In Praise of Gendercide

Tuesday, June 26, AD 2012


The ever insightful and hilarious Andrew Klavan put on his Jonathan Swift hat a few weeks ago and wrote a column in praise of gendercide:

The House of Representatives this past week fell short of the two-thirds majority needed to pass a bill banning abortion based on sex selection — sometimes called “gendercide” because it’s usually aimed at exterminating baby girls. Most Republicans voted for banning gendercide, most Democrats against.

I have to say, I’m with the Democrats on this one. The Supreme Court has decided that aborting our children is a right enshrined in the Constitution. By what logic, then, do we withhold that right from people based on their motives for exercising it?

If a woman chooses to snuff out her unborn child because it’s retarded or handicapped or female, who are we to say her nay? How would we even know why she’s doing it? Are we going to interrogate her? Administer a lie detector test? And what happens when our genetic testing capabilities improve? Are we going to stop her from aborting a child who is genetically destined to be gay? Or unintelligent? Or untalented? Or freckled? Of course not. How could we? As MSNBC host Alex Wagner said, praising the House Democrats’ decision, “It’s about a woman’s right to choose!”


Go here to read the rest.  The Democrats have been playing the dirty game of identity politics since the slavery debates of the Nineteenth Century.  In the abortion debate, as in the slavery debate, we can see just how deadly identity politics can be.  Klavan takes this to its logical, albeit unspoken except by him, conclusion:

This, after all, was the goal of Margaret Sanger who, as the Planned Parenthood website declares, was “the founder of Planned Parenthood… [and] one of the movement’s great heroes.” Sanger wanted to “assist the race to the elimination of the unfit,” (especially black people) and, judging by the nearly 2,000 black babies aborted every day, Planned Parenthood and the Democrats are clearly following in her footsteps.

Republicans may be willing to stand by while humanity sinks into femininity, blackness and other defects, but not me. No, sir!

I propose a new slogan for the upcoming election.

“Democrats: Killing Our Way to the Master Race!”


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