Madonna (Not The Madonna) Endorses “Black Muslim” in the White House

Tuesday, September 25, AD 2012

Nuclear bomb content warning for the above video.  Madonna, the bad actress not the Mother of God, endorses the “black muslim” in the White House.  With friends like Madonna, surely Obama does not need enemies!

Update:  Madonna is now claiming that her incoherent stream of consciousness endorsement was meant to be “ironic” when she referred to Obama as being a “black Muslim”.  Sure.  I doubt if Madonna would recognize irony if irony tossed caution to the wind and decided to announce his presence by biting her on her aging rump.

13 Responses to Madonna (Not The Madonna) Endorses “Black Muslim” in the White House

  • As if time/timelessness wasn’t hard enough. How do you conceive of a negative zero?

  • I must be honest – I thought that she was against Obama when I read her statements. She said she would strip naked and my first thought was – is there any other reason why not to vote for him….! Was I way off base – sheesh…

  • “Intellectual Left.” You betcha . . .

  • Another leftist diginitary, Ralph Nader, calls the President a “war criminal.”


    It doesn’t help, either, that median household income declined another 1.1% in August adding up to an 8.2% crash-dive in family well-being since January 2009.

    So, that’s what they mean when they jabber on about “The Preferential Option for the Poor.” Or, is it the benefit of “taking from you for the common good?”

  • The handwriting must have appeared on the wall for these folks on the Left. Michael Moore said a few weeks ago that Leftists must learn to say “President Romney”. Now Madonna says that her 54 year old body will be on display to the world but only if President Obama is re-elected. How about we see her eating grass instead of smoking it if Obama loses??

  • “Killed all the prophets, as they do” ? If Madonna is such an expert on Muslims–or at least the one she claims is in the White House–she should know that Mohammad was not killed but vaulted into heaven on horseback. (The 7th Century Church should have sued his followers for trying to plagiarize the Ascension. But anyway.)

  • “Now Madonna says that her 54 year old body will be on display to the world but only if President Obama is re-elected.”

    That is a great incentive Rozin to vote for Romney; the material girl has definitely become the material hag!

  • Madonna wants “Freedom”. Freedom is from God.

  • Pray for her….please.
    Her deceased mother is pleading for you and I to pray for her conversion. It’s too easy to comment on how distasteful she is… please say one Hail Mary for this troubled 54 yr.old going on 14.

  • … and all the 14 yr. olds following her lead through the years of our loss of dignity and religion

  • I think Madonna is promoting nothing but her income in every statement or skin exposure she makes. Jean Paul Sartre said that “bad faith believes what it does not believe and does not believe what it believes.” That’s Madonna. Everything is ultimately about ticket sales. She believes in whatever will seem rebellious at the moment because her ticket buyers feel like rebels but sans her millions in assets. She’s no rebel in the jungles of Columbia….or activist in Malaysia. She’s a fake rebel ordering Coq au Vin in a New York restaurant…every year of her life. Pray for her. The visible will desert her year after year. Martin Heiddeger said we are all “hurled toward death”….probably why he wasn’t invited to many birthday parties. But he is correct and Madonna can’t solve that with ticket sales. Hence Philip is correct…pray for her.

  • “Madonna says that her 54 year old body will be on display to the world but only if President Obama is re-elected.”

    Years ago, I recall a David Letterman Top Ten List devoted to “Headlines that Would Cause National Panic.” They included “Nell Carter Agrees To Pose in Playboy” and “Casey Kasem Builds Own Nuclear Device.” This should have been on that list also — “Madonna To Bare All If Obama Reelected!”

  • Compare and contrast Madonna (Not The Madonna)’s attitude with that of the crooner Andy Williams (of “Moon River” fame), who passed away earlier this week. In 2009 Williams gave an interview to a British publication in which he criticized Obama for “following Marxist theory”. Then in a later TV interview, he appeared to back off those comments, stressing that that was merely his personal opinion and adding “What do I know, I’m just a singer.”

    Now one might think Williams was simply trying to deflect criticism for his “Marxist” remark, and that may be, but I think he did the right thing in recognizing that the ability to sing, act, dance, etc. doesn’t make one an expert on politics, economics or philosophy, nor does it carry with it a mandate to convert the unenlightened masses to your point of view. A lot of current celebrities forget that.