By His Own Admission

Friday, September 21, AD 2012

Well that was quick.  The Republicans didn’t waste any time in putting together this ad in response to Obama’s claim that you can’t change Washington from the inside.  Certainly he will not even try.  If the last four years have been your cup of tea, then I think that you should vote for Obama.  The next four years if he is re-elected will be more of the same, as the nation careens toward bankruptcy, the economy goes from bad to worse, the welfare state continues to swell, regulations oppress those who disagree with the policies of Obama and a feckless foreign policy leads into a general war in the Middle East bigger than any seen since World War II.  Reagan liked to say when he ran for re-election in 1984:  “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” From Reagan it was a promise.  From Obama it would be a threat.

8 Responses to By His Own Admission

  • Sadly, Obama did change the way some things are done – countless czars, corruption, EO’s that circumvent the Constitution…

    4 more years he may end up changing America so much, it will be unrecognizable when he’s finished.

  • “You can’t change Washington from the inside, it can only be changed from the outside. Obama is shirking the blame for the crash and burn of the United States. Obama has never shirked spelling out in detail the misery and tragedy inflicted of the American people. Obama’s gift is to identify the grotesque and bash the victim for the crime. And you people on the outside, you know who you are. You people on the outside, you know who you are, you let me trample on the U.S. Constitution, you let me obliterate our founding principles, you let me give all your tax money to my friends, you let me use your tax money to kill babies, you let me redefine the human being as having no immortal soul, you let me redefine marriage as the abuse of two human bodies, you let me take your inviolable freedom and you let me ridicule you. You know who you are on the outside and you owe me another four years on the inside. The consummate abuser always abuses his victim and he has his choice of victims because the abuser’s innocence is so obvious to all of us on the outside. We, the people, are so guilty of not being Obama.

  • Bummer. thelarryd. I wanted to be the first to nail Obama. Love your Acts of Apostasy.

  • ” … to fundamentally change how Washington works…
    … to end the division …”

    Troublemaking in the world at large, then executing orders to cover what gets stirred up at the expense of his Americans.

    Division? a two party system with elections by the people

    Division? accusing Americans of racism, bringing the insult out of moth balls and rushing to judgment for victims based on his own racism that he wants everyone to experience as he is the leader of the people

    Division? using the formerly dignified office of President to entertain those who showed respect for America by being photographed obscenely gesturing at portraits of past Presidents in the White House, having security servants who use cardboard cut outs of Hillary Clinton and others to take obscene pictures – sick stoned jokers running rampant

    Division? calling out Christians for clinging to religion, then lying to them, and legislating against them with ever more unnatural laws defying the Constitution which he refuses to uphold for the people he leads to the point of no return

    reducing Americans to 99% and 1% to charge the occupiers with something to rabble rouse over, while bailing out his 1% with $$$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$ trillions, then inviting them to campaign dinners for $$,$$$ per plate, as the occupiers got box lunches and raided small businesses for rest rooms when they bothered to do so.

    Treating his Americans like fools, including his media support hasn’t helped.
    Washington works from the inside when there are checks and balances between the branches of government, not when the executive branch purposely ignores the fact like a spoiled child or sociopath.

  • That’s the first truly powerful ad I’ve seen so far that could change the minds of a (few) remaining undecideds.

  • Dear Mary @ 8:29,
    Shouldn’t have pressed post because my impatience with the incumbent’s lies (and those of his blind attack dogs) doesn’t add wisdom or humor to consideration of the direction society and the democrats have followed. My awareness of these dangerous trends of mindlessness and base behavior frightens me, in the way that evil can overcome good, that my words are reaction rather than more aloof observation. Don’t want to be caught in that roiling current and want more to apologize; then, ask why you thank me – because my saying you’re welcome for an – er – incomplete list of abominable divisiveness going on four epic years and allowing my impatience to rule my soul seems like the wrong response.
    I’ll just say vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to stem the tide from the deadly serious current.

  • Thank you all. How I pray all Americans would be wide awake as you are on this Website and realize this is your chance to save your Country from total ruin…Hey, PM, who is the Author of all Confusion, Destruction, Hatred, Murder and every evil abomination that torments mankind????? Lucifer?? O.K.?? Right???? RIGHT….then, my people of God, you have His High Priest as your President. Get rid of him and have peace. So shall the rest of the World begin to heal, especially where America holds us in vice-like evil grip.