A Flukey Speech

Thursday, September 6, AD 2012




Sandra Fluke’s speech last night at the Democrat convention is the worst I have ever heard at a national convention, and I have heard many very bad ones.  Whiny and petulant (Why didn’t Romney stand up to Limbaugh when he insulted me!), self-obsessed and grating, I think even some pro-aborts watching in television land were probably thinking by the end, “This 30 year old spoiled brat isn’t helping us!”.   Liberal columnist Kirsten Powers tweeted during Fluke’s screed:   “I find this speech so offensive as a woman. The idea that women are silenced victims.”

Of course, Fluke was invited when it was thought by the Democrats that the War on Women meme was going to be their magical pathway to victory.  I doubt if many Democrat strategists still believe that as the polls indicate that even for Democrats the abortion/contraception “holy war” being preached by Fluke is at the bottom of their priorities.  I can understand that once she was invited the Democrats had to allow her to speak, but why such a prized time slot? 

There are many things going on at this convention that make no sense if the goal is to win the election for the Democrats, and giving Sandra Fluke, her 15 minutes of fame already forgotten , such prominence is near the top of the list.

4 Responses to A Flukey Speech

  • Here’s a suggestion for an Obama2012 bumper sticker: “Victims Vote!”

  • Fluke is (at age 30!) a deeply confused person who needs intelligent people around her to be reflecting reality back at her. Ms. magazine and the cheering throng at that convention are not getting the job done.

  • The annual law school tuition is approx $48 k per year, yet she needs someone to pay for her birth control. She is a clueless little girl.

  • I like Art’s line about reflecting reality back at her. Unfortunately she is in no shape to be able to receive such a reflection.

    I’m not so sure she is clueless however as much as interested in using the coercive power of government to achieve her pet political goals. I wish she were more clueless in that regard.