Romney 49 – Obama 45



The latest Pew poll shows Romney up four points among likely voters, 49-45.  This poll was taken October 4- October 7 after Romney’s debate win:

Mitt Romney no longer trails Barack Obama in the Pew Research Center’s presidential election polling. By about three-to-one, voters say Romney did a better job than Obama in the Oct. 3 debate, and the Republican is now better regarded on most personal dimensions and on most issues than he was in September. Romney is seen as the candidate who has new ideas and is viewed as better able than Obama to improve the jobs situation and reduce the budget deficit.

Fully 66% of registered voters say Romney did the better job in last Wednesday’s debate, compared with just 20% who say Obama did better. A majority (64%) of voters who watched the debate describe it as mostly informative; just 26% say it was mostly confusing.

In turn, Romney has drawn even with Obama in the presidential race among registered voters (46% to 46%) after trailing by nine points (42% to 51%) in September. Among likely voters, Romney holds a slight 49% to 45% edge over Obama. He trailed by eight points among likely voters last month.

This poll is devastating to the Obama campaign for two reasons.  First, because Pew has long been regarded as having a Democrat bias in their polls.  Second, the strongest factor that the Obama campaign had in its favor was the media created meme that Obama was going to inevitably win.  That has been shattered.  If Ryan demolishes our Beloved National Clown in the debate this week, Romney will have a considerable head of steam prior to the second debate next week.

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  • As long as Romney wins – please, dear Lord Jesus, if it be Thy will, then make it so!

  • Advice for Romney/Ryan,

    Be humble!

    Work harder!!

  • Best to ignore Pew and the rest of the leftist pollsters whatever results they show. My personal belief is that they already have ready the next poll showing that Obama is back on top after the second debate. Rasmussen and to a lesser extent Gallup (if you subtract 2-3 points from the Dems) are the only ones to pay attention to.

  • Amen, T. Shaw.

    While the partisans certainly could be expected to have the ‘preferred’ results already drawn up, it would be suicide to post them should the outcome be obviously different. If Mr. Ryan pulls Joe Blow into a gaffe, a misstep or fit of hysteria, which I’m in my office pool at happining at the 7:02 mark, then anything but the truth will be an obvious fabricatrion. Pollsters can’t have too many black marks of that kind and still be taken seriously.

    And, just because I do this, I looked at my post, saw “7:02 mark,” reversed it and then looked up Mark 20:7.

    I swear this was not intentional. There are no coincidences.

  • I guess I am missing something. The Gospel of Mark has only 16 chapters. There is no Mark 20:7. My sense of humor and the ironic is missing this morning. Too much exposure to neutrons, I suppose.

  • I think it was Pew that published the most dubious poll of the season (which had a sample which had a Democratic component exceeding the Republican component by 19 percentage points). Best to stick to Gallup; they have been at this the longest.

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