Laugh Clown, Laugh!

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Oh, that was lightning swift.  An hour and a half after the debate the RNC already has an ad up showing Biden in all his laughing and smirking “glory” during the Veep debate.

18 Responses to Laugh Clown, Laugh!

  • Barbara Mathews says:

    Not every Catholic supports Romney/Ryan. The Vice-President wasn’t a clown and if you’re examples of what Christ means to love our fellow man, then you might want to at least learn tolerance.

  • “The Vice-President wasn’t a clown”

    No, Barbara, he was more in laughing hyena mode last night. Loving our fellow man certainly does not include embracing abortion on demand as Biden does. If you think that is tolerance, you are welcome to it.

  • Tolerance to liberals is legitimizing the infanticide of the unborn as the right to choose and sanctifying the filth of homosexual sodomy as marriage, both in open defiance and disobedience to God Almighty. Tolerance to a liberal is equivocating the theft of the tax payers’ money as help for the poor. Tolerance for a liberal is what Judas Iscariot said when Jesus was anointed with costly oil, “This could have been sold and the money used to help the poor.” As Sacred Scripture says, he didn’t make that statement because he cared for the poor, but because he carried the money purse and would steal from its contents, and that’s exactly the kind of men both Biden and Obama are. The Vice President is as Catholic as Jezebel at the Church of Thyatira in Revelation 2:20-23.

  • T. Shaw says:


    There you go again . . .

    What debate were you watching?

    To which Gospel do you refer?

    I’ve read them all a number of times each and I saw nothing that teaches it’s okay to vote for abortion, class hatred, infanticide, organized brigandage, etc. St. John writes that Judas was not outraged at the expensive perfume anointing Jesus because the money could have been spent on the poor. He didn’t care about the poor. Judas was a thief just like democrats who only care about political power not about the poor.

  • philip says:

    Funny comments all.
    Biden looks like a snake.
    A Snake Oil salesmen might fit better.
    The Ad is perfect. (….are you?) What a great tag.
    Bye bye funny guy. Ryan is in.

  • elm says:

    Throughout the whole debate, all I could think was, “What’s so damn funny?” Uncle Joe was the only one laughing last night. No wonder the administration is in such a mess, there is nothing but clowns running this country right now.

  • Walt says:

    The useless clown, Biden, did us all a wonderful favor: displaying his true, unedited genuine self. Completely lacking leadership, unconstructive, condescending, arrogant are a few descriptives to be applied, although, many more would be applicable. I don’t believe he has the slightest understanding of the term “statesman”, not that his unmentionable boss does. To state that the third string is on the field would be a gross understatement. Biden; a man who has accomplished very little, if anything worthwhile, throughout his entire political life. In fact, a parasite of sorts. My only wish, and for the “others” which shall remain unmentioned, is that this clown and they would discontinue referring to themselves as a Catholic. This is, in my thinking, a blasphemy, painful, self-inciminating, disgraceful and an utter lie. The thought that this insipid fool could assume the office of presidency is almost as frightening as what is currently occupying that once great office.

  • Kyle Miller says:

    Biden was laughing during a conversation about the deaths of 4 Americans in Libya. Is that an example of loving fellow man?

    At least his Monster drink work off by the time the topic of abortion came up and he cut out the laughs and smirks. That’s really odd, because if there was any time a laugh was due, it was when Biden stated his position on faith and abortion. It’s sadly funny.

  • tony t says:

    Can not believe how Joe Biden handled him self during this debate his laughing was rude and nu respectable. How can Democrats accept this behavior and how can Obama accept this behavior. Especially from a government that seems to give more speeches than facts. I think its time for a change in the US. Obama had his chance and he blew it.

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