of deer/car accidents does not have any water on her property for the poor beasties to wander to when they become insanely feverish before death. The pictures of dead deer by and in ponds that I’ve seen have been been very distrubing. Probably part of some Gov’t induced zoombie plot.

  • G-Veg says:

    I drive all over the place for work. Up above Sunbury, PA, there is a ten mile stretch of road with something like twenty deer crossing signs that someone has painted a giant fallus on.

    It is amazing that someone took the time to do it. One sign, maybe two or three… But twenty?

  • Thomas Collins says:

    This woman is hardly atypical. On Car Talk the guys joked that global warming was caused by the extra hour of sunlight during Daylight Savings Time.
    I tried this out on coworkers, mostly college students. I got a couple “So that’s it”, more puzzled looks — I think they knew _something_ was wrong but didn’t know what.

    I must admit though, when I was a kid I thought “Falling Rock Zone” signs on the NYS Thruway said “Fallen Rock” so one should scan the road ahead. I think I was in my 20s before I realised my mistake.

  • G-Veg says:

    And by “fallus” I mean “phallus” of course. (I should have looked up the spelling before I wrote the above. It really isn’t a word that comes up that often.)

  • Mary@42 says:

    Hey, Donald, I wish our City Council of Nairobi would put up signs where Maasai cows cross our roads within Nairobi City. Since we began experiencing serious droughts about 20 years ago, the Maasai have formed a habit of bringing their hundreds upon hundreds of cow herds into the City Boundaries to graze, causing sheer mayhem on our roads and nightmare to the motorists. Apart from causing traffic jams, they eat the flowers on the Roundabouts and Dual Carriageway Pathways. Can you imagine one day in the year 2001, when I was going to a Friends of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa Meeting along the Highway called Nyerere Road smack in the Nairobi City Centre, all cars were stopped for over half a hour as hundreds of cows were walking down the Hill on the Road called – you guessed it – State House Road where it joins the Major Kenyatta Avenue!!!!!!!.

    We puffed and huffed in frustration as we waited for them to cross. Some were stopping right in the middle of the junction to urinate and others were making blobs of droppings before they would slowly move on!!!!. Our conclusion – you can remove the Head of State from the Village but you cannot remove the Village from the Head of State. At that time our President was Daniel arap Moi from the smallest Kalenjin Community of Rift Valley called Tugen. Thank God, our current President is a Gentleman and a Harvard School of Economics Alumni to boot. Thank God for His Mercies. I say pole to Donna and her deer accidents.

  • T. Shaw says:

    It appears that due to the rank failures of local governments to make the rich pay their “fair share” in taxes, they don’t have funds in budgets to translate “Don’t Walk” into Deerish.

  • “where Maasai cows cross our roads within Nairobi City. Since we began experiencing serious droughts about 20 years ago, the Maasai have formed a habit of bringing their hundreds upon hundreds of cow herds into the City Boundaries to graze, causing sheer mayhem on our roads and nightmare to the motorists.”

  • Phillip says:

    “It appears that due to the rank failures of local governments to make the rich pay their “fair share” in taxes, they don’t have funds in budgets to translate “Don’t Walk” into Deerish.”

    Let’s not forget that these deer have been the result of public education. Thus we need programs to further road crossing safety for deers. Its the new social justice issue.

  • Don the Kiwi says:

    I’ll bet Donna is a blonde – that photo is most appropriate. :-)

    Actually, those deer would look real good in a scope – is hunting season off or what; if there were hunters around the main roads, the deer would very quickly find other ways to get to where they want to go. We don’t have “seasons” for hunting deer or pigs here – you have to go out into the bush weel away from highways to do your hunting

  • We do not have enough hunters to cull the herds of the “white tailed rats” Don in many areas. What needs to be done is to abolish hunting season on deers in states where they are overpopulated and declare open season until the herds are at manageable levels.


    We have aound 800,000 of the Bambi-vermin in Illinois alone, and a stunning 24,000 deer-vehicle collisions each year in the Land of Lincoln. When you see a deer along the side of a road, slow down! They have a dismaying habit of suddenly bolting in front a car. I have never hit one, but they can wreak havoc with a normal sized car.

