Debate Advice




The first Presidential Debate is coming up on October 3.  It will focus on domestic policy.  Currently the race is tied up, contrary to many media polls dreaming of a 2008 Democrat D-7 turnout, with both candidates at the mid-Forties.  That is bad news for any incumbent.  What does Romney have to do in the debate to begin to take the lead?

1.  Showing up without horns and a tail.  The media currently is so laughably biased that you should gain at least a point by simply demonstrating that you are a fairly intelligent, articulate candidate.  One advantage to running against a stacked media is that when voters can see the candidate unfiltered it begins to penetrate through to a few undecided voters that they have been lied to by the media about the candidate not favored by the media.

2.  More of the same.  One of your main arguments should be that if you liked the last four years you should vote for Obama, because you are bound to get precisely the same policies from him in the next four years.

3.  Gas and food.  Gas prices and food prices have sky-rocketed under Obama.  Hit that hard, and then hit it hard again.

4.  Ignore the questions.  Rest assured that the questions will range from the asinine to the gotcha.  Ignore them.  Talk about what you want to talk about while paying mere lip service to answering the question.

5.  Jobs, Jobs and Jobs.  By the time you are finished make certain that the voters believe that your middle name is “Jobs”.  Promise to put America back to work.  Tie it in with stopping Obama’s job killing restrictions on energy production.  Don’t be shy about saying that Obama has virtually no private sector experience and that it shows, and that if Obama were the CEO of a company, that company would be in bankruptcy court.

6.  Better off than four years ago?  Use Reagan’s classic better off than four years ago line, and add this twist:  If Obama is re-elected will you be worse off in four years than you are now?

7.  Government Dependency.  Argue that millions of Americans, through no fault of their own, have become increasingly dependent on Government due to the miserable economic policies of Obama.

8.  Tell us what you will do.  Have five bullet points that you will implement to fix the economy.  Make them simple and to the point.

9.  Fiscal Cliff.  Repeat over and over again the six trillion in debt that Obama has run up.  That may seem old news to you, but I assure you that it will be new news to many voters.

10. Heart in the Fight.  During McCain’s debates with Obama he seemed to be only going through the motions.  You have to convince the American people that you view Obama as a failed President whose polices have been devastating to the country and that you are giving everything you’ve got to make certain that his presidency will come to an end next January.