Mia Love

Wednesday, August 29, AD 2012

Keep your eye on Mia Love, the Republican candidate in Utah’s 4th Congressional District.  Pro-life and endorsed by the Susan B. Anthony List, she is a passionate conservative and gives a great stump speech.  Bright and articulate, she is a formidable campaigner and a hard fighter.  If she is elected in the fall I expect her to have an impact on Congress rare for a freshman member.

2 Responses to Mia Love

  • I was impressed. My RINO-radar isn’t detecting anything, so I threw some money to her campaign.

  • I hope she wins her district.

    This is not unusual, she comes from hard-working Haitian parents who believe in working hard to make ends meet. Like many immigrants and children of immigrants, they are naturally more conservative, but unfortunately brainwashed by tv, movies, and then public school system.

    On a side-not, I’m assuming she converted to Mormonism since the vast majority of Haitians are Catholic.