Top Ten Reasons Obama Lost the Debate


10.  He assumed that it was a gag twentieth anniversary celebration thrown together by Michelle.

9.    His puppy chow snack an hour before the debate didn’t agree with him.

8.    He was distracted by receiving debate advice from Biden in his earpiece.

7.    Newt Gingrich told him he had nothing to worry about.

6.    Jim Lehrer gave Obama advance knowledge of the questions he would ask, but then Lehrer forgot the questions.

5.    Rocky Mountain High.

4.    Senator John Kerry spent all of his time coaching Obama telling him Vietnam war stories.

3.    Mormon mind tricks.

2.    Obama expected to be “Eastwooding” an empty chair.

1.     “Where’s McCain?  Who’s this guy?”


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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. 11. Lehrer didn’t ask Romney the most vitalestly-important-to-the-people question, “When did you stop beating your wife?”

  2. I just pray that we do not become arrogant and assuming in this first battle victory. There are two more Presidential debates and the moderators in them will do everything they can to assist Obama and embarrass Romney. That liberal blogger who runs Atomic Insights that I wrote about yesterday – Rod Adams – whined that the debate was poorly moderated. I don’t believe that, but to a liberal any debate that allows a non-liberal to win is a poorly moderated one. Liberals can’t stand losing. And yes, I do pray for the safety and protection of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Obama is a vindictive man.

  3. The first debate is usually the most important Paul, especially in this case where Romney was still a virtual unknown to many voters who do not follow politics closely. He made a stunning first impression, completely at odds with the Mainstream Press portrait of him, and the hundreds of millions of dollars of negative ads Obama has unleashed against him.

    Additionally Romney did not win simply on stylistic points, but because he was more knowledgeable than Obama. This couldn’t happen at a better time for Romney. Donations for the final push are now flooding in, the conservative base is ignited and early voters now go in with that debate foremost in their minds. The next debate will not be until two weeks from last Wednesday. In between we will have the sight of the dumbest Veep in US history going up against one of the brightest Congressmen in US history.
    Romney will gain a lot of ground during the time period until the second Presidential debate.

    Obama will doubtless do better in the last two debates, he could hardly do worse, but I am confident that Romney will more than hold his own.

  4. When I saw the headline about Al Gore blaming the altitude, I thought it was well-written satire. Outside of what my teenage sons have cooked up for excuses on occasion, I think that has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  5. How could liberals think that it was unfairly moderated? I only watched the last 40 minutes. I kept thinking, “Why is the moderator saying ‘mm-hmm’ when Obama speaks & then silent when Romney speaks?” I think he should have been quiet the whole time. It wasn’t supposed to be a chat between 2 people. And another obvious bias against Romney was when Romney TWICE had to say, “No, Jim, I need to have time for rebuttal.” And that was just in the last 40 minutes. I would imagine that there are alot more examples of bias toward Obama if you watched the whole thing.

  6. Found this elsewhere, so I can’t take credit, but it’s pretty funny. And remember, this time you read it, it’s satire. Next time . . .

    “Speaking to an adoring crowd at a campaign stop in Shovel Ready, Ohio, President Obama today effectively rebutted claims by Romney partisans of a “big win” in Wednesday night’s debate.

    “You didn’t win that”, the president exclaimed to cheering supporters, “somebody else made that happen!”

  7. It would help if we had an honest assessment of what errors, spins or distortions that each of the two said. i do not rely on their own team or the general media left or right biased ones. Please anyone?

  8. LT – For assessing errors:

    1. look at the latest diatribes on Mitt Romney as seen in dnc campaign ads and consider the source

    2. listen to a replay of the debate

  9. Thank you, PM. i spent a lifetime as a journalist and have a passion for truth and fairness. I listened to the debate, am living in Europe now, What I am most concerned about is Romney on MEDICARE MEDICAID, SS was clear for 554 plus; and the $730 billion which Mr Obama supposedly took from the Fund.

  10. I still find it bizarre Obama agreed to schedule a debate on his 20th anniversary. He couldn’t agree to 1 day before or after? I would not have agreed to debate on my anniversary.

    Maybe he did it so he could try to woo the female vote. I guess he expected the females in the audience to go “Awwwww.” when he told Michelle “Happy Anniversary.” It would work on The View. How could it not on a national stage?

  11. Kyle Miller, I agree. I don’t know any woman on any side of the aisle that would be even remotely happy that their husband put work first. Maybe that’s why she turned her head when he kissed her after it was over.

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