  • PM says:

    The deer must be so thirsty – looking for water, especially after the drought this year, that they have no time for the news or those highway people notices. Heaven forbid careful driving to allow for the herds that ignore the rules of the road. If it is all so drastic, there should be maybe hunting and man-made ponds set in with all the expensive equipment the highway depts. have. The woodland homes of the creatures are shrinking. Since the herds don’t read or recognize their silhouettes on signs, drivers might respond to big blinking warnings.

    People are seeing moose, bears, foxes, bobcats, hawks and coyotes in this city built on a hill that runs down from mountain reservoirs to a river. Farms became neighborhoods. A really snarly woodchuck dug a home under my shed last year. (My cat is allowed to only look out windows and she cries about not no longer going out.) Those accident statistics in IL are huge. Are there a lot of ticks there? Don’t know about statistics here, but when there’s an occasional accident with an animal, it’s usually on the pretty high speed road (with signs) between the reservoirs. Other slow going side roads near ponds seem to be live and let live. Maybe drivers should use the mph that would allow for quick stops, as they would on icy roads.

  • Elaine Krewer says:

    “We do not have enough hunters to cull the herds of the “white tailed rats” in many areas.”

    Several years ago we lived in an apartment complex bordering on a cornfield near the edge of the University of Illinois at Springfield campus. It was not uncommon to look out our window and see as many as a half dozen deer loping across what was, in effect, our back yard. It almost made me wish hunting were allowed in that area, we could have stuck a shotgun out our bedroom window and it would have been like shooting fish in a barrel. However, we need not despair because mountain lions from the west may soon discover (if they haven’t already) the all you can eat free ungulate buffet awaiting them in the Land of Lincoln:



  • Don the Kiwi says:

    Wow Elaine. That’s an interesting link. I had no idea that cougars were also penetrating inhabited areas. My understanding is that they are relatively shy animals, but a 150 lb. cougar is as big as a man – and therefore about 4 times as powerful. They are a magnificent animal, but no doubt very dangerous in the wrong sitiation.
    As with all things in nature, withour predation – as with the deer – their numbers will increase rapidly, and as their habitat cannot support the numbers they migrate; and this will happen with the cougars. Are farmers having any trouble with them? (assuming you have beef , dairy or sheep farms there.)
    The other option is for the deer to be farmed. If there is anything that will prevent disappearance of a species, it is farming them. Back in the 60′s when I used to be out hunting most weekends – summer or winter – the deer were pletiful, so the government had a policy of near extermination – as they are an introduced animal here, and were having a seriously detrimental effect on our native flora. So they had a policy of open season hunting, and when that was not enough to keep the numbers down, they would send in cullers, 8 or ten at a time – and when they had done, they would then drop 1080 poison bait to get rid of them. The problem was that other animals and birds would also take the 1080, so its use was diminished, except for possums – introduced from Australia in the 1860′s, and have a serious effect on our native forests. But nowadays, the deer are farmed, providing valuable exports of venison to Europe and elsewhere. And there are more deer by several times in the country now compared to my hunting days. And there are still plenty of deer out in the bush for the hunters – win win all round. :-)

  • Mary@42 says:

    Thank you, Don for that illustrative Clip. You see, the Masaai feign ignorance and deliberately break the City Council of Nairobi’s Bay-laws which forbid any domestic animals within the City Boundaries. These by-laws have been there since I came into this “City in the Sun” during the Colonial times- way back in 1956 – and they have never been repealed. The Masaai are aware of them alright. They ignore them because they have political personalities who chose to defend them for selfish reasons. My fear is when they begin to venture into the 55kms. 10-lanes Super Highway which has been constructed between the Nairobi Capital City and Thika Township. The road carnage of both motorists and cows will be horrendous. This is the busiest Highway in Kenya.

  • philip says:

    Found on page 2,012 of obamacare; “and an additional $60 Billion will be allocated for remedial reading for deer populations in the effort to reduce deer/car collisions.”
    Bidens contribution to the Act.

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