Donald R. McClarey

Cradle Catholic. Active in the pro-life movement since 1973. Father of three and happily married for 35 years. Small town lawyer and amateur historian. Former president of the board of directors of the local crisis pregnancy center for a decade.


  1. They are a flamboyant, gaudy bunch of grey-haired ladies. Seems they sure do love to kiss, kiss up, to Obama. It is fraudulent when articles about them are illustrated by pics of nuns in habits–these gals gave up habits a long time ago. And that is not all they gave up–they abdicated their vow of obedience, have embraced New Age theories which are used to replace authentic dogma, and support every liberal, pro-sex cause that’s out there. And they look so smug about it all! They stick the “poor” out there in front of them as a diversion to justify any and all of their shenanigins. They have gone back to the original Eve who ate the apple, tried to share it around, and proclaimed, “I will not serve.” I had IHM nuns all through grade school and high school, and they did a good job of education huge classrooms full of working class kids. I had BVM nuns for college, and they were a wonderful example of intelligent, educated women dedicated to God and to their work. Then I entered the Society of the Sacred Heart which had a dual life of contemplation yoked to the apostolate of education. That was great until it collapsed after Vatican II. Now that order has closed most of its schools, has almost no new vocations and is dead in the water. Too bad to waste the charism of St. Madeleine Sophie like that. But I am not discouraged. There are many good and holy priests who tend to their parish families and who celebrate a dignified liturgy. Our pope, Benedict XVI, is a saintly and exceptional man, a profoundly spiritual theologian. Gaudy clothes, drum beating, and defiance of authority will not lead anyone to God. The nuns of the LCWR should pay attention: “The game is fixed. The Lamb will win. Be there.”

  2. Well, they do seem a bit more modestly dressed than many of the younger people I see these days, but they also look like they are on vacation. I’m not sure that is the right tennor for a nun. But I don’t wish to be judgemental.

  3. The gravest miscalculation that the LCWR makes is that the Roman Catholic Church will not give you all that is good for you. Worshipping creation, the creature, instead of “their Creator”, as the LCWR does, cannot affirm the sanctity of the human soul. How can a woman bishop act “in persona Christi” when her female body does not conform to the Body of Christ? Rejecting her female human body in favor of a totally symbolic male body, a symbolic Body of Christ, does not fit the definition of “in persona Christi” because the PERSON OF CHRIST IS BODY AND SOUL. Any Sacraments of the Church, she may pretent are only symbolic, and therefore, the woman bishop denies the REAL PRESENCE of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. For this reason, and others, the woman bishop does not follow in Apostolic Succession under the Primacy of Peter. The other reason being is that, if she has a true vocation to sanctity, as all people have, the woman ought to be pursuing her spiritual growth, the spiritual growth, which is being denigrated at every turn by the choices she makes, as the woman slowly slips into oblivion, without her female body, without her saved soul.
    If the LCWR worshipped Jesus Christ, true God and true man, as brides of Christ, they would be filled with every grace and blessing, fulfilled. Our Lady said: “Do whatever He tells you.”
    Human sacrifice is the chief form of worship of the devil. Abortion, the killing of the innocent unborn human being is worship of the devil. Fornication is the next highest form of worship of the devil, lust in all of its forms. Every twisted misconception of the TRUTH is the devil’s delight. The devil has no soul and the devil will never be satisfied.

    The second gravest miscalculation of people who will settle for free contraception, sterilization or abortificients in exchange for their freedom of conscience and their rational, immortal soul, is that they have not lost their freedom of conscience or their rational, immortal soul in exchange for contraception. They believe that only those persons who object to contraception, the Catholic Church and God-fearing persons need lose their freedom of conscience when being forced to provide contraception. This is a lie. All persons lose their religious liberty and freedom of conscience. It is only a matter of time when the law impacts each and every citizen adversely. Take for example, the government now, forces people to provide contraception, taking the authority by force. Later the government will take body parts for transplant by force from individuals without their informed consent or force children to marry without freedom to choose to whom, when and where (as do the Muslims). Without God, government does not function for the common good, no matter what they say.
    A third and most insidious misconception is that the devil will be satisfied. Give the devil what he wants and he will go away. When the devil gets our freedom of conscience, he will be satisfied and return to hell; that he will not seek to destroy all men, body and soul in Gehena. Wrong.
    Many people hope and pray that Obama will be content with destroying the Roman Catholic Church, religious liberty and the freedom of conscience, the right to choose virtue over vice and good over evil. Where in the world has that happened, in the Gulag, in the concentration camps, in China’s one child policy, in India’s sterilization policy? The government is taking power to force people to be forcibly aborted, forcibly sterilized, and forcibly euthanized. The government has already taken power to forcibly bring new individuals to life in a laboratory and use their body parts in medical experimentation without their informed consent which comes about at emancipation at eighteen years old. Every crime against humanity has to be concealed. Only when an individual had lost all value, was he released from the Gulag. People will be chased down and hunted for sport. Hung tarred and feathered to burn as torches and even fed to the lions. Women who want their babies will be aborted. Children will be tortured or used as experiments, medical, and social. Some people will be used for their body parts, as organ donors against their will and without their consent.
    God created man in freedom. Government cannot legitimately take our freedom, or deny our access to God.

  4. Donald, are those women not ashamed to call themselves Catholic Nuns? And to watch their wrinkled bodies and faces, and dressed up like drunken old wags staggering from the nearest Beer Joint is horrifying. This old lady was mentored and brought up by the Consolata Nuns – in their beautiful white Habits. They handed her over to the Loreto Sisters of the BVM who completed her formation as a truly devoted Roman Catholic. I bore and brought up my children under the mentorship of the same Loreto Sisters who had taught me years earlier. Their black Habit was the “Stamp of Holiness of the Brides of Christ” just like the white Habit of the Consolata Sisters when I was a toddler and a pre-teen was the “Stampt of Purity”.

    These sorry characters are LOST. We need to pray for them. Any Ordained Priest or Man and Woman Religious who arrogantly dishonours their vows of OBEDIENCE, CHASTITY AND POVERTY IS A LOST SOUL. Any Catholic Faithful who virulently abuses and rejects the Authority of the Catholic Church, Her Teachings and the Magisterium IS A LOST SOUL.

    Weep, my beloved Catholics, weep for the souls who have sold themselves to the Devil. I almost shed tears watching that horrid Video. God have Mercy on us all. Let us pray the younger Nuns will not copy these lost souls and be swallowed by the “World”.

  5. I recommend the “The Mitre and the Crook” by Fr. Brian Houghton. The book is out of print but can still be found at Amazon and other book sites. A very interesting read.

    I was taught for my my first 8 grades by Benedictines and just loved them. When I entered a Benedictine college the winds of change had started. Nuns out at nightclubs. So sad to see.

  6. Mary@42″ Do you know Consolata Bishop Ambrose (Ambrogio) Ravasi, now retired at the Seminary in Marsabit, Kenya? When he was stationed as Superior General for the USA in Somerset, NJ, Father Ambrose always welcomed me as though he had waited his whole life for me to walk into his office. He often talked about his spouse, Kenya. What a treasure.

  7. The LCWR is seeking religion beyond Faith. Religion is man’s response to the gift of Faith from God, and a freedom guaranteed by our First Amendment. Religion beyond Faith is called atheism and is not guaranteed freedom by our First Amendment.

  8. From Orwell’s essay, “Reflections on Gandhi”

    “But one should, I think, realize that Gandhi’s teachings cannot be squared with the belief that Man is the measure of all things and that our job is to make life worth living on this earth, which is the only earth we have. […]

    “[…] it is not necessary here to argue whether the other-worldly or the humanistic ideal is “higher.” The point is that they are incompatible. One must choose between God and man, and all “radicals” and “progressives,” from the mildest liberal to the most extreme anarchist, have in effect chosen man.”

    Seems as if these women have chosen man.

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