Leave Our Beloved National Clown Alone!

Lately our beloved national clown and veep, Joe Biden, has come under attack.  Light-heartedly attempting to whip up racial hatred and paranoia in a speech before a predominantly black audience in Danville, Virginia, Biden said that Romney and the Republicans would “put y’all back in chains!”

These remarks were denounced by various people including Douglas Wilder, a former Democrat governor of Virginia.

This is all so wrongheaded.  I could understand such recriminations if Biden were a serious politician of an ordinary sort, but he is not.  His entire gaffe-ridden political career has been one long extended comedy routine.  His purpose as Veep has been to relieve the public mood during the Great Depression II, much as his intellectual peers, The Three Stooges, did during the original Great Depression.

Criticisms of Biden for acting like an idiot are actually compliments to him.  That is his job in this administration!  (Obama obviously assuming that he is going to live forever, brought Biden onboard for pure comedy relief.)  So remember, when Ryan and Biden are having their veep debate, and Biden responds to intelligent arguments made by Ryan with lies, non-sequiturs, and obfuscations, it is all part of his act.  Bravo Joe!