Mitt the Bulldozer

Thursday, October 4, AD 2012

This is the latest attack ad by the Democrat National Committee.  How clueless are those guys?  Do they think that Romney being assertive in the debate will be regarded by anyone, other than the yellowest of yellow dog Democrats, as being a bad thing?  Actually Obama talked four minutes longer than Romney did in the debate last night.  It only seemed like Romney talked more since he was actually saying things of substance instead of making pointless meandering statements that appeared to be Obama’s main strategy last night.

4 Responses to Mitt the Bulldozer

  • DNC and admin know whereof they speak about bulldozers – having used a fleet for four years.
    Of course, the machine will transfer blame to ‘hide’ guilt.

  • Once clip answers this completely. Just play the part where Obama says, “I think I had 5 seconds before you interrupted me” and then goes on to talk for another 2 minutes…

  • Here’s how the debate looks from China:

  • Who talked longer vs. who communicated more? Even the Establishment Media talking head corps agree with Mr. McClarey. Here’s Josh Tyrangiel, editor of Bloomberg BusinessWeek:

    Romney was short and to the point, I mean – as John (Heilemann of New York magazine) was saying – you know, the President won on overall time spoken by about five minutes but I would say Romney ran about 50 more plays.
    Live Analysis of the Presidential Debate, Charlie Rose show (PBS), October 3, 2012 (@11:00 min.)