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As support for my belief that modern life is increasingly resembling a poorly written Monty Python skit, I point to the pro-abort members of the Michigan state legislature:

Pro-abortion legislators are protesting pro-life bills in the Michigan state legislature in an odd, eye-rolling fashion.

They gathered on the steps of the Michigan Capitol to perform a flash mob-style dance to a bastardized version of Carly Rae Jeppson’s “Call Me Maybe” with their own version, “It’s My Vagina, So Hands Off Baby.”

The ACLU of Michigan, in partnership with Planned Parenthood, staged the flash mob and rally on the Capitol lawn. The two pro-abortion groups emailed out an instructional video of the “Hands Off Dance” along with two others, “Can’t Say It” and the “Pelvic Exam.”

Go here to Lifesite News to read the lunatic rest.  I think that what was once said of Lord Byron is true of almost all pro-abort advocates:  mad, bad and dangerous to know.

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Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. Oh, my. Are they saying that it is great to go into a filthy abortion mill with an uninsured doctor, while the rapist holds a gun to their head, after which the abortionists puts the baby in the industrial garbage disposal? Try putting those facts into lyrics and see how popular the ditty is.

  2. I believe these people are singing to the wrong people. Taxes belong to the tax payer even while being administered by the administration. Hey! Baby, get you hand out of my wallet. The ACLU was paid by tax dollars to set this “impromptu” up . If the taxpayers wanted to fund this hulabaloo and what they are agitating for, they would not have to agitate. So, kindly remove your vagina from my wallet. I don’t know where its been.

  3. Washington DC:
    Some guy with a day job in a Senate offices bldg. on the left side of the March for Life route was doing the dance on a balcony. The Capitol Bldg. across the street (as well as the other bldgs.) were starkly devoid of people hurrying to and fro on their what mustn’t be too busy work day.
    He’s the only person I saw. Someone inside should have had a hook.

  4. Well. If you kill off all those offspring that might be taught in your ways, I guess you had better recruit more with catchy song and dance routines. Seems like it is a good idea. Well, better than describing the horrific act of aborting a baby. Or the health consequences of contraception and abortion. Heck, they live in a consequence free world, where they eat whole grain granola, holistic healing, and of course cancer causing steroid hormone based contraception. I don’t see the inconsistencies….

  5. oh my is right!! if a negative can be enormous, the enormity of the lack of understanding is stunning – and pitiable if it were not so consequential

    and Yay Mary De Voe:
    “So, kindly remove your vagina from my wallet. I don’t know where its been.”

  6. “My vagina”???? As if that qualifies the death of the innocent. Given that reasoning then the “his finger” of the street gangster whos does pulls the trigger is legit. How stupid.

  7. Dave W. Why would anybody’s “vagina” qualify the death of the innocent? That is not “reasoning”, that is the dead end of reasoning. ” So, kindly remove your vagina from my wallet. I don’t know where its been.” addresses the denial of the human beings’ rational, immortal soul with its conscience, to act in free will, and spontaneously witness to truth. The new human being, existing at the will of God and man, conceived in Justice and innocence has a conscience that is, too, being denied by vagina abusers, and the like.

    You just heard Obama say that Washington must be fixed from the outside. “So, kindly remove your vagina from my wallet. I don’t know where its been.” The MSM just reported that an Obama sign has been vandalized…and would like to blame conservatives…by Whom???. The Obama sign can be fixed…our consciences cannot be fixed, nor can our consciences be replaced or denied.

    Dave W. It is called black humor (no inference to Obama’s race). Black humor developed in the concentrations camps in WWII. It was how many persons survived the subhuman treatment imposed. Black humor truly evolved from the concentration camps because the prisoners were able to identify and commiserate with each other. The guards were their target. Why should the guards be spared? Stalag (sp) 13 was one of the most popular tv series because it depicted how the prisoners were able to maintain their dignity.

  8. Remember, too, that our founding Fathers, George Washingotn, Abraham Lincoln, U. S. Grant, who is buried in Grant’s tomb, grace our money. Their visages see what is going on in abortion clinics around the country, every abortion, every day. Our Founding Fathers see and hear every closed door conference Obama has. Look and see, the EYE of GOD on every dollar bill. This legal tender was not uttered to buy vice.

    Anzlyne. Yay one Hail Mary for you too.

  9. Mary DV, huh?? Best reread my post … it sounds like you think I’m for this video. My crude point is the utter fullishness in positioning a right to do what you wish to your body no matter who is hurts.

  10. Dave W. Me thinks that you’re a thinking that my comment spurned the most hideous crime of murdering the innocent, the standard of Justice to our states, our begotten in perfect innocence, the immortal human being’s soul created in original innocence, our constitutional posterity.
    News posts that the Obama sign had been vandalized four times…by a deer. The animal left standing every Romney-Ryan sign and destroyed the only Obama sign in the neighborhood. The owners videoed the deer doing damage. Me thinks that God is not on Obama’s side. I am right.

  11. Oh, deranged America. Once again, I say, if any Country ever needed Divine Mercy it is America. But each and every day you are telling God. “Get our of my way…..it is my life….it is my choice….You have no room in my abode and body”……Oh dear and He is waiting for you when the evening clouds gather on the Western sky and your soul leave your bodies to face His Wrath…..at your own choice…..all He will tell you is…..”your Will be done”….Pray, pray, America, pray. Thank you, Mary D….continue with those Hail Marys and the Divine Mercy Chaplet…..who knows…..God can break the most hard and granite stones, melt them, mold them and then fill them….. hopefully.

  12. Mary DV: “what we have here is a failure to communiate ” …. I dispise abortion, I dispise Obama. That is as clear as I can make it.

  13. Dave W. ” …. I dispise abortion, I dispise Obama. That is as clear as I can make it.” I appreciate your clarity and your position as it is a grace from God that is only given the good willed. I apologize for the “friendly fire.”

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