These Hands: Ohio

Monday, July 30, AD 2012

The Romney campaign is now releasing regional ads attacking President Obama’s remarks regarding businesses.  Obama gave Romney a huge gift by letting his mask drop briefly and revealing his true contempt for the private sector, and the Romney campaign is taking full advantage of it.  The unguarded moments of a candidate, when he gives voice to his true feelings, can make or break him.  I’d place these remarks of Obama in the break category.

One Response to These Hands: Ohio

  • Catholics, you put this pro-abortion, pro-infanticide, pro-same sex marriage, pro-coveting, pro-class warfare liar in the White House who has insulted our closest allies and is endangering their safety and ours, while at the same time is destroying jobs and forcing us to pay much more for food and twice as much for gasoline while our property values go down. You did this to us. You got to change it. If you believe in God and what you say in Mass on Sundays in the Profession of Faith and the Lord’s Prayer standing before Jesus in the Holy Eucharist – you got to correct the mistake you made. Our future is in your hands. Stop believing in a liar. You made a mistake; confess it, repent, and change it – or you then become the liar in what you profess to believe and pray for in Mass on Sundays. God doesn’t create life to be aborted. God’s will is not being done on earth with this Administration, especially attacking the Church and destroying our First Amendment Rights. For God’s sake and ours as well as our children’s and grandchildren’s – change it.