Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. He says, ‘If “you” are willing to work harder, then I promise change will come.’

    Translation open to interpretation.
    Mr. Clint Eastwood had one that works.

    Passing the basket and working with MSM vocab.

  2. Oh, then I remember what I want to forget, but must say …

    10 T to 16 T in ~4 years is about 2 T/yr.

    Does that mean 3 T/yr. if and when? or would any accounting remain?

    Gas doubled. ‘Milk and bread’ doubled.
    Surely we would work harder for more change with which to pay.

  3. Inflation is the untalked-about problem. Among friends and family, there is an overwhelming sense that we are struggling to make ends meet because our wages are stagnant and the costs have gone up dramatically. Lots of us have shifted over to Bottom Dollar Food Stores and buying near epiration products to freez and such but that is just keeping us afloat.

    How is it that inflation isn’t front and center in national discourse? Relatedly, is there a technical definition to”stagflation”?

  4. Joe Klein: “Obama should start playing the race card.” When did he stop?

    Median household income has declined nearly 5% since Obama took over. It declined less – 3% – in the Great Recession. Things were bad when he took over. His policies and actions made things worse.

    The national average price of gasoline skyrocketed (campaign promise kept) from $1.87 on Obama Augury Day (January 2009) to about $4.00 now.

    The prices of corn and beef have doubled. Last Fall, the regime made a deal to buy corn farm votes by back-door keeping the green ethanol scam open. Nn one is reporting on the bubble in farm land prices . . .

    Even if prices were not rising, the average American household is taking home 5% less money to buy food and fuel. That is the lucky ones that aren’t among the 23,000,000 unemployed.

    Gallup: Obama job approval down to 43%. How can 43% be so craven?

  5. G-Veg, I think because in our culture, no one, except the older generation, understands what inflation is. The government keeps printing more money to throw at problems, so it can’t be a problem, right? The attitude that there will always be money available, no matter what completely permeates every aspect of our society. Even my kids, who I have brainwashed with Dave Ramsey and into thinking “credit cards are evil” will say, “Just go to the ATM” when we say we have no money for such-and-such. There’s no sense of waiting. Everything is “gotta have what I want, when I want, no matter the price.” How many people decided to not travel over the past weekend? Somehow I doubt it was a big number, even though gas prices went up, in my area at least, by 8 cents. My uncle said, “gas prices always go up before a holiday.” People just don’t care anymore.

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