Bad Night for Barack

In a Presidential election year, primaries become much less newsworthy after the presidential nominees for each party are decided.  However, last night’s elections were of interest, and the results are bad news for President Obama:

1.  President Obama won the West Virginia primary with approximately 60% of the vote.  His opponent, who got approximately 40% of the vote, was Keith Judd, or as he is also known, Inmate No. 11593-051.  Judd is serving a 14 year term for extortion in a Federal prison in Texas.   Democrat Senator, and former West Virginia Governor, Joe Manchin refuses to say if he voted for Obama in the primary.

2.  There is a strong push in the Democrat party to have the President come out in favor of gay marriage.  Biden recently came out in favor of it, citing the old sitcom Will and Grace, which I am sure played a huge role in his decision to support changing an institution as old as Man.  There is a move afoot in the Democrat party to have a plank put in their party platform calling for gay marriage.  The party convention will be held in North Carolina.  Last night the voters of the Tarheel State approved a constitutional amendment, 60-40, banning gay marriage and the fake gay marriages called civil unions.  The Democrat party in North Carolina is in chaos as a result of the party chairman of the state party being accused of gay sexual harassment.  It is rare for a party to wish to raise a social issue that will harm them in the general election, especially in the key swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, but that is apparently what the Democrats are in the process of doing.  Pass the popcorn!

3.  In the Wisconsin recall primary, Scott Walker, although facing only token opposition in the Republican primary, drew about about as many votes as all the Democrats combined running in a hotly contested primary.  This bodes well for Walker in the special recall election in June, and points to a strong Republican vote in the Fall.  It would be ironic if the attempt  by Unions to oust Walker leads to Wisconsin falling to Romney in November.

4.  President Obama’s favorite Republican Senator Dick Lugar of Indiana, a six term incumbent, was toppled 60-40 by Richard Mourdock, Indiana State Treasurer and Tea Party favorite.  Obama will not be repeating his win in Indiana in 2012, and this primary result indicates that in the crucial Midwest the Tea Party remains a force to be reckoned with.