This One’s For You, Chris

Thursday, October 4, AD 2012

One of the more amusing episodes of the post-debate media coverage was Chris Matthew’s on-air meltdown, in which he shouts to his fellow MSNBC panelists “where was Obama tonight!?” and “he [Romney] was WINNING!” among (many) other things. It was priceless:

It’s hard to believe it was only four years ago that Matthews, to his everlasting shame, announced that Obama sent a thrill up his leg.

It would appear, then, that:

It’s more than the title, too. I mean, it’s clear that Obama has done Chris quite wrong, and that he will be sorry someday – unless he heeds Matthew’s warning and starts taking cues on how to debate from him and his colleagues (pray that Obama actually does it).

In all seriousness, Romney was the clear winner of the debate. But this was really nothing compared to the massacre that is going to take place on October 11. I’ll be watching with pizza and imported beer!

5 Responses to This One’s For You, Chris

  • I’ll be watching with pizza and imported beer!”

    Agreed Bonchamps. I’ve got my frien booked for the show, at his place.
    But I’m not into imported beer, unless its German. We do very well thankyou, with a bottle of Lambs dark rum and a bottle of coke – not the whole bottle of course, but a couple of shots each.

    Unless, of course, uncle Joe gives such a good performance, we might be nudged into having one or two more.

    Sock it to him, Paul Ryan 🙂

  • It’s almost as if years of cognitive dissonance from propping up a hollow world-view have reached critical mass for both Obama and Chris and they are just plain tired.

  • There were times in the debate that Obama’s expressions suggested that he agreed with the critiques Romney leveled. It seemed particularly noticable when Romney fit the staggering numbers of unemployment and the waste of political capital without attending to the economy.

    I wonder if the President’s conscience pricks him. I pray that that is so.

  • I guess that is as close to an adult temper tantrum as you will see. It reminds me of how 2 year old daughter behaves after telling her she cannot have a cookie before dinner.

  • Winning!

    In demeanor and phrasing, Chris reminded me of Charlie Sheen. Not the best role model for a political analyst.