Hope and Change Shattered

Thursday, August 23, AD 2012

Trailer of an anti-Obama documentary The Hope and the Change detailing why 40 Obama voters from 2008 are not voting for him in 2012.  The Romney campaign has been running ads like his featuring former disillusioned Obama voters.  Obama ran in 2008 with the type of hype that I have never seen before in an American political campaign.  More than a few of his acolytes viewed him literally as a messianic figure.  The hopes he raised in many of his followers could never have been met by any president.

Now it is 2008, and to any objective observer Obama as president has been a flat failure, who has produced only a Matterhorn of debt and a lousy economy. Leaving aside the other excellent reasons to vote against him, that alone is enough to doom any president historically.  Obama is in the process of falling in the polls.  Most of his hard-core support in 2008 will remain with him, the truest of true believers.  However, more and more of his erstwhile supporters from 2008 each day can no longer deny the evidence of their eyes.  It is maddening to realize that you have fallen for  a line of rubbish, and that is precisely the type of ire that is beginning to spread among Obama 2008 voters as the election approaches.  Almost all presidents fall short of their promises, but none have raised hopes as high and fallen so far short in performance in office as has President Obama.  A political whirlwind is forming and 2012 promises to be the type of defeat of an incumbent president at least on the scale of Reagan’s victory over Carter in 1980.  You have read it here first.


2 Responses to Hope and Change Shattered

  • Our national deficit can only be described as “PREDATORY”. The Affordable Healthcare Act can only be described as “PREDATORY” The HHS mandate can only be described as “PREDATORY”and confiscatory. Abortion, same sex marriage, and the infliction of atheism as a religion can only be described as “PREDATORY”

    It is a fact of economics that when 70% of a nation’s economy is owned by outside interests, a nation can no longer call itself sovereign. At 70% indebtedness, a nation is no longer sovereign. The United State’s economy is now at 50% indebtedness and rising. The United States cannot expect the largess and generosity of outside interests. The United States is held in trust for our constitutional posterity. 54 million taxpayers, our constitutional posterity, have been aborted. Our economic policies have become confiscatory and predatory.

    The Affordable Healthcare Act paying for abortificients, sterilizations, contraception, sex change operations, transhumanism, cosmetic surgery, implants of hair, breast and penile, and cutting over 780 billion from Medicare is predatory. Healthcare ought to be life-saving and curative, not political. The HHS mandate was added AFTER Congress passed the ACA, making the ACA a broken contract with people, and the HHS mandate an Executive Order. The Supreme Court judges all Executive Orders for Justice. Obama can take all private property in Executive Order 13575, Rural Councils because Obama says so. Obama can take all church property in the HHS mandate because Obama says so.

    In the HHS mandate, Obama redefines the human being as having no conscience and no rational human soul. Obama has said that defining when the human person‘s life begins is above his pay grade. Obama has redefined “the poor” as having no conscience, no rational soul and as not being human persons, as he says, this is above his pay-grade.

    Atheists have unalienable civil rights, but only as endowed by God, “their Creator”. God has unalienable civil rights as a Person as “their Creator”. Atheism litigating over God’s unalienable civil rights as a Person is Un-American and predatory.

  • “A political whirlwind is forming and 2012 promises to be the type of defeat of an incumbent president at least on the scale of Reagan’s victory over Carter in 1980. You have read it here first.”

    I pray you are right, Donald. God bless you for your optimism.