Libyan Questions


If we had a mainstream media that consisted of journalists instead of consisting largely of unpaid Obama press agents, reporters would be asking the following questions to the Obama administration about the Benghazi disaster:

1.  Why were there no Marine guards at the Benghazi consulate?

2.  Why was security dependent upon Libyan mercenaries at the Benghazi consulate?

3.  Is it true that the attackers had assistance from some of the Libyan mercenaries at the Benghazi consulate?

4.  Did the State Department receive credible evidence that embassies would be attacked in the Middle East 48 hours prior to the attack and failed to give any warning?

5.  Since Libya in general, and Benghazi in particular, has been chaotic since the civil war, why were no precautions taken to give special protection to American diplomatic staff?

6.  What now in Libya?  Will the Obama administration commit American military forces in support of the Libyan government, or at least what passes for a government in Libya?

7.  Was US Ambassador Christopher Stevens raped and sodomized before he was murdered?  If so, what does that say about the nature of the foe we are confronting in Libya?

8.  What caused the failure of intelligence to warn of the Benghazi attack?  Is an investigation planned?

9.  In light of developments in Cairo and Libya does President Obama believe now that his May 19, 2011 Arab Spring speech was naively optimistic